David in the Crib

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David took a nap of champions the other day (2.5 hours!) and after he woke up I went in with my camera in hopes to get a picture of him. I also brought him a single Teddy Graham because I’m a nice mom like that.

I have to make a real effort to take shots of the boys with my DSLR, and toting it around the house with me, like I do my phone, is the easiest way for me to remember to take real photos of them.


As it turns out, David was in the mood for a bit of a photo shoot. I happily obliged and shot my little heart out as he played in his crib.


The orange bubble container is more fascinating than the bubbles themselves. Typical toddler move.





David will be 16 months old in a few weeks. And there is nothing that makes me realize how quickly he’s growing up than having a newborn around.

I put away all of Luke’s newborn clothes since they are already too small (I know. Ridiculous.) and as I fished through the bin of 3 month clothes I was reminded of my favorite outfits to put David in back when he was that little.

There were these grey pants with blue thread exposed along the seams that I loved putting on David. And I held them up and just stopped for a second and thanked the Lord for what a blessing these boys are to me.

I mentioned on Instagram that David has been showing some signs of jealousy now that Luke is here which has been challenging to deal with. It’s heartbreaking because I used to be able to meet all his immediate needs, but now I have Luke to consider and sometimes Luke has to be the priority over David (for example, if Luke has to eat, etc.).

But despite dealing with some challenging times with David, he’s also been extremely sweet and fun. I love seeing more and more of his personality come out with age. He loves to play peek-a-boo around the house, and loves to be chased. His giggle is infectious, and he smiles with his entire face!

And when Justin comes home? Forget it. You’ve never seen a happier kid.

My heart is so full right now with both of these boys. As well as my laundry basket(S), my diaper pails, and my hands. ::wink::



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Molly says · 04.01.15

Fantastic photos and such a sweet post!

Leah says · 04.01.15

So there IS hope that my 14 month will sit still for photos again someday! Beautiful photos.

Tara says · 04.01.15

So many cute pictures! I bet David seems so huge next to Luke. The best advice I was given when I had my second was to let your older one see that the baby has to wait sometimes, too. Of course there will be many times you will have to ask David to wait for something while you tend to the baby. So, for example, make sure that if you are doing something with/for David and Luke starts to cry you say “just a minute Luke, I’m helping David right now”. Once I started doing that it seemed to really help my toddler not feel so annoyed when she had to wait for me to be done feeding the baby.

Chelsey says · 04.01.15

I did the same thing with my son when my daughter was born. Though her cry was rather shrill and many times my one year old sent me to go make it stop!
I had a really though third trimester though so my little one had already adapted to having to wait a few minutes for me to help him. The biggest problem I had was him acting up while I was nursing his sister. It did not take him long to realize that my hands were full and it was a great time to get into trouble!

Ashli Workman says · 04.01.15

Cute kid, cute post – isn’t funny how something so simple as taking pictures of your baby in his crib can make this Mommy all sappy. Oh, Motherhood, you have me feeling like a hormonal teenage girl again.

Morgan A. says · 04.01.15

Awwww he is just too cute!

Anne says · 04.01.15

Truly precious photos and words. The one picture, where his face is tilted up and he’s looking over the edge of the crib, took my breath for a minute. You can see the baby in him, but also shadows of the handsome man he’ll be one day. My girls are only 18 months apart, so I enjoy reading and relating to your blog. Mine are teenagers now and we’re dealing with some tough stuff. It makes me miss their babyhood even more. You’re doing a great job treasuring these moments, Kate.

Laura says · 04.01.15

What a cutie!!!


Sally says · 04.01.15

Great pics! It is very difficult to find the time for photos when you have 2 kids, proof in my house is about 1/3 the amount of photos of my 2nd child compared to the 1st one! I think the best part of toddlers is their laugh! Full belly laughs and so infectious!

johnna says · 04.01.15

Giving rid of baby clothes away always makes me sad! For me taking my oldest on a small date at least once a week really helped. Even if it was just a walk around the block. You should see this youtube “Body After Baby- Mom’s Tell All” (it’s so honest and really funny)

Donna says · 04.01.15

Blessed beyond measure, oh Happy Day!

Brittany says · 04.01.15

He’s turning into a little boy before our eyes! Thanks for sharing

Kara says · 04.01.15

Hi Kate,
I’m a mom of seven. My first two are 13 months apart, but none of mine are more than 2 years apart. I wrote you this before you had Luke, but here it is again. I never had any trouble with any of mine being jealous. The very first time they ever met the baby I would introduce the baby as their baby brother/sister. Every time the baby would need me I would always say “Let’s go get your baby brother/sister!”. And yes I would say it excitedly. Also,I would NEVER tell my toddler they had to wait BECAUSE of the baby. Maybe that would help your situation, but maybe not since David’s already showing some jealousy. One other thing to remember is nursing time doesn’t just have to just for the newborn. For my littles it was also story time. Balancing a book while trying to nurse can be frustrating, but it makes nursing a time for everyone to enjoy. Whatever the solution to your particular difficulty, God has the answer!
Blessings to your family.

Marite E. says · 04.01.15

The pictures are SO cute!! I have a 20 month old girl and I’m thinking about having baby #2 next year. It gives me a bit of anxiety to think about not being able to meet all of Zoe’s needs right there at the moment but I also know that having a second baby will make my heart grow exponentially. Kudos to you for doing such a great job with your kids! Thanks for sharing this post with us 🙂

Sarah W. says · 04.01.15

Morning Kate! I was just telling my 10 year old son a story this morning about how I used to nibble on his baby toes and grease him up like a turkey after his bath and kiss his chubby parts. He thought it was “gross” and as I gazed down at his massive bare feet (size 8 men’s – yes he’s a big boy) I thought “gross” too! They grow up in a blink of an eye, so when you might have those moments of feeling pulled in all directions and a little overwhelmed, take a deep breath and soak it all up. These are some of the BEST times 🙂

Kelly says · 04.01.15

Well David is a heartbreaker for sure. He is growing up so fast and right before our eyes (thank you for sharing this time in your family’s life). It is so nice to see these pictures, read your posts and see videos of your children. It makes us parents whose children are in their teens remember fondly and with love the time when our children were little. Oh and I just love David’s front teeth. They are so great! Kate you are a a great mom and person and you are doing the best you can and the boys will be just fine and you will be just fine. It is hard right now b/c you are “living it”. When you look back on these days you will think that yes, they might have been challenging, but you made it and the boys are great boys. Hang in there and enjoy. YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS GIRL – YOU GOT IT.

christina says · 04.01.15

To help David not be jealous of Luke, I like the above suggestions to call Luke, his baby brother and to make nursing time story time as well. I would also suggest having him help take care of Luke whenever possible, such as having him help hand you a diaper or wipes, getting Luke’s favorite toy, blanket etc to play together, anything to help him feel like he ‘s helping with the baby.
That ans he’ll grow out of it eventually. Good luck!

Lauren @ Oh Hey I Like That! says · 04.01.15

Awww what a sweetheart! And you’re quite the photographer!

Sherri @ Adventures of Love and Marriage says · 04.01.15

He is too stinkin cute! And glad your 15-mo will sit still for a photo sesh, mine will not at all. I have always been a little sad packing up his clothes because he has outgrown them…especially my favorite outfits. The other day I stumbled across his newborn ones and forgot just how teeny tiny he was.

We are talking of finally giving Ryan another sibling in the near future but a fear of mine is the balance and the possible jealousy, not wanting Ryan to feel slighted at all. It’s going to break my heart.

Sissi says · 04.01.15

Awww so cute pictures! I am happy you find time blogging again!

Krista says · 04.01.15 Reply
Evelina says · 04.01.15

Your photos look so good! I especially like the ones through the slats. He looks like such a happy babe!

Marjorie says · 04.01.15

Cute photos and sweet post!


Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire says · 04.01.15

A full heart is the only full thing that matters. 🙂

Mariah Leinbaugh says · 04.02.15

He looks just like you!!! Great pics!

Giada says · 04.02.15

ADORABLE. I love your blog. One thought is to skip sugar for your kids. It is addictive and ruins their health and teeth.

Veronica says · 04.02.15

Kate, lovely pictures!!!! Enjoy the boys…

Rebecca says · 04.02.15

My husband and I are going to have our first baby in October. We are over the moon. I am thinking that now is the time to invest in a “real camera,” as all of our pictures to date have been taken with an iphone. What camera do you suggest?



Tyana says · 04.02.15

cutest thing ever

check out my newest post

Amanda says · 04.03.15

My girls are 5 months and 18 months, and we went through the same jealousy with my oldest. She would say no when I was holding the baby and try to push her away from me. I followed the same old positive parenting tips I’m sure you know, and it stopped for the most part about a week ago. 18 months has been a game changer for us with vocabulary, and she knows “so mad” when she’s upset from the Mercer Mayer book I Was So Mad. Verbalizing with feeling words seems and me asking if she would like a hug when she’s upset has made a huge difference! Just ride it out. Changes come so quickly at this age!

cupcake says · 04.05.15

So cute! Thinking about having one of my own, can’t wait! These are like professional pictures. Great job.