Beat the Heat

Classic Makeup for a Wedding

I hate the feeling of heavy, melted hair from a hot and humid day. I especially hate it if I took time to style my hair only to inevitably put it up as a last resort!


Listen, I love a good messy bun as much as anybody else, but as we enter into summer, I thought I’d share my favorite products to help beat humidity, limp hair, and even cut dry time so you can wear your hair down and enjoy it.

My favorite blow dry sprays:

Matrix Style Link Turbo Dryer or KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry

Both are fantastic for cutting some dry time. I find the Matrix one to be a bit lighter than KMS, but neither feel heavy on the hair.

My favorite humidity sprays:

KMS California Hair Stay Anti Humidity Seal and Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield.

While neither keep my hair in tip top shape in the most humid conditions, I can tell a difference in frizz on days when I don’t use it. My hair tends to go limp in humidity, and while it will still go limp, it doesn’t look as ruined when I use one of these. As far as one being better than the other, they are pretty similar to me.

My favorite hairspray for humid conditions:

Kenra Volume 25 and Amika Touchable Hairspray

Kenra Volume 25 cannot be beat, in my opinion, and it’s my daily go-to hairspray. It claims to block humidity, and I think it does a great job of holding in a style. It can be layered, so use it sparingly on rainy or humid days. Another alternative is Amika¬†Touchable Hairspray for a lighter finish that will still hold the hair!

Ultimately, the lighter you go on products, the better your hair will survive! And you could always give up altogether and just wear it back like this too!


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Stephanie says · 06.10.16

Kate, Is the messy bun in the picture one of your tutorials?

Stephanie says · 06.10.16

Found it!

riley says · 06.10.16

Does anyone else have a problem with the Kenra hairspray giving them a headache? I think I must be allergic to one of the ingredients because I get a strong headache within minutes of using the Kenra. Too bad, because it works pretty well.

Sophie Gillum-Webb says · 06.10.16

OMG yes need this right now!! Thank you for sharing!!

Andrea says · 06.10.16

This is perfect! It’s been so hot where I live! Love the bun and I’ll have to check out some of these products!

Sasha says · 06.10.16

Thanks, Kate! Keeping me ready as we head into the 100 deg weekend!

Marissa says · 06.10.16

Help! I’ve recently moved to the Baltimore area (humid) from Phoenix (sooo dry). I am in a wedding and had planned to do my own hair in an updo, but the bride wants a half-up style. I know which of your tutorials I’ll be using (either or , but was curious if there are any extra tips/ tricks you or commenters could share.


Sydney @ Bird Bites says · 06.10.16

Great tips as always! I’m pumped to try the humidity seal, my hair gets SO uncontrollably poofy in the heat. Thanks for sharing!

kate wilson says · 06.10.16

I am aaaaall about the messy bun and beating the heat right now!

Susan says · 06.11.16

Orbie also make a fabulous anti-humidity spray,
have you tried it Kate?

A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 06.12.16

Thank for the tips! I have long hair, and don’t wear it up very often, so I will have to try some of these products out.
A New Old Fashioned Girl

susan says · 06.12.16

Can you show how you did this and how to put it up in a claw clip,,,,, ty

Joanne says · 06.12.16

Just ordered Kenra!

Mel says · 06.15.16

This is my all time fave look!!!!! Stunning!!!! Messy buns are my favorite.

Mel |

Stephannie says · 06.18.16

I can’t believe it’s just mid June! what are we going to do come August? Melt!!

Natalie Palmer says · 07.16.16

Kate, besides clear elastic, what hair bands do you use?

Mark (AKA The Mountain Hiker) says · 03.22.17

LOL… My wife is also a hairdressor, and we both agree that the best way to avoid “hat head”, is with a hat that doesn’t fit tight on top of your head.

Check out for a cool option!