Girls Night Idea: Skills Night

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I love learning new things. As a child I remember asking for “word of the day” calendars for Christmas just so I could learn new words. I loved going to summer camps to learn new skills too (like archery and horseback riding).

I’ve taken a few creative classes recently, from hand-lettering to a cooking class, and it’s perhaps my favorite thing to do for an evening out!

At the beginning of the year I had an idea for my group of girlfriends. While we are similar in a lot of ways, we all have really specific and different skills that we bring to the group. And while each of them may not feel like an “expert” in their skill enough to teach a class, they were all an “expert” to the rest of us in something we knew nothing about.

So we started “Skills Night” and the general plan was for each of us to plan a night to teach the rest of the group a skill. For example, Ashley happens to be an amazing hand-letterer, so she taught us the basic skills one evening. And then we spent an evening in Iana’s backyard shop/garage planting seedlings and learning all about gardening.

The girls and I went through my entire stash of lipstick as I helped them pick out some different colors and finishes for different looks. Next up is making homemade pepper jelly and perhaps even grape jelly with Rebecca. And after that we still have 2 more skills nights from 2 more of our friends!

It has been the most fun! This group of girls and I always have a great time just hanging out, but it’s fun to share our knowledge and learn from each other too!

I highly recommend that you give this a shot with your girlfriends. And don’t be shy about whatever your skill is, you may not feel like an expert, but I’m certain you have knowledge about something that would be really fun for your friends to learn.

(photo by Ally Willix)

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Bonnie says · 08.30.16

Love this idea! I picked up one of my skills working at a local garden center floral department …I can make big decorative bows. I think it’s something I could teach others to do in a night.

Amanda says · 08.30.16

I love this idea, will certainly be doing it in the autumn and winter. It will make the long, dark nights in England a bit more cheery!

Bee says · 08.30.16

Oh my gosh, Kate, you are so much fun! What an awesome idea! I wish I could join your Awesome New Skillz Group 🙂

Erika says · 08.30.16

This is an adorable idea. Love it so much! Way better than “let’s get drinks” over and over again. Totally stealing this idea!

Andrea says · 08.30.16

We’ve done this with my church women’s group. I’ve been able to learn from others about topics such as cake decorating, car maintenance, photography, crafting, cooking, sewing, quilting, and so much more! It’s such a fun way to learn and increase your knowledge and have fun creating friendships!

Michele says · 08.30.16

I absolutely love this idea for a night out! I work in a school with many people who have fantastic skills outside of education, and I’ve thrown the idea of having an after school club for teachers that would be very similar to your girls night out. It’s great when different friends can share their skills with each other!

Sooo, that pepper jelly class….I’m intrigued. Any hope of you posting the how-to on that (with your skilled friend’s permission, of course!)

Sydni says · 08.30.16

I love this idea!! One night at a conference we picked up cheap wine from Trader Joe’s and brought it back to the hotel, where my friend taught us how to curl our hair with a wand… but mostly we just gabbed. I don’t remember how to do it, but it was such a fun night together!

Andrea says · 08.31.16

What a great idea?! I love learning new skills as well. Right now my friends and I are taking a hip hop class together. It’s super challenging, but so much fun 🙂

Sarah @ Smile & Conquer says · 08.31.16

This is a fun idea, I just registered a group of us to do a ‘Paint Nite’ next month where everyone is taught how to complete a painting and have a few cocktails at the same time. None of us are painters so will be no help to each other but it should be a unique night out.

Emma Kate says · 09.03.16

This is such a lovely and thoughtful idea. Great way to learn new things and bond with your girlfriends
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