Messy Mohawk Braid Tutorial

A Summer Makeup Look

I’ve got something a little new for you today!


Braids are such a fun way to change up a normal go-to hairstyle, and I especially like when they are incorporated in a creative way! From the front, this looks pretty much like a standard half up style, but JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE BACK. MINUTE 2:46 HAD ME IN TEARS!

Just kidding, I found that sentence heading in a “click-baity” type direction and I had to oblige. I hate click bait. If you follow on snapchat (@k8_smallthings) you may have seen Justin and I jokingly discussing click-bait type titles for his Rainier post in which we discovered my suggestions for click bait aren’t very compelling.

Anyway, back to the mohawk.

You know, as I write this I realize putting mohawk in the title should be shocking enough to click on, right? And you’re here aren’t you? Let’s get into it, shall we?


I use Amika Un.Done Texture spray and Kenra Volume 25 Hairspray for this look!





For more fun braid tutorials, check out this face frame braids tutorial and this low halo braid!


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Alyssa says · 06.14.16

I love that you hate click bait! Drives me nuts!
This is such a gorgeous and fun style. I can’t wait to try it!

Karen Higgins says · 06.14.16

Gi love your hair color! How do I ask my stylist to duplicate???? ?

Laura says · 06.14.16

love this look kate! I’ve always wanted to try the mohawk braid but I’m super self conscious of my ears {they have GOT to be covered} as always, thanks for the tutorial 🙂

Jenean says · 06.14.16

I love this! I’m going to try it tonight on my naturally wavy hair.

Victoria says · 06.14.16

This looks so fun, think I’m going to give this one a try!

Ann says · 06.14.16

Thanks for this tutorial – I am going to give it a try. Also, just caught your Periscope – thanks for letting us know the shade of IT CC cream you use. Keep up the fun – your a bright spot in my work day.

Kate says · 06.14.16

I wear light!

Brittney says · 06.14.16

I love this! I have been getting a little more daring about my hair styles, and I may have to give this one a try. I also LOVE your nail polish. What brand/color is it?!

Bobbie Allgood says · 06.14.16

I love your lip color. What color and brand is it? Thanks so much in advance.

Bobbie Allgood

Allie Gibson says · 06.14.16

This was a fun up-do to watch – I like being able to see how gently you move the pieces of hair around when you’re pulling the teased parts back.

Your skin looks so pretty and naturally a little tan – is that “real” from being out in the sun or some sort of self-tanner? We seem to be a similar skin tone but I don’t tan — just burn! If you do use some sort of self-tanner, that would make for an awesome blog post or periscope video!

Sydni says · 06.14.16

This looks so cute! Haha click bait is the worst!!

Andrea says · 06.14.16

Your hair color is amazing! Love the texture of this hairstyle!

Jennifer Adams says · 06.14.16

You have a great hair and your hair style is really awesome, I enjoyed it very very much,
thank for sharing this

Jenny W. says · 06.14.16

This is my favorite style you’ve done to date, can’t wait to try it!

MarianneB says · 06.14.16

Hi! I don’t know if you take questions or requests—but this is wedding season and as a family member I’ve been asked to wear a fascinator…any suggestions please??–never worn one before, only ever seen them @ the posh horse events and Kate Midleton(yikes!!!!, how to compare?!?…)have absolutely no clue…if you have any guidance as I am fond of your kind of undone style I’d appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance for your time.

Samantha Stegenga says · 06.14.16

I wish I could do a braid on myself and make them look as thick as yours with my baby fine hairs! You have the best tutorials! ?

Jen S. says · 06.14.16

I love this! Was super excited to see this first thing this morning – finally watched the video. It’s a rockin’ style with some classiness to it!! Great job!

Amanda Davis says · 06.14.16

Where is your shirt from? I love the longer sleeves on your tee shirt. Thank you for all your tutorials they have helped me so much to try new things for quick looks being a school teacher.

Sara says · 06.14.16

You’re really looking amazing these days – just FYI!

Casey says · 06.15.16

Wow! This hairstyle is really beautiful and unique. Kudos to you for always coming up with innovative and stylish hairstyles!!

Mel says · 06.15.16

Seriously….I am SUPER in love with this!!!! So perfect for Summer. So stylish and pretty. Your skin also looks amazing!!

Mel |

Leah says · 06.16.16

Ah that looks so beautiful! I have super long hair so I am always trying to get them out of the way somehow haha I’m gonna try this ASAP!

Leah //

Lindsay says · 06.17.16

What is that lip color you’re wearing? I love it!

Charlsi says · 06.19.16

I love this tutorial so much! Braids are pretty and really dress up a look without taking too much time. You have a knack for creating tutorials that are really easy to recreate. Thanks for posting!

Emma says · 07.27.16

I LOVE this look! Could this be transitioned into an up-do? In a wedding in Wilmington next weekend I’m gonna need to beat the heat! Thanks for your amazing blog and tutorials!