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36 Hours in New York City


I can’t remember how I even stumbled across Gloss48, but I remember being glad that I did.

I talk about a lot of products here on the blog. I love exploring beauty products, and sharing what I like and dislike with you! Oftentimes, the brands that I talk about are fairly well-known and easy to recognize. I tend to repeat the same brands over and over because I know the quality already and know what to expect from them.

But when I found Gloss48 I was pleasantly surprised to be exposed to a bunch of smaller, “indie” beauty product lines. It’s sort of like Etsy for beauty products. You can search and search and search through new products, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that looks appealing at a variety of price points.

I’ve been slathering myself in everything Pink Buttercream lately, and now all I want is cake.




That coconut sugar scrub? It smells like absolute heaven. 

Gloss48  is kindly offering one of you a $100 gift card to shop their website! And I would like to personally wish you luck with that because it is going to be seriously hard to pick out products from their mass quantities.

Enter the giveaway below!
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Kristina Davison says · 10.21.14

The coconut sugar scrub sounds heavenly! Can’t wait to try!

Mireia says · 10.21.14

Woah that coconut scrub sounds heavenly for coconut lovers like me! I wanna try it!


Angela says · 10.21.14

I tried that body cream several years ago. I picked it up at a local boutique. I remember trying it on in the store, going home and thinking I have to have this, it smelled divine. The next day I went out and bought it. Must pick some more up soon. Great giveaway!

Mindy Furr says · 10.21.14

Love the jaqua body butter! I have had trouble finding it though, glad you pointed me in the direction of gloss48

Krista says · 10.21.14

Awesome giveaway! Gloss48 sounds great!

Melissa says · 10.21.14

Oh dear, this could be addictive. 😉

Joyce says · 10.21.14

Love following your blog!

Christi Pike says · 10.21.14

I have purchased from Gloss48! I read about them on your blog a month or so ago and really enjoy checking out their products. Thanks!

Sharyn Busick says · 10.21.14

On a side note, that little cosmetics bag is the cutest ever! Love little goodies like that – makes the whole getting ready process more enjoyable. Great products mentioned here, too.

Kelly says · 10.21.14

Oh boy coconut sugar scrub. . . Sounds like heaven in a jar.

Susan says · 10.22.14


Jill says · 10.22.14

Where is that makeup bag from!?

Kate says · 10.23.14

Gloss48 🙂

Fabiola says · 10.25.14

Great post! Love your blog!

Kate says · 10.26.14

Kate, thanks for the website suggestion. Love the wide variety of brands. The products you tried sound great! Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

Mel J. says · 10.27.14

Would love to try the coconut sugar rub.

Amanda says · 11.12.14

I just got the email that I won, I can’t believe it! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! I hope I can bless some friends this year with gifts from the website for Christmas! Thank you again Kate and Gloss48!