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A favorite eye makeup look lately


Touch Up is going to be my most-worn shade this fall, I know it. 

Urban Decay has an amped up version of their basics palette coming out and if I wasn’t already overrun with palettes it would be on my list of things to purchase! It looks amazing!

It’s been several weeks now since I started wearing one of the 1/2 sizes from ThirdLove and I’m happy to report it’s the best fitting bra I’ve ever worn.

I’m thinking about getting a proper vanity mirror since I have to hunch over when I do my makeup, and this one is speaking to me.

A few end of summer slow cooker recipes!

I made this parmesan + spinach orzo this week to pair with parmesan crusted chicken and it was delicious!

How happy are these work spaces?

I picked up this high neck chi tank from Athleta and it’s perfect. I’m pretty conservative, and didn’t feel comfortable with a low cut tank when I would be bending over doing planks or push ups at boot camp. This high neck provides more coverage, but doesn’t feel too hot. And I really like the slim cut in the upper back too!

Can you believe August is almost over? The other day I was thinking that it was only the second week into the month, and as it turns out August will be over next week! I’m happily waiting for the next month, and hoping for less sickness and toe injuries. 🙂

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Bethany says · 08.26.16

That nail polish shade is gorgeous! And such a good all year round neutral colour, I feel like I may have to invest in it!

Bethany ||

Kim says · 08.26.16

Hope your toe is feeling better and that orzo sounds amazing!

Kim .. 3 no heat hairstyles!!

Sara Elliott says · 08.26.16

I love this nail color! So pretty on your hand!

Ashley says · 08.26.16

Thanks for the ThirdLove recommendation. Loving mine as well! However, people should be warned…the color nude is not your typical nude. It’s pretty dark. You can see it clearly through a white or light colored top. So, I exchanged mine for black. Hoping they create a lighter shade soon! Great fit!

Brittany says · 08.26.16

Ohhh. I love that nail polish shade! I’ve been loving the Essie Gel Couture line so I’m going to have to pick this one up! Even though I also own too many palettes, it is is going to be hard to resist that Naked Palette!

Brittany |

Kristy says · 08.26.16

Love the nail color, so pretty!

Amanda Shane says · 08.26.16

Hi Kate! Love your blog been following you for years!!! Have you ever tried Jamberry? There’s a wrap called Daydream that looks identical to the Essie color you have on. Gorg! I’d be happy to send you one to try!

Keep up the awesome work babe!

Sally @ Real Mom Nutrition says · 08.26.16

Thanks for all the great suggestions. That Athleta tank looks perfect. I have been living in their La Viva Pants (the capris) all summer and have them in two colors. They are THE most comfortable, best fitting pants I’ve had in a long time. Highly recommend them. They come in capri and regular length.

Meg says · 08.26.16

Hi Kate,
Hate to call you out, but I thought you were doing the Whole Thirty and I was eagerly anticipating the results. Was it not good? Will you please still do a follow up?


Kate says · 08.27.16

Yeah I need to update that post. I’ve talked about it on snap chat. I didn’t end up starting and then I got sick, Luke got sick. . . it’s been a rough month!

Kristi says · 08.26.16

I just went today to Ulta because I’ve been dying to try the new Essie gel polish. I ended up picking the shade you mentioned here. It’s so pretty. Kinda of pink but soft and will go with anything. And then I was a dork and did an ab DVD and totally messed up my thumbnails. #manicurefail

Quincy Mason says · 08.26.16

Have you heard of Vanity girl Hollywood mirrors? They are amazing. Pricey but worth it. My mom has one and I feel like my makeup always looks way more amazing in that mirror!

Zoe says · 08.27.16

I love the new Essie nail polishes! That color is gorgeous.

Nicole says · 08.27.16

This is completely off topic but I need some help I part my hair and I can never get a good pony tail smooth with my part still in tact. Can you please do a tutorial on this? Thank you!
Sincerely a hair failure. Lol

Lottie says · 08.28.16

What a gorgeous transition shade into A/W!

Felicity says · 08.28.16

That orzo sounds absolutely incredible, I definitely am going to need to try it! I also already have my best friend ready to come to Sephora with me on the release date of the new UD palette… I have to always try them out in person because I find some UD palettes aren’t pigmented enough for me!

Tess Felber says · 08.28.16

I love that nail color!! And those office spaces are so bright and fun!
xx Tess |Sequins are the New Black

Andrina says · 08.29.16

Essie ‘ s “Ladylike ” is pretty much a dead ringer for ” Touch Up” ; it’s just not a gel polish. For those who may have trouble finding the new shades. 🙂

Helen D says · 08.29.16

I followed your link to that vanity mirror and it turns out it’s the same one I’ve been eyeing. I don’t know if you already know this, but it’s 20% off right now with free shipping today only (8/29/16)! It might be time for me to pull the trigger.

Siham says · 08.30.16

Can’t wait for the next months, autumn is so close to us! Hope your next month goes great 🙂 x

| |

Jen says · 08.31.16

That nail polish shade is actually beautiful, I need it! Thanks for the link for the bras, I have been wanting to invest in more bras!

Michelle says · 08.31.16

I love that polish! It’s the perfect everyday color!

Candace says · 09.02.16

First off, you slay me daily on your snapchats! Crack me up!!!
I just ran to Target and bought this nail polish— actually lucky for me, it was the last one!!!!!
I think everyone must follow you bc every time u post something it is usually gone when I try to go buy it- lol.
Any hoo, thanks for all your tips… And keep on snapping! Love the boys too, so cute!!!
Hugs from Dallas, Candace