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A Winter Glow Makeup Tutorial

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I learned something about myself this year and I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.

Immediately after Thanksgiving I’m in Christmas mode. I want chilly temperatures, perhaps a bit of snow, Christmas music and all the decorations set up.

On December 26th, the thought of anything Christmas themed disgusts me. The tree is an eyesore and Christmas lights must be torn off of our home and landscaping with haste.

By January 17th, I’m done with winter and ready for spring.

Anyone else with me on that? Anyone? Bueller? 

So, I’m mentally well into springtime over here, and you can definitely tell by this photo too, so above are a few things I’ve got my eye on that are a little spring-y.

Target cannot stop putting out cute little tote bags. There is nothing that I need less than another tote bag so I just offer a loving and appreciative glance as I pass them for now.

I’ve been alternating Saressa Designs Herkimer studs and Rebecca Gough minimalist horseshoe earrings the past few weeks, so these ear crawlers would be right up my alley for another pair of simple earrings.

Do you have you eye on anything particular for the spring? Just humor me and let’s pretend it’s spring together.

You can also check out my recent links + loves post for a few more things I’m loving.


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Erin @ thh says · 02.01.16

Oh, I am with you on seriously pining for spring. I’m not too bad on the Christmas stuff since I wait kind of late in December to decorate, etc., but once that cozy holiday feeling is gone, I’m over winter and ready for warmth. We had temps in the 60’s for Christmas this year and I LOVED it!

Beth says · 02.01.16

I live in New Hampshire and usually this time of year we are buried in feet of snow..but this year it is weirdly in the 50’s this week. Yesterday we went for a long walk and I had my kitchen window open all day. I am DEFINITELY wanting the weather stay like this..but I doubt it will. We all have spring fever indeed!

Kate says · 02.01.16

what a nice surprise to have 50’s!

Alicia says · 02.01.16

I just wrote a post today about how I am ready for spring! I have a month or two left of winter here, and I am dreading it! But, that necklace, is to die for! I need it! 🙂

Melissa says · 02.01.16

I so feel you on that. That’s why living in WI was so hard! Snow is great in Christmas Day…but the day after it needs to be gone…but was on the ground typical through Easter or longer!! Tennessee weather suits me much better!

I noticed some of the totes at Target this weekend, as I am preparing for a trip to Disney later this week with my daughters competitive cheer team! However, I did resist as I already have so many totes!!

And that makeup bag…my Dtr, the one who does cheer is 11 and very petite. That is her motto…she found it herself a couple years ago!! She is just really getting into makeup, so I may have to snatch that for her for her bday!!

Great post!! Love these with things that are affordable!!

Kate says · 02.01.16

sounds like a perfect bday gift! 😉

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 02.01.16

I love #10! What a cute dress!

Donna says · 02.01.16

Your Instagram picture is L O V E L Y!!

Charlotte says · 02.01.16

It was 67 degrees here in KY yesterday!!! So wonderful! I know we will have many more cold days before Spring (and a few after lol) but I truly believe God gives us some beautiful warms days in the midst of winter just to help those of us out that are pining away for warm weather 🙂

Lin says · 02.03.16

My parents live where there should be freezing and tons of snow right now, but for the last few years that has changed pretty dramatically. They’re bummed, because they like skiing and winter sports. Of course, here we call it global warming 😉

Carole says · 02.01.16

My exact thoughts on holidays and winter!

Kristin S says · 02.01.16

LOVE the blue in that Gap space dyed dress. This summer I want to live in comfy, cotton dresses like that BUT wonder if that one is too short. I need an inch or two more. Maybe I should try it out…

Rebecca says · 02.01.16

That dress is perfect! I bought it a couple of weeks ago in a lighter color . It isn’t too short (at least on me), and usually where the elastic is on the side is too low for me, but its just perfect. It’s the perfect tightness around the low waist/hips to give shape but not accentuate too much, if you know what i mean! haha I love it and can’t wait to wear it this spring! I thought it looked like Kate’s style when I saw it. 😉

Kathleen Norris says · 02.01.16

I am 100% with you on that! I am so ready for Spring and luckily I live in Texas, which means we’ve been experience Spring like weather for the last few days. Granted all of sudden we could have another taste of winter but my fingers are crossed that we don’t! 🙂 I’ve had my eye on that bag from Target since last June!

Lo Moran says · 02.01.16

MAJOR heart eyes when it comes to #2! That dress is perfect for both spring and fall! Unfortunately here in North Dakota spring doesn’t come around until April {if we’re lucky}. I’m thinking about decorating my house with spring décor just to act like spring is right around the corner…its a big corner…

Kelsey says · 02.01.16

I’m the same way. Once the middle of January hits I’m d-o-n-e with winter. Preparing for the blizzard of the century in Iowa tomorrow….

Kim says · 02.01.16

I’m DEFINITELY with you on the tired of Winter thing. Especially since I live in the northeast where we had the crazy blizzard last weekend.. Too ready for hot weather, dresses, and tank tops! Love your picks

http://trendkeeper.me .. Cutout Sleeves OOTD!

Katie says · 02.01.16

My son’s birthday is January 10, so I’m usually good to hold on to winter until then, and then I’m over it. Luckily, I live in So Cal, so “winter” here means high 50s and 60s, and we’ve been lucky enough to have high 70s the last few weeks, and predicted for the next few, as well.

I have the Target tote bag you linked, and I looove it. I actually went back and forth about buying it last summer because I didn’t really need it, but I’m glad I finally gave in. I’ve used it as my carryon on an airplane, a hospital bag when my young son had surgery, and a great day bag while visiting a local tourist attraction.

kris says · 02.01.16

Hi all, I have never tried bite beauty lipsticks and was wondering if the color proposed (Vouvray ballet pink) might work for me. It is so pretty. I have very dark hair and eyes and light to medium skin tone. Thanks so much.

Allie says · 02.01.16

I spent yesterday wandering the aisles of target and our local home decor store day-dreaming about spring! Came home with spring tops and left behind adorable ceramic bunnies that I know would make my boyfriend roll his eyes at me. I cannot wait until it’s more appropriate to dress like it’s spring! It doesn’t help that I have an April birthday or that it’s already up in the 70s here in Texas…

alex says · 02.01.16

I love your blog

alison says · 02.01.16

I’ve been eyeing that gap dress too!! But a few of the reviews say it gives you belly, even if your stomach is flat. Post two kids I need a anti baby belly dress! I’m gonna try it on in person as keep my fingers crossed!

Candice says · 02.01.16

I have that tote bag from Target and it’s everything and more! I use it for when I know I’m going to be out and about, or as an overnight bag! It’s the perfect size and super cute!

Consider yourself enabled…

Chris says · 02.01.16

I too am ready for spring, but living in Northern California we really desperately NEED all the rain we’ve been getting. But, darnit I’m tired of wet, wet, wet. Especially when I see nicer weather practically everywhere else which is something I am not accustomed!

Stephanie says · 02.01.16

**sigh** Oh, Raleigh and your fake spring days like today! I feel entirely the same about my Christmas decor. Mine never makes it past New Years more often than not. Bring on the flowy and flowery dresses, sunshine, and sweet tea! And please, hold the winter ice!

Jaclyn EC says · 02.01.16

My Rebecca Gough earrings just came in the mail and I bought myself and my sister a pair of the Saressa Designs Herkimier studs for Christmas, so thanks 😉 , I can’t resist the simple & beautiful earrings you always wear!

Evelina says · 02.01.16

I am the EXACT same when it comes to the holidays! I have been rocking Valentine’s day decorations since mid January and soon it will be all things spring around here!

Laura says · 02.01.16

I know EXACTLY what you mean. Gearing up for Christmas, I love bundling up and wish for snow. After December? I am praying for an early Spring.

That tote from Target is adorable!!

Sandy says · 02.01.16

First time commenter, that was hilarious!! Totally hear you on December 26!

Sharon / tpt says · 02.01.16

Those ear crawlers have Got to be a go, right??! (And yes, my December 26ths sound eerily similar!)

Lydia says · 02.02.16

I live in the midwest and we are about to experience around 12 inches of snow, so some of these dresses and the super cute beach bag are making me wish for spring so bad. I’m so ready for the warm summer sun!!! Cute ideas.


Susan says · 02.02.16

I feel exactly the same way! Our daughter’s bday is in January. Our decorations come down on Dec 26 and we celebrate her big day for a couple of weeks and then I am ready to open the pool!! Love your picks here! I am sticking to classic staples for spring. I’m loving crisp white sneakers(: Susan

Heather D. says · 02.02.16

Hi Kate! I have EXACTLY the same feelings regrading the transition from Christmas into Spring. I’m so over “winter” by January 1st. Ha! Lucky for me, I live in Texas so we don’t have much a winter anyway.

Sydni says · 02.06.16

I’m with you. Springtime, NOW. Give me all the vibrantly colored things!