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Summer Morning Skincare Routine


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I found this cute flowy top at Target the other day and I love it! It’s great for a hot summer day, but I also can’t wait to pair it with a grey sweater (like this one!) for fall. I share more “style” photos on Instagram from time to time, you can follow at K8_smallthings !

Our dishwasher broke this week. It seems that almost weekly something borderline major breaks in our house. Is this home ownership or what? From our air conditioning to our microwave, and now the dishwasher. Our garage door was barely functioning for a bit a few months ago too, and we needed to drain about 1/2 of our pool to adjust some chemicals. Our house is old, about 20 years or so, but we are getting weary of everything falling apart! Anyway, on a positive note, we got a new dishwasher and my studly husband installed it. I was reminded about how grateful I am that he can do so many handy things around the house. He’s replacing all of our windows himself, and I’m very glad that he enjoys those kinds of projects, but he also executes them perfectly. #engineerbrain

How cool is this portable Instagram photo printer?

This is the prettiest little rug.

It’s been 8 months since Justin and I have traveled (by plane) with the boys and next month we are headed to the midwest to spend some time with my family. I’m very much looking forward to the trip, taking the boys out on the boat, and *hopefully* eating some good Chicago deep dish pizza while I’m there too.

My sister gave me one of these tall glass Starbucks cups and I use it

Follow bevcooks on Instagram or snapchat. No matter how bad my day is, she can always make me laugh. You know how certain people’s humor just line up with your sense of humor perfectly? She does for me.

Anna had some really cute desktop backgrounds on her site this week!

I hope you have a lovely weekend! I didn’t bounce back from my brief food poisoning bout as quickly as I had hoped, so I’m looking forward to some R&R to get fully back to normal.







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mormormedstiletter says · 08.12.16

Love your post about everything:-)

Tracy Esham says · 08.12.16

Look at it this way…..soon everything in your home will be new! It’s a win!!! 🙂

Jo Ann says · 08.12.16

I had to chuckle when you said your 20 year-old house was “old”. Mine was built in 1840…….

Nicole says · 08.12.16

I thought the same thing. I just bought a house built in 1979. A house that is only 20 years old still seems quite new to me!

Devin says · 08.12.16

Are you wearing a cami under that top? On the Target website you can see through to the model’s pants, but it doesn’t look so see-through on you.

Gretchen says · 08.13.16

It looks like Kate isn’t wearing anything underneat – I loved that top when I saw this post and went to Target and bought it yesterday! It’s kind of borderline needing a cami or not – a nude cami would work, but I think you could get away without one if your bra doesn’t show too much.

Kate, I’d love to know if you ironed this top or not – mine is a bit wrinkled (in addition to the naturally crinkled fabric), so I’m not sure what to do! I might try steaming it lightly. Or maybe I just need to let it go and wear it as is 🙂

Alyssa says · 08.12.16

When it rains it pours with house problems! I’ve had two coworkers experience at least 2 breakdowns in the past two weeks. Hope I’m not next.

Glad you’re feeling somewhat better and hope you get some rest!

Tara says · 08.12.16

I laughed out loud when you called your house old. Our first house, that we lived in for ten years, was built in 1883. We just moved to one built in 1977, and I’m luxuriating in all the “modern conveniences” like a master suite and attached garage lol. I guess it’s all in your perspective. Sorry everything is breaking on you! I think that can happen no matter what the age– but it always seems to pile up together whenever it happens

Sarah says · 08.12.16

Where are your jeans from? I love them!

Lindy says · 08.12.16

Hi Sarah,
There is a link under the pic, there from Nord’s

Shayna says · 08.12.16

Kate, you are looking so great post baby(ies). Are you following any diet plan, no grains, Paleo, no carb, or just eating everything in moderation in addition to your boot camp class? PS. Love the outfit. Love your blog! Thanks!! 🙂

Samantha says · 08.12.16

Kate, you look great! I love that top. Looks like a stop at Target is in my future.

Sydni says · 08.12.16

I got food poisoning the same day as you – and the day afterwards got a terrible (re: excruciating) eye infection. Sooo I’m also still recovering!! Hope you feel 100% soon!!

Lynn says · 08.12.16

I laughed too at the old 20 year old house! Ours was built in the 60’s! We’ve replaced or redone everything!
Anyway, you look great…love the top!

Jessy says · 08.12.16

Glad you’re feeling better from food poisoning 🙂
You look great!!

Xoxo Jessy

Amber says · 08.12.16

We bought our house when it was 21 years old and the sellers had just replaced the roof. In 5 years since we purchased it, we have replaced all appliances except the fridge and furnace. Windows, french doors, and most of the flooring has been replaced. And our garage door openers are on the fritz. “They” say that those are the kind of things that only last about 20 years. My husband is also an engineer and he has done everything but the water heater himself. But we like our home, love the location, and we will probably be here forever. Having a hand husband sure does save money on not having to pay labor.

Ashley Whisenant says · 08.12.16

Thank you for the link to the desktop wallpapers! I love pretty wallpapers since I have 2 monitors at work! My favorites lately have been these from Mackenzie Childs:
I will also have to go get that shirt as soon as I leave work today!

Jennifer Stroup says · 08.12.16

Kate, I just saw your Snap about getting sick. I recommend zinc, one pill each day, but you have to take it with food. If you start soon enough, you can avoid sickness all together, but sometimes it just cuts it short. As a teacher this is how I typically stay safe. Good luck!

lauren says · 08.12.16

bevcooks is SO silly and so great. i don’t watch videos of bloggers’ (or rather, strangers!) kids very often, but you two definitely have cute kid content!

Erin Pakowski says · 08.12.16

I got what I thought was food poisoning on Sunday. Turns out mine was a bug. Still feeling crummy too. TGIF!!! Feel better.

Andrea says · 08.12.16

I love that Target top! White tops are what I live in during the summer months! Bummer that your house needs so much fixing! Good thing your husband is a handy man 🙂 I’ve been eyeing that photo printer too! It would be great to have at parties!

Hannah says · 08.12.16

Haha! I too am thankful for my husbands #engineerbrain 🙂

Kimberly says · 08.12.16

Love following your blog! I’ve learned so much! I also feel we have much in common, though I am not a stylist! But I have one I love!!

We are also from the Chicago area, transplanted 12 years ago to Columbia, SC- the bowl of heat and humidity between upstate and the low country. But I love it! We grew up in Tinley Park and after college, God settled us in “the Bible belt of the Midwest ” – wheaton, as newlyweds and not knowing Him yet. Shortly after we bought our first fixer upper in Aurora, and then shortly after that, in 2005, God brought us here.

We both have engineer and handy husbands. I totally empathize on house stuff! When it rains it pours! Since Christmas we’ve sadly cleaned out our savings and gone into debt with A Bunch of unexpected expenses! My youngest son broke his arm, I got very sick and ended up in the hospital, my oldest son had a fracture on his hand. (2 boys – ayy!!!) Our heat pump needing replacing, minivan died and needed replacing, and recently our garage door and my husband’s car. The roof is looming! ?? I would love to hear about what windows and where you went with to get them, and any tips! Bc that may need to happen with some of ours too. Oh! The joys of home ownership!! ? But I love our home, with the character! Look me up if you’re ever in our near our area!

I’m hoping to go back to Chicago in Sept /Oct. Looking at flights now.

Kristi Case says · 08.12.16

We bought our house brand new 12 years ago and so far in the last 8 months we’ve replaced a fridge, dishwasher, and dryer. Ugg. That is home ownership but it gets depressing spending all that money on APPLIANCES, right?? I would rather book a vacation but then again clean dishes and dry clothes are important.

Christina says · 08.12.16

Kate and fellow commenters, our house is 130 years old and we are renovating (for obvious reasons, lol). Of all the amazing, original charm that comes with the home, none of it is salvageable. Not the original floors, trim, or base boards. Please be grateful for your 12, 20, 70, etc year old homes.

Oh! Did I mention we are doing all of the renovations ourselves, due to tight budget?

Meagan says · 08.12.16 Reply
Kay R. says · 08.12.16

Since watching you on snap I cant help but reading everything in your sarcastic voice haha! Love it!

Chelsea S says · 08.12.16

I’ll bet you’re also looking forward to Cortland apples next month when you’re back north!

Kelly says · 08.13.16

The printer is awesome! Print pics right from your phone!

We Love Small Things Blog says · 08.13.16

Long time reader – first time commenter. Just wanted to express how much I appreciate what you do for us, Kate! I love the authenticity of your writing and the clear and balanced perspectives of your posts. I’m a sucker for beauty recommendations and a few of yours have quickly become my favorites! Thanks for taking time out of your day to help make ours a little easier and a little brighter. Can’t express how much I love love love what you’re doing here and want you to be encouraged and spurred on to continue to do great things!

Sarah says · 08.13.16

I use my glass Starbucks cup daily too. With the colorful little straws they sell. Love it!

moab says · 08.13.16

Where are your jeans from? I love them!

Kimberley says · 08.13.16

?Since you suggested Bevcooks, I have been following her & YES, she is very talented in the witty department! I look forward to her snaps/insta story.

? I find it funny that you call your house of 20 years old “old”. We built our house and moved in it in 1989 & we are the original owners. Like your husband, my husband is very meticulous and takes care of every little thing that goes wrong; right when it goes wrong. I feel like my house is still new! We do update it, had new carpeting twice and I think that helps it feel “new”! I really love my home ! ?? Although, a built in pool like yours would be the perfect touch ?

Alicia says · 08.13.16

Are you still doing your Whole30? Would love to know! I havent heard any updates since you said you were starting. I’m supposed to start one on Monday!

zoe says · 08.14.16

Loved this post and I love the top too 🙂 I am recovering from food poisoning also, it is horrible isn’t it? I’ve never had it before and it’s so much worse than I ever imagined 🙁 hope you’re soon better xx

Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

bev @ bevcooks says · 08.14.16

Girl I feel the saaaaaaaaaame way about you. Muah!

Emily D. says · 08.14.16

I love the desktop wallpapers! Thanks for sharing!

kate says · 08.15.16

You look great …

Lilly says · 08.15.16

Hi Kate,

The outfit looks great. You look great. Wanted to ask you, how did you get back into shape after having your two boys? I am sure it is everyone’s question. I have two children, they are 17 and 10 and I still can’t get into the shape I want to. Did you follow anything special? Please share. Thanks.

Nicole says · 08.26.16

Thank you so much for telling us about bevcooks, especially on Snapchat! I’ve recently joined Snapchat, but already I look forward to her snaps every single day. She almost always has me laughing so hard, I have tears running down my face!! She’s HILARIOUS and has exactly my sense of humor. Thanks again!!