A look back at my favorite posts on Motherhood

A look back at my favorite posts on Hair

Looking back on the highlights and big events of 2015 with my family – meeting our Luke, watching David grow and become a big brother, and enjoying life with 2 under 2. 2015 was a great year!


one, two, three, four


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Allison says · 12.29.15

How adorable!

Melissa says · 12.29.15

I cannot even with how chubby Luke is. I wish I could reach through the screen and snuggle him!

Ashlee Michelle says · 12.29.15

So freaking cute!!! Your babies are beautiful!! What a year!!

-Ashlee Michelle

Osiarah says · 12.29.15

Great collection and really beautiful story. Nice artwork! Thanks for sharing this beautiful moments.

Camy xx


Courtney says · 12.29.15

I Iove seeing pictures of your sweet family! Can’t wait to keep following you in the new year to come!!

Amanda says · 12.31.15

Hi Kate,

Just wanted to THANK YOU for your commitment to this beautiful blog. I come here every single day for refreshment, inspiration and encouragement. You’re a beauty inside and out and have created such a beautiful space for women here. Hope you and your family have a super blessed New Year and 2016!

Laine says · 01.01.16

I truly enjoy reading all your posts, you have the most kind, beautiful soul and it shines through everything you write. Best wishes and a happy new year to your family!