6 Easy + Comfy Dresses

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I love, LOVE a summer dress more than anything.

It’s like wearing an outfit with a built in air conditioner.

With my boys, I pretty much need all my clothes to have stretch since I’m an active mom. Sometimes I pretend like I can sit on the sidelines and watch them play while I sip lemonade and eat popcorn, but Luke is still trying to eat the rubber mulch back by the playset and David needs someone to hold one of his other cars so they can “cheers” each other…so I’m usually right down on their level.

So, anyway, back to dresses.

I found a few enticing dresses that I think could be winners this summer. I bought this one from Gap a couple weeks ago (it’s been my only “not returned” clothing purchase of the month!) and it’s great. The slit is a little bit higher than I’d ideally prefer but it’s not so bad. You can see it on me here.

 I always look for dresses with sleeves and I just feel a little bit more comfortable in them versus tank top dresses. And I find them to be look a bit more complete as an outfit too, if that makes any sense.

Do you like wearing dresses?

More warm weather style favorites here and here!


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Heather says · 04.28.16

Yes I’ve bought a few recently. Need some more casual ones for a summer day but I love it. So easy and airy!

JoyinAlabama says · 04.28.16

Maybe you could sew the slit up a little? If you take tiny whip stitches on the back, it shouldn’t show on the front of the slit. I sometimes fix tops and bathing suit tops this way.

MelissaG says · 04.28.16

Not crazy about knit dresses. A lot of them look like pajamas, and they aren’t very forgiving!

Amber says · 04.28.16

Dress With An AirConditioner 🙂
That would have been the perfect title..


Kacie M. says · 04.28.16

I don’t normally wear dresses, but I think I may start this summer. I’m 7 weeks pregnant now, so I think wearing dresses this summer to work will feel much more comfortable than anything else. My SIL gave me a dress that she bought at a boutique that was too small for her (couldn’t return). It fits alright now, but will be a great transition dress this summer. Sadly, I just bought a couple from The Limited (a denim shirt dress) that may just have to wait to get worn, ha. Oh well. I’ll all for being comfy… so dresses and skirts are in my sight!

Alyssa says · 04.28.16

I wear so many dresses. I absolutely love them. I wear them with tights and boots in the winter and all the time in the spring, fall and summer. I only really whip out regular dress pants for work when I’m in between tights and bare legs time, or when my favorite black cropped pants are in the wash! Old Navy and Target have great go-to lightweight dresses.

Katie says · 04.28.16

I really like knit dresses too! I found a cute one at Costco, it’s navy and gray striped with short sleeves. They had some other colors too. It’s a tad short on me, but I can overlook it because it is soft, fits well otherwise and the price was right. I wish the maxi you linked was still available. I also prefer sleeves and feel like that is harder to find.


Sarah Kristen says · 04.28.16

Adorable and only $9.99?! Do I have to be a Costco member to buy??

Elle says · 04.28.16

Wow, I wonder if they have this in Canada!
And Sarah — yes you do need a membership, but you can also go with a friend who has one!

Brittany says · 04.28.16

I love wearing dresses!! I’m due with baby #3 any day now and It will be really nice not trying to squeeze into jeans after having a baby, BUT a lot of my dresses aren’t nursing-friendly…do you have any good suggestions for nursing-friendly styles that you’ve worn?

Hannah S says · 04.28.16

I second this request!!! Due in June and would love to wear dresses!

Krystal says · 04.28.16

Lands End fit and flare are my favorite for nursing. They totally flatter the post baby body and are super comfortable! Also, they run large so you can size down 1 size 🙂

sandra says · 04.28.16

Please I also love Landsend dresses!

Sarah Kristen says · 04.28.16

Oh, for love! T-shirt dresses are so cozy! The two knee-length Target ones are my faves! Love the Anthro one too, but I’m kind of a cheapskate…

Kiran says · 04.28.16

Dresses are the best, my favourite thing to wear for sure, some great pieces, thanks for sharing x

ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

Francine says · 04.28.16

Is the black one the same dress you posted on insta? I’d love to wear more dresses, but so many times knits just aren’t forgiving enough.

Susan says · 04.28.16

Dresses are my uniform.
So easy!


Emily says · 04.28.16

Dresses & skirts are my favorite summer outfit! And if they have pockets, that’s the best!

Ashley Quinn says · 04.28.16

I gave up shorts for skirts and dresses YEARS ago. My favorite go to this spring has been a maxi skirt from Target with a long tank top and open, sleeves-rolled denim shirt as a “jacket”. Wedges and jewelry dress it up and flip flops dress it down. It is cool, comfy, hides my white legs and I get a compliment every time I wear it!

Serein says · 04.28.16

I’m thinking one and fie are my favorites of these!


Sydni says · 04.28.16

Summer dresses are great! Old Navy has hit the jackpot on them this year.

Kathleen says · 04.29.16

I love Target’s clothes but it seems everything, literally everything I buy from there needs to be ironed :/

Sonali says · 04.29.16

Great post. Summers are the times for travel and experiments.

Kaitlin says · 04.29.16

I actually bought the gap dress after seeing your Instagram post! I’m 5’10 and wanted to wear it to church (on stage, I sing) so I sewed the slit 6″ down and it looks great and I’m more comfortable in it now. It was super easy and no need to hide the stitches if you have Navy thread, because the stitching is on the outside originally anyway. Thanks for this great recommendation! Super flattering!

Priscilla says · 04.29.16

This may be kinda personal, but what do you wear underneath a dress? I can’t live without my Spanx but even the lightweight ones are so hot in the summer! So many of these cute knit dresses show everything!

Kate L says · 05.03.16

I hear you – I love a summer dress but my issue is thigh chafing. And if I’m going to have to wear spanx or something to prevent that, I may as well just wear shorts and capris. Anyone with good solutions?

Chris says · 04.29.16

I LIVE in dresses in the summer! And I totally love #5. They’re so easy- no what do I wear with it, do I need a belt- which in the summer? Just no.

Ashli says · 05.01.16

Three and six speak to me. Thanks, Kate!


Jodee Greer says · 05.05.16

I love to wear summer dresses. A good brand that I think you would like is Mikarose. They have beautiful dresses,skirts and shirts.

Erin O. says · 05.23.16

I’m loving dresses this summer! With a pair of converse or flip flops. 🙂 I just bought this one and I LOVE it so much that I’m tempted to buy a few more colors. Seems like it might be up your alley. http://www.bodenusa.com/en-us/womens-dresses/jersey-dresses/wh981-grn/womens-jade_ivory-blackberry-dress