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I started this new routine where I head up to my office in the morning to do my makeup. I found that my previous system of makeup storage was terrible because the products I wasn’t using on a regular basis were stashed out of sight in my linen closet.

And if it’s out of sight, it’s out of my over-capacity mind.

So, I did a big makeup purge one evening, whilst listening to Christmas music, and organized everything into my little makeshift vanity table. This is technically a console table and it’s a bit to short to sit at comfortably, but it works for the time being. This is what vanity dreams are made of though, in case you wondered.

It felt so good to go through and toss old old OLD makeup, and organize what I do have!


I love working through eyeshadow palettes, so I gathered a few of my favorites and placed them in this decorative box. I could close it if I wanted to, but I like being able to see the options.



Below is the most chaotic area of the table, but everything is really easy to grab so it works super effectively.



The drawers contain the rest of the makeup, perhaps some things that I don’t use very regularly but I may grab on a day I’m filming something!



I have really loved this option for doing my makeup. Since I’m up before the sun, the lighting isn’t ideal, but that isn’t a deal breaker for me. I use the smaller tabletop mirror the most, but the standing mirror is nice for a farther away look as well.

None of my lipsticks are pictured because that needs to be tackled on it’s own.

Items pictured:

table (from Home Goods, similar option)

chair (from Furniture Land South, did you ever see this?)

standing mirror (from Home Goods)

tabletop mirror (from Target, but also love this one from ikea!)

wood containers (middle, another option)

decorative box (mine is from Home Goods, but this is a similar option!)

pencil holder holding the makeup brushes (from Target, another cute option)


Do you keep your makeup in a bag, or containers like I have?



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Kirstie says · 12.02.15

What a lovely post! I adore the box you keep your palettes in!

Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering

Erin says · 12.02.15

Love the look of this! Any advice on storage for a mom that has two drawers only in a bathroom???thanks for the tutorials , it’s a constant update for a stay at home mom who is a previous stylist on what’s new and great!

Caty says · 12.04.15

Erin, I have the same situation. I have one deep drawer in my bathroom where I keep my makeup and then I have a cute cup on the counter where my makeup brushes live. What I did to keep things separated and organized in the drawer is to buy some small organizing containers at the Dollar Tree. I have a small container for each main category (face, lips, eyes) and you can get some of different sizes to fit the specific drawer you have. It is super inexpensive and keeps things organized plus the containers can easily be pulled out to reorganize and rearrange or to put on top of the counter while you are applying your makeup.

adrianne says · 12.04.15

I do the same thing as Caty. I have a set of mini organizers in my drawer and I use them to organize by type of makeup. I don’t have a huge collection, so I am also able to get my hair stuff in there. My brushes are in a container by my sink; it is an old clear glass votive holder.

Heather says · 12.05.15

A clear plastic shoe organizer on the back of my bathroom door works perfectly! So many pockets for all my face, hair, body products.

Miriam says · 12.04.15

Love the way you organized your makeup simple is best.

Kristina says · 12.06.15

Agree. Totally passing along pictures of this for Christmas ideas for my makeup!

Kelsey says · 12.04.15

I love love love this vanity set up! I have something similar and recently did the exact same thing – I moved my dailies up on top and stored the lesser used products in actual drawers. It’s a touch more clutter-y like you mentioned but it’s just easier in the long run.

Kelsey |

PS – Sweet lou those blushes look so so pretty in your drawer! 🙂

Sara says · 12.04.15

I keep my brushes upright in a container like that too…but I can’t stand the double sided ones!! There is no good way to store them, and no good way to travel with them. I wanna chop them in half! Haha….

Amy says · 12.04.15

When I’m in Sephora I often stand in front of the tarte blushes thinking, “I want them all…” Do you have them all?! They are so beautiful, it’s hard to decide which one to take home. Love this post and the way you organized your makeup 🙂

Haley says · 12.04.15

Look at all those Tarte blushes! I am so jealous! I’d give anything raid that stash 😉

Kelcie Hill says · 12.04.15

I love this! I need to organize my makeup/arrange a vanity set up so I’m not sitting in the floor with my mirror leaned up against the wall! Also, your Tarte blush collection is “on fleek.”

B says · 12.04.15

Lovely, but how do you do your makeup without a sink? Am I the only messy one? I feel like I wash my hands 10 times between moisturizer, primer, BB creams, creamy shadows… I must be doing this make-up thing wrong? 😉

Jessica says · 12.04.15

I was wondering that, too. I can’t see doing make-up without access to running water!

Melissa G says · 12.04.15

I need a sink as well!

Deb says · 12.05.15

Same thing here! I have to wash my hands after foundation or else there’s a huge mess on everything else. I need a sink!

Megan says · 12.06.15

I used to do my makeup in the bathroom just to have a sink. But then I started doing it in my bedroom where the lighting is better. I use disposable makeup wipes to clean my hands as I go. Hope this idea works for some of you ladies! Also Kate I love this idea of the vanity near a window! Especially for ladies who have little to no bathroom counter space! Thanks for sharing!

Christina says · 12.04.15

You might laugh but I use my old school caboodles box because it holds almost everything I use. I leave the lid open and use it as a shelf for the few other products that don’t fit inside. I have yet to find anything better that can still close to keep my little kids out of it.

Erika says · 12.04.15

ah what memories!! Haven’t thought about my Caboodles in years! Wish I had kept it 🙂

Lisa says · 12.09.15

I had to chuckle at this……I use the same Caboodle box that I’ve had since my mid-20’s….and I turned 50 this year!

Stacy says · 12.04.15

Are you kidding me with all those tarte blushes?! So jealous.

Emily Hartung says · 12.04.15

I want a vanity so much! Some day! Love the organization. Let us know when you come up with something for lipstick!

Amanda says · 12.04.15

That’s such a pretty and practical solution. I have to smile at how different people are though. 100% of the make-up I wear on a daily basis fits flat in a 5″x5″ tray in my top bathroom cabinet drawer (imagine one each of mascara, eye liner, powder, moisturizer-mixed-with-foundation, concealer, and blush….I don’t own any lipstick). The rest is in a not-full travel-size makeup bag behind it, and I should probably throw that stuff out. This is part of why I read your blog though — I need your experienced help 🙂 I suppose I’m spared the organizational difficulties, but I don’t look nearly so put-together!

Shelly says · 12.05.15

Same here!

Margaret says · 12.04.15

All of the goodies are so awesome. I love your blog.

Erika says · 12.04.15

I use a Vera Bradley bag that I’ve been using for years for most things, and a separate bag for eyeshadow palettes. My brushes are stored like yours. Lipsticks and liners I keep in the bathroom b/c I do that right after I brush my teeth 🙂
I need a better system, but not sure what. I put my makeup on in my living room while watching TV in the mornings; usually without any lights on! Amazingly it usually turns out ok. I don’t have room for a vanity but that one from PBTeen is pretty awesome; they must think so too by the price 😉

Julie says · 12.04.15

Love the organization and display of all of the beautiful products. I used to use an old treadle sewing machine table for my vanity. You might want to consider protecting the top of your table with a piece of glass or plexi glass cut to size. It will make cleaning the top so much easier.

Michelle says · 12.04.15

This is the one I have and love it. I bought divided inserts at marshalls for all of my different types of makeup. One side of the drawer is makeup, and one is hair!

Giselle D says · 12.04.15

I use a makeup bag, though my collection is not as near as extensive as yours. Here’s to hoping I win your giveaway and have mine grow : )

Melissa G says · 12.04.15

I have plastic bins in the drawer in my bathroom vanity. One for lips, one for eyes, one for eye pallets, one for face, one for brushes. Of course I don’t have near the make up you do. But, I’m not about having things sitting out!

em says · 12.05.15

do you have a source for the wooden organizer on the far right? I love the shelf set up

Amanda says · 12.05.15

Your Tarte blush collection is epic!

Sarah B says · 12.05.15

This is beautiful! And now I’m feeling inspired to purge old makeup!

Angela Shaw says · 12.05.15

Love! The Target weekendender by Sonia Ka… however you spell that. Lol its amazing!!!! My new favorite make up bag!! I’m a busy mama of 4 and I love that all my products fit perfectly in this huge bag that opens up and lays flat and then tucks away on a drawer. Plus I often move it from bathroom to bathroom depending on where my kids are playing at that moment. A must!!!! I tell all my friends!

Rachele says · 12.05.15

Sheesh! And this is after the purge….lol

Very nice set up, but so much stuff. That’s gotta be close to $400 just in tarte blushes, you lucky girl? I, too, am puzzled by the lack of sink. Also surprised that you don’t have a light up make up mirror.

I have to take the capsule approach to my make up, otherwise i take up too much valuable morning time making choices, and risk making a mistake that i wont have time to fix before i head out the door because I grabbed the wrong thing, or tried a combo that didn’t work. I typically update the capsule each season. I have a spot in my bathroom closet with clear plastic cosmetic holders for what im not using, but keep the “now” stuff in my make up bag so that it can come to work with me.

Jan Hall says · 12.05.15

Love the hair tutorials and the hair products!

Desiré says · 12.05.15

I LOVE this! I have been wanting a vanity for so long, I currently have my makeup in a small bag and sit on my bed to do it, lol. Now I want one even more. Awesome job.

Melissa says · 12.05.15

Love your set up! & wow you are so lucky to have all of those tarte blushes! I’m about ready for a new blush & have heard great things about Tarte’s from you & your sister. If you HAD to choose your favorite everyday color, which one would you choose? I searched ‘tarte blush’ on your blog, but I see that you switch it up & use just about every color. I have the same skin tone as you. Thank you for all of your awesome posts!

Jen says · 12.05.15

I have a large utensil tray with divided sections that fits perfectly in my bathroom drawer. It keeps all my makeup divided (eyes, lips, etc.) and allows me to see everything I have!

Autumn says · 12.05.15

I use make-up trays, too. I like to be able to quickly access whatever I am looking for. I agree- I don’t use things if I don’t see them.

On a side note, I have a friend that is making mini make-up kits for her young girls this year. She cleaned out old make-up containers and made wax inserts for the inside. Such a fun idea for any of you ladies with young girls!

Autumn l

Jennifer Peer says · 12.06.15

I used to store my makeup in a bag, but as my collection grew I found that just wasn’t practical anymore. I have a very similar set up to yours – I have a white desk from Target with one large drawer with some dividers where I store all of my makeup – and have a large mirror from Marshalls leaning against the wall along with a table-top lit mirror.

Mary Kate says · 12.06.15

I love how you organized everything! I feel like I have so much old makeup that just hasn’t made it into the trash, so you’ve given me inspiration to finally get it done!

Mary Kate

Sarah says · 12.06.15

Love the overhaul! I’m way overdue for a make-up purge and will use you as inspiration. I’ve got one make-up bag with my daily basics and a bigger bag with the extras which hardly ever get looked at because it always feels like a hassle to dig through.

Kelly says · 12.07.15

I always love seeing how others store their make-up. Love the idea of storing your palettes in a cute box!
Kelly xx

Esraa Bassiouni says · 12.08.15

so simple stylish and practical.

Emily Shea says · 12.09.15

What a cool set up! I love how classic it looks, definitely reminds me of old Hollywood film star vanities.

Christy says · 12.09.15

I DREAM of having a make up vanity like this one! Maybe one day when I have a slightly larger house. Great idea for palette storage that actually looks pretty, I’ll have to keep that one in mind.

Christy D. @ Belle Blogs