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Hey! Happy Friday! One week from tomorrow (on December 12th) I’ll be at the Origins store at Southpoint Mall for a little hang out and chat about all things beauty and skin care! I’m so excited!! Their charcoal mask, as I’ve mentioned a few times lately on the blog, has become a “holy grail” face mask of mine and their Ginzing eye cream has been a favorite since 2013! I hope you can make it out if you are nearby!

I bought this shirt on sale at Anthropologie last week and it is my new favorite. I love the plaid in a non-traditional “plaid button up shirt” kind of way.

Justin and I watched Barista the other night. It was absolutely fascinating to me. These baristas have such passion for what they do! I’m heading to Chicago this weekend and I can’t wait to hit up Intelligentsia.

Paperkarma is my latest app obsession. You sign up for a subscription for a nominal fee and take photos of any junk mail that comes to your house to automatically get unsubscribed. Saves time. Saves paper. Saves junk. The only one disappointed in this is Luke, as he loves to sift through our mail.

I’m starting a NEW¬†series soon called “My Hair Is. . .” and I’ll answer a few common questions regarding different textures and styles of hair! You can ask questions about your hair by tweeting me (@k8_smallthings) and use #myhairis & #askkate

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Rachele says · 12.04.15

Hi Kate! Love that you’re going to start talking about different hair textures. I’m all ears!! I’m curious about how you’re staying up to date on the hair trends now that you’re not “behind the chair” anymore. Do you still go to classes and continuing education? How do you keep your skills sharp, and your ideas fresh? We always read about the different blogging conferences that you travel to attend, and just wondered if you do the same for hair and if you are finding out any new and exciting techniques and trends.

Jennifer Peer says · 12.04.15

I want to try that charcoal mask…so many people say good things about it. And that plaid shirt is so unique…love it!

Christen says · 12.04.15

I actually wouldn’t unsubscribe from the junk mail because my 5 year-old and 2 year-old “get mail” every day (when it really is just credit card offers for my husband and I).

Lori says · 12.04.15

Can we ask questions another way? I do not have Twitter.

Kimberly says · 12.04.15

I 2nd that!

Hannah T. says · 12.04.15

Enjoy Intelligentsia! It’s one of my favorites.

Marianne says · 12.04.15

I also hope this is not posted just on Twitter – not everyone uses it.

Kristin S says · 12.04.15

I have been a patron of that Origins since it opened and am excited to see the renovated space!

Dominique says · 12.04.15

I love Origins! I will use it forever!

Kim says · 12.04.15

Love your idea – questions about different textures and hair styles for all different hair types – any other way to discuss other than Twitter ??

Evelina says · 12.05.15

I can’t wait for that new series and all the questions and answers. I am always looking for more hair tips!

Colleen says · 12.06.15

Just found your blog – love it! I’m purchasing many of the products you recommend – I’m excited to look more like myself and not like tired no
(I also have two young boys). I buy everything from Amazon (we have Prime), just wondering if you had considered affiliate links. I’d like for you to get credit :). Just a suggestion! Thanks for the great blog!

Stephanie @ ChalkSouthernToMe says · 12.07.15

Looking forward to you new series! Thank you for sharing that app, what a wonderful idea! Xo, Stephanie

Lauren @ Oh Hey! I Like That! says · 12.11.15

Oooh I’m definitely going to try that Paperkarma app!