The Retreat

A Lou & Grey Shopping Evening

My bedroom has been renamed.

I call it The Retreat. With capital letters and everything. Take a deep breath in through your nose and whisper the words, “The Retreat“. That is how I say it.

If you missed it last week, I had the absolute honor of being involved in an episode of Space Off on The Design Network. You can read more about the process here, which includes a link to the video, but the basics are this: Justin and I got a brand new, beautifully designed master bedroom couresty of the wonderful Space Off team. Click here to watch the episode!

Space Off is a show on The Design Network, an in-house network from Furnitureland South, a massively huge and wonderful furniture store in High Point, North Carolina.

I can truly say the whole experience was fantastic. The crew was made up of the nicest people around town, and it was fun to have them in my home for a week.

My former bedroom was perfectly fine, in fact I didn’t even really feel inclined to have it made over, but my husband and mom said that would be a fun room to do so I went with it!

The furniture we had was an old set of my parents, that we painted a soft white a few years ago. There were plenty of drawers, and I loved having my jewelry in the armoire.




Before Justin and I moved into our house, we had the interior painted. The only room I regretted the color choice in was our bedroom. It was like a blue box. I hated it. I almost asked the painters to come back and paint it again but I decided to live in it for a bit and see if the blue-ness wore off. Well, the blue-ness didn’t wear off, but I definitely stopped “seeing” it once I lived there for a week or so, so we left it.

When I heard that painting was involved in the Space Off project I was thrilled to offer my bedroom as the room to be made over.

And they painted it grey (Silverplate by Sherwin Williams), those geniuses. I could have kissed them once I saw it completed.

So, over a week’s time in November, our furniture was moved out, the room was painted, and both room designs were set up for me to see! On friday of that week, I drove out to High Point, North Carolina, to choose the winner.

Choosing the winner was so hard. After I saw the first room, I was so pleased with the changes already that I resolved if the second room was terrible, I would be totally happy with the first room design.

I loved seeing the etagere where our long mirror used to be. It was the first thing that caught my eye in the room!

–from this point on, every piece of furniture shown in photos is from Furniture Land South–


 Charleston Regency Collection Etagere by Stanley Furntiure


 Wesley Hall Chair


 Bed is by the Charleston Regency Collection by Stanley Furniture

I loved the huge headboard, and liked the mix of furniture, but I felt like the room was a little bit empty, and that all the action was over by the sitting area. Now, there’s a good chance Missy and Lee went that route based on my description of my home decor preferences. And maybe I emphasized too much that I like simple, minimal, classic design. I didn’t want a ton of color or pattern. So, in hindsight I would have maybe given less instruction and just let the professionals do their thing.



Again, even after I thought it was a little bare, I could easily have filled the holes and loved the room.

I was more nervous about seeing the second room design for some reason. It was fun to have absolutely no idea what to expect when I opened the door.

And when I did open the door, I was greeted with a beautiful, serene, and completed room that practically whispered, “come in, put up your feet, and drink in the relaxation that is your new master bedroom”.


The Finishing Touch Bench by Caracole, Berkley Metal King Bed by Four Hands

The bench at the end of the bed is simply gorgeous. And the huge dresser with the cool drawers may just be the coolest piece of furniture I own. I love that dresser!


 Chest (2 stacked on one another and secured together) by Universal Furniture, Gothic Mirror and Banner Ottoman by Sam Moore


I liked the rustic look of the bed frame, although Justin still talks about how awesome the headboard was from the first room design.


The secretary is such a great piece, and I’m sure I’ll have that for many, many years and will use it in different places in my home.


 Homestead Narrow Secretary 

I was very surprised to see blue incorporated back into the room! If I was told that they were going with a blue and cream palette, I would have rolled my eyes and thought, “no! no more blue!” But it was done so nicely and didn’t feel like a blue explosion like I would have feared.

After living in the room now for a few weeks, I have only started to love it more. It was such a treat to have it created for Justin and I, and not have to think about a single decision the entire time.

Like I’ve already said a few times, working with Furnitureland South was such a pleasure and I cannot say enough good things about their furniture, the Space Off crew, and the wonderful people that work for the company.

I received a few inquires on my last post about the bedroom makeover regarding the furniture details as well as the designers’ info. You can find all of that below if you are interested in working with them, or looking for a specific piece!

Room 1 was designed by Missy Caulk and Lee Crutchfield.

Room 2 (the winning room) was designed by David Erwin and Catherine Gardner.



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Tara says · 12.12.14

Beautiful!! I agree, the first room was really nice, but when I scrolled down to the one you picked I thought it was gorgeous!

Melissa G says · 12.12.14

So I really love your old bed! In regards to the rooms, that little chair was so cute, but I feel the second room was just more “comfortable”…which I think is important for a “retreat”/master bedroom!!!

Libby says · 12.12.14

I liked the 2nd one too, but I agree with Justin- that bed was amazing! I love the grey walls! You know, my only observation- no curtains. Not just in the designs but also in your original room. Are curtains out of style? 🙂

Libby says · 12.12.14

PS- Can you give us the name of your grey paint?

Kate says · 12.12.14

Paint is called Silverplate by Sherwin Williams

Laura says · 12.12.14

Do you know the details on the grey paint? Brand, color name, etc. Thanks!

Kate says · 12.12.14

Paint is called Silverplate by Sherwin Williams

Laura says · 12.12.14

Thanks Kate!

Jenny says · 01.25.15

I love the paint color! Do you happen to know what the finish of the paint was?

Katie B. says · 12.12.14

Pretty!!! I love that double-stacked chest of drawers! I am always terrified to mix furniture – these are definitely some great ideas!

Angela says · 12.12.14

Wow this looks gorgeous. I love the artwork. What a beautiful space.

Erin says · 12.12.14

I love the gray walls! Such a good choice!

Catie J Buck says · 12.12.14

I’m so glad that you picked the second! It was my favorite as well. I’ve just started my career as a designer and love learning, getting inspired by others. Your wall art, along where your bed is, it usually really bugs me when people hang art up so high but this looks so well done!

Jen @ Save to Splurge says · 12.12.14

I love the room you chose! As I was watching the episode I was hoping you would pick that one!

Krista says · 12.12.14

Beautifully done! I love your choice.

Melissa says · 12.12.14

I don’t have tv so I’m excited I can watch it online. I’m glad you choose the second too. As I was reading the blog post the first was beautiful but didn’t have the come put your feet up feeling. The second one makes me want to redo my room. And I just love the bedding in the second!!! Do you happen to know where it’s from? Enjoy your beautiful new room.

Kate says · 12.12.14

It’s from Furnitureland South 🙂

Jana says · 12.12.14

I’m happy for you kate but today is the day I officially unsubscribe from your blog. I loved your blog when I found it years ago and it has seriously moved away from what it used to be. It feels very inauthentic to me and always seems to filled with affiliate links and promotions for you and your sister. The “About” section of this blog states “The Small Things Blog has become primarily a hair and beauty blog.” You should probably consider revising that. Good luck to you and your family – I hope you find true happiness.

Kate says · 12.12.14

Thank you for reading thus far! There are a lot of great blogs out there and I appreciate each reader. I’ve addressed the natural shift in content in a few blog posts (which you may have missed over the past months), but totally understand that the blog is not exactly what it used to be. I’m quite enjoying the change to reflect more of my life instead of just the beauty + hair side. Thanks again!

Anna Bundrick says · 12.12.14

Great choice. Both rooms are nice, but think you picked the best one! (in my opinion)

Jennifer G. says · 12.12.14

In the pictures at the paint on the wall looks teal-ish but the bottom ones look grey… I was thinking you were going to say you re-painted. I absolutely LOVE the room and both were great Especially that BIG bed in the first but like you I would have chosen the second! relaxing yet pops of color!

Ashley says · 12.12.14

Too bad they wouldn’t let you switch the bed from the 1st room re-do to the 2nd! 😉

meagan says · 12.12.14

Love your choice! Absolutely gorgeous!

Gissela says · 12.12.14

I LOVE your blog!!!

Lacy Blaine says · 12.12.14

Hi Kate! GREAT choice, and fun to see all the details and your comments here! You handled yourself so well on camera-a total natural! I’m with Justin on his headboard preference though-the second one seems uncomfortable to lean back against! Guess those great, big pillows do the trick. 🙂

Sarah says · 12.12.14

I really liked the color of the room but I did like the blue color of your original room! 🙂 Do you remember what color blue it was? I really enjoy reading your blog and I’m glad that you’ve added more things to the blog besides hair and beauty 🙂 Merry Christmas!

CindyK says · 12.12.14

I thought the pictures you showed first were of your new room. Funny. I loved it before too! You are blessed to have had a chance to redo the paint. Happy for you.

Jenny says · 12.12.14

I have a very similar grey color on my walls- I love it! I desperately need a headboard for my bed. I am typing this from my brand new (just delivered 2 hours ago!) mattress, and all it’s missing is a headboard or bed frame. I am so bad at choosing though!! I wish I had someone to come in and do it all for me. Your room looks beautiful! (btw- I liked the blue on your walls beforehand, too!)
Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

Sarah says · 12.12.14

I like your original room the best! Haha I think you have better taste than those designers. But I’m glad you love it!

Katrina says · 12.13.14

How fun! When you came onto the show I kept saying “Oh! It’s Kate, I KNOW her!” to my husband who was watching with me. He thinks I’m a weirdo (maybe he’s right, hah!)

Brooke Phagan says · 12.14.14

I love the bedding for the second room. Do you know where it is from?

jess says · 12.17.14

hey kate! couldn’t help but notice your body pillow in one of the bedroom remodel pictures. I’m in the market for one–do you have any recommendations? thank you!

Nicola says · 12.18.14

Oh my goodness! Your new ‘Retreat’ is absolutely gorgeous! I don’t think I would ever leave 🙂

Michelle says · 12.27.14

I think your original room was beautiful, if you’re done with it, can I have it? Seriously, I also love the room you chose, especially that double stacked dresser! And, I love that you cats got some tv time 🙂

pengobatan Sipilis Yang Paling Mujarab says · 01.10.15

so cute the bedding for the second room

Sarah says · 05.26.15

Would you perhaps remember the name to the paint color of your original room?

Virginia says · 06.21.16

The grey pain in the pictures looks violet to me. Maybe its just my computer screen. All other examples I’ve seen of SW Silverplate, look very grey without any violet. Just curious if you see the violet tint?

Carolene Cook says · 07.21.16

Where did you find that secretary desk?