Obligatory Pumpkin Patch Photos

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Like I mentioned last week, October is a crazy month. A lot of really fun stuff is happening, it just happens to be packed into about 30 days.

I’ve never had a busier month in my life!

My sister got to town late Saturday night, and I was planning on hitting a pumpkin patch while she was here with David and my mom. I did some browsing on Sunday and found a fun place in Cary that offered much more than just pumpkin picking. The only problem was that they are only open on the weekends. So, just before David woke up from his afternoon nap, we made quick plans to head over there before the place closed.


It was geared toward older children, as expected, but we took a little hay ride, and David truly enjoyed all that there was to look at. We could barely get his attention for a photo since there was so much going on that he needed to stare at!




We did all manage to get some cute shots with David while we were in the actual pumpkin patch. We didn’t actually pick a pumpkin because they were all pretty picked over and none of us wanted to haul it back to the car. But a cute photo op was all we needed to hop on the hay ride over to the patch.

David is at such a fun age. It’s so fun to see him enjoy things. And it’s so fun to hear my mom and sister enjoy him as well.

Earlier on in the week I was downstairs making dinner, and all I could hear from upstairs was lots of laughter and splashing from bath time. There’s no shortage of attention or entertainment between the 3 of them.

My dad is coming to visit this weekend, so I’m anxious for him to get here to play with David. And we’ll be traveling up to Illinois in November to see family (including my brother) so I’m sure that will be a good time.

I’m also sure that will be the last time I’ll travel for a whiiillle.

I’ve purchased David’s halloween costume and let me just tell you, it is a sight to behold.

I can barely wait until October 31st to put him in it!

p.s. as mentioned last week, posting may be a little light over the next few weeks due to various circumstances (all good). 


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Sherry says · 10.22.14

All three pictures are cute as pie……however the one of you and David is just perfect. The expression on his face shows a very happy boy with his Mama (and soon to be sibling in the photo op as well). Priceless !!

Andrea says · 10.22.14

Cute pictures, he is a doll!! I love your sister’s handbag. Would you happen to know who makes it? 🙂

Kate says · 10.22.14

Her bag is by Vince Camuto, but she got it at Nordstrom Rack!

Andrea says · 10.22.14

Thank you!! 🙂

Andrea says · 10.22.14

Aww!!! He is such a cute happy boy! Glad you guys at fun at the pumpkin patch!

Pamela says · 10.22.14

His little hat is too cute!

Rebecca @ Hello Creative Blog says · 10.22.14

Love these pictures, Kate! It’s amazing to watch David’s transformation as he grows – thanks for sharing!

Marie says · 10.22.14

awww I wish they did pumpkin patches in the UK but the don’t we just have to go to the boring supermarket. Lovely post hun xox


Lindsay says · 10.22.14

So cute! Lauren looks identical to Carrie from The Caroline G shop! Striking resemblance!!

Lake says · 10.22.14

You are so lucky to have your family visit so often! This is definitely a cute age, and boy, is that little fellow getting huge!!

Stacy says · 10.22.14

I seriously can’t handle David in a hat. Like, it’s too much for me. SO CUTE.

Missy Robinson says · 10.22.14

He looks so happy!!!! I couldn’t help but smile at all the fun AND I’m taking my three to the pumpkin patch THIS weekend – YAY!

Sarah says · 10.22.14

It’s funny how many pumpkin patch photos were in last weekends FB feed! We went this morning for the second time. I’m glad see David wearing a hat. I saw MANY newborns this morning in the glaring sun with no head protection. Yikes!

meagan says · 10.22.14

Sweet pictures. My sister is having a baby in December and I can’t wait to be an auntie!

Krista says · 10.22.14

David is just the cutest! Looks like a fun, busy month!


Jenny in Wellington, NZ says · 10.22.14

Gorgeous photos and I particularly love the back-to-front cap on David in the photo with you, Kate 🙂 Really happy pictures 🙂

Erica Zucco says · 10.22.14

Love this! We went to the pumpkin patch this weekend: http://offdeadline.com/feels-like-fall/ and also took plenty of photos and didn’t actually end up going home with any pumpkins, haha. It’s the adventure that counts! :o)

lip kit says · 10.23.14

Baby is so cute, and all picture album is awesome…

Laura says · 10.23.14

So cute:)

Alice says · 10.23.14

Love your blog a lot and specially this one, just to let you know i have tagged you in the Autumn Tag. Check out my blog for the questions and things

Eve says · 10.23.14

When I saw the second photo of David, I immediately noticed he looks EXACTLY like you. He’s so precious!

Laura says · 10.24.14

He is your little twin! Oh, my!

Ellen says · 11.01.14

Hi Kate, I’m a grandma and would love to see a video of how your mom does her hair! I like the way it has volume and lift without a lot of curl. Any chance you could talk her in to showing how it’s done – or you showing how it’s done?
Thanks for all the great hair tips
You sure have an adorable son 🙂