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Milkmaid braids are my least favorite hairstyle, but they happen to be literally the most perfect hairstyle for traveling (by plane, train or automobile). So I came up with a less dorky looking version that can be created on even shoulder length hair! You must stretch your braids out so they are nice and full, watch this tutorial if you don’t know how to do that!

travel braids-2

travel braids-3

travel braids-4

travel braids-5


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Melissa G says · 12.23.15

Cute. I just have to comment…I find it so interesting that in your video intro you have that beautiful blue/purple sweater on, but in ALL your videos, pics, etc you are always in grays. That color looks gorgeous on you and you should really consider wearing more color and less gray…its kind of drab!

Lauren says · 12.23.15

She’s likely trying not to detract from the tutorial but I also happen to love grey!

Melissa G says · 12.23.15

Didn’t say I didn’t like gray. Said its drab when that’s all you wear, and she looks great in color. I seriously doubt a blue sweater would distract from a hair style tutorial. I didn’t say wear floral or giant polka dots. But, you are the expert!

ashley says · 12.23.15

How old are you? Telling someone that they look drab is not helpful, and it’s an opinion (albeit a rude one). One she clearly doesn’t share. A mature response would be “You look great in blue! You should wear more of it!”. Perhaps you should start your own blog and wear all the color you want!

A blog that is used to produce income is focused on the product or what they are selling, in this case, a hairstyle. So although you may think that the color enhances the overall look of the video, science, psychology, and marketing all tell us otherwise.

Melissa G says · 12.23.15

Maybe you should re read my post. I told her she looked great in color and that gray is drab, not that she is drab. But thanks for your critique and wonderful explanation of what a blog is.

Christen says · 12.23.15

While Milkmaid braids look weird on adultss, I LOVE putting them on my two year old 🙂

Jennifer Peer says · 12.23.15

I love the look of this, but I CANNOT braid on the back of my head. It’s beautiful without looking like it took too much effort.

Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven! says · 12.23.15

LOVE this look Kate! You nailed it! I can’t see myself pulling off Milk braids, EVER, but THIS, so much more my speed! Thank you for looking out for all of us! oxox

Tara says · 12.23.15

In defence of the braid, just because it’s not the look for you, doesn’t make it dorky. Many women look great with these types of braids. Try something else.

Courtney says · 12.23.15

Your cut is pretty much exactly what I’m trying to achieve – what should I ask my stylist for at my next appointment to get something similar? I’m expecting twin girls early next month so I’m loving all of the looks you’ve been posting lately, to encourage myself not to fall into a mom rut with my hair and makeup!

Mattie says · 12.23.15

That’s very cute on you! We’re heading to sunny Florida the day after Christmas, and I might be able to pull this off. Maybe…I’m older than you, and it shows. Maybe on my girls? Lol!

Samantha says · 12.23.15

I wish I could braid my own hair! You can truly pull every style on your hair. Time for me to practice!!! 🙂

Kirstie says · 12.23.15

You have such beautiful hair!! I try so hard to replicate beauty braids like this but I’m al fingers and thumbs as they say x

Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering

Kelsey says · 12.23.15

I couldn’t help but smile when I read how you are not a milk maid braid fan. It’s one trend that I just can’t hop on board with… that being said your hair looks zero dorky 🙂 I may just have to try the trend this Christmas Eve! xo

Kelsey |

chelsea says · 12.23.15

Cute- but I don’t know about traveling with that look. How do you rest your head back with the braids in the way?

Judy S says · 12.24.15

I think it would be comfortable because the braids are low and there isn’t a bunch of hair right on the back of your head where the head hits the headrest.

Julia says · 12.23.15

This hairstyle is adorable! I always get such flat hair when I travel from resting my head against the back of the seat. I’ll have to give this a try next time I’m on a plane…Also, I love your blog and I nominated you for the Premio Dardos Awards: Happy Holidays! 

Clever Girl Reviews says · 12.23.15

I love it! I wish I was better at braiding!

adeline says · 12.23.15

LOVE milkmaid braids my whole life, but love this too! Great idea. xx

Amanda says · 12.23.15

Really cute look that I am going to have to try. I like that you have been doing more hair tutorials as of late. I missed those a lot for awhile when you were busy. Merry Christmas.

Elizabeth says · 12.23.15

I was traveling today and wore my hair in a very similar style. So when I up your blog and saw you posted this tutorial I laughed. It really is a great way to wear it while traveling! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Kristi says · 12.23.15

This is so cute! I think I will be doing my hair like this for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Kristi | Be Loverly

Heather says · 12.24.15

Love everything about this look

Meagan says · 12.24.15

You make it look so easy! Super cute.

wizer says · 12.25.15

This blog is very informative i got very informative knowledge from this blog.

Charlotte says · 12.25.15

Lovely hairstyle! Very helpful tutorial. You make it seem so easy. I will definitely be trying this hairstyle out.

Erin says · 12.27.15

Hi! This hair style is gorgeous and want to try it out. Does this up do braid work with thick hair? I can’t wait to see more tutorials!! xox

Paige Elizabeth says · 12.27.15

I love this! This is so good for me as I never know what to do with my hair!
So well expained and super cute, thankyou!


Debbie says · 12.28.15

Very pretty!!

Becca says · 12.28.15

I like milkmaid braids, but this is cute too! Would definitely like it more without the pieces pulled out in the front though. And to the person who said gray is drab. Kind of a weird thing to say to a stranger, but… as someone who has been reading your blog FOR-E-VER, I really would love to see more diversity in your looks. You don’t look drab! But maybe a little same-old, same-old sometimes. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like the hair pulled out of the this one? Because from the front it looks like so many of your other styles. I still enjoy your tutorials though!