a look back at my favorite posts on makeup

A look back at my favorite posts on Motherhood

I had so much fun trying out new makeup techniques, palettes, and products over this last year. Sometimes it’s just fun to freshen up your look and try something new. Here a few of my favorite makeup posts from 2015.


one, two, three, four


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Christen says · 12.30.15

Love the Tarte palette and all of these were great posts 🙂

Ashlee Michelle says · 12.30.15

I love that Tarte Palette, it’s one of my favorite that I own and I always use!!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2016 for makeup looks!

-Ashlee Michelle

Ashley says · 12.30.15

Hey Kate!
Love the blog and especially all the beauty posts. As much as you do positive reviews on products, I would be interested in updates on products: which ones you would purchase again, which ones didn’t live up to the initial hype, etc.
As much as we all love new products and sampling new items, I think what’s more telling about the success of a product is if one would purchase it again.

Martie says · 12.30.15

I love the eyes in #2 and the whole look in #3, especially the lipstick! 🙂 All great posts!

Aileen Miller says · 12.31.15

Hi Kate, could you share how you clean your make up brushes?

Tammy Strickland says · 01.05.16

I bought the Tarte Showstopper palette after seeing you use it in a Fresh In Fifteen video and I love it!

Kate says · 01.06.16


Romi says · 01.17.16

Hi Kate! Do you have any face make up or brand you recommend for acne-prone skin? I’m currently using a Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and that’s ALL! Only because I break out so easily and am scared to introduce a new product to my face. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! xo