Beauty Chat with The Lauren Elizabeth

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Did you catch last week’s beauty chat with Cara of Maskcara? She’s got me itching for the Glam Glow Mask based on what she said about it!

This week I’ll be chatting with this girl I’ve known for a long time.

Her whole life actually.

We happen to be blood relatives. And pretty close ones at that.


It’s Lauren of Lauren Elizabeth, formerly “From My Grey Desk” formerly “Free Bird Journal”. We both share quite the history with blog names.

Anyway, she’s developed an interest in beauty over the years and happens to have some really great picks! Let’s get right into the good stuff.

1. What is the most loved item in your makeup bag?

At the current moment, I’m really loving the brow powder duo by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I like having a lighter shade for outlining, and a darker shade for filling in my brows. It goes on super smooth, and lasts all day even through heat and humidity! *brow tutorial here!

2. You find a $50 gift card to Sephora on the street, what do you buy?

That’s a tough one! Truthfully, I’d probably pick up a couple of those small samples they have in the checkout line. Those samples always suck me in! I like that they are a small size to I can try out several products and possibly go back for the full-size. I’d probably pick up some sort of face mask, a lip product, and a foundation or finishing powder.

3. What is your go-to hairstyle?

I’m a classic “down and curled” kinda gal. I like to use a 1 inch curling wand for a relaxed and messy look. Those curls are great for second-day hair too!

4. What is your biggest hair regret?

I asked my sister for a trim when I was in high school and she managed to chop my hair way shorter than I wanted it to be so I was mad at her for 8 years.

Kate: IN MY DEFENSE, the “long hair” she had prior to the hair chop she just mentioned was about 27 pieces of frizz and broken ends. They had to go.

5. What is one beauty trend you would love to see die?

You know what I’m not a big fan of? Long, pointed nails. Whether they’re real or fake, they freak me out. They look kind of evil and remind me of Cruella-Deville. Not to mention it has to be nearly impossible to do anything with them.

6. Is there a makeup trick you would like to master?

I’d like to learn how to highlight and contour like a pro. Whenever I try it, it ends up being very subtle because I don’t’ want to be featured on one of those “Pinterest Fails” memes or something. In the before and after photos I’ve seen of contouring and highlighting, it’s really amazing what it can do to your face!

7. Do you like drugstore or high end products?

I believe in a healthy mix. I use drugstore BB cream, mascara, concealer, and some eyeshadows. For foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter, eye liner, and some other eyeshadows, I’ve found high end to be more reliable and work better for my skin.

8. What do you never leave the house without?

Under-eye concealer. It makes such a huge difference, even if I don’t’ put any other makeup on. It helps brighten up my eyes and makes me look less. . .terrible.

9. What is your favorite skin care product?

I’ve been using the Origins Charcoal Masks recently and absolutely love them! My skin is so soft, bright and clean after using one. I try to do one every week or so.

10. What is one hair technique you’d like to master?

Probably some sort of half up braid situation. I’m not the best at braiding, so I think if I could master that, I could surely figure out how to do two braids going back into a half-up hairstyle.

Kate: May I suggest this tutorial, sweet sister of mine?

Well thanks again for the interview Lauren! I gotta try those masks you mentioned. I guess I’m on a bit of a mask kick lately.

Check back next friday for the next interview in the beauty chat series!


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Regina says · 07.25.14

So sweet! Makes me miss my sister…we live in different states as you do. I think I wanna try the mask, too!

Liz @ I Heart Vegetables says · 07.25.14

Hahaha aww this is adorable! And great tips, too!

Angela says · 07.25.14

I will have to try the brow powder, I currently us the brow wiz. I am with you Lauren, I love the Origins mask as well. Last time I was at Sephora I picked up a bite lipstick in cin, cin, I absolutely love there products too. Great interview! You guys have share the same amazing smile!

Alana says · 07.25.14

I wish I had a sister, or a sibling at all. You are blessed. Thank you for the origins charcoal mask tip, I’ll have to try it.

Marisa says · 07.25.14

Love it! Makes me miss my sister too!!

JNJxn says · 07.25.14

Ya’ll are too cute. Love me some sister love!!

Aunt Scary says · 07.25.14

aw so tender! THOSE 27 HAIRS WERE EVERYTHING!!!!

Michelle says · 07.25.14

I know! Her response made me lol!

Ashley says · 07.25.14

Gosh, Kate, you are going to make me go bankrupt with these posts. After reading about Cara and Lauren’s products they recommend I immediately add them to my virtual cart. Eek! Pretty sure it will happen next week too 🙂

Money aside, I LOVE these posts!

Kate says · 07.25.14

Thank you! I’m glad you are enjoying them– I always love hearing what other people’s favorites are!

Lauren says · 07.25.14

Love this, it was so cute!
I’ve always wished that I had a sister.

Kelley T says · 07.25.14

Cuties. <3

Erika says · 07.25.14

Love these posts! I bet I’ve logged 20 hours of time on Maskcara since last week’s post 🙂

Kate says · 07.25.14

Ha! Sounds like me! Love her site!

Laura Jewison says · 07.25.14

Love this post! I agree 100% about the long pointy nails, no even the slightest bit attractive!

Sharyn Busick says · 07.26.14

Hey Kate! I recently discovered your blog and am loving it! It was also a pleasure to learn you are just down the road (I’m in High Point). Thank you for taking this opportunity to boldly share your faith – it is so refreshing. I stumbled upon your sister’s post regarding the meaning behind her tattoos and it brought tears to my eyes. You ladies are such a delight. Keep up the great work! 🙂

Christina says · 07.26.14

Kate- Are you going to post your own answers to this beauty chat?

Holly Zdolyny says · 07.26.14

I love posts like this! More please! Your sister is so sweet 🙂 x

Deanna says · 07.29.14

LOVE Lauren’s hair dark! I had to laugh at the “27 pieces of fuzz” – I got in more trouble when I started doing hair when people said “just cut off the dead ends”- um…

PS – the glam glow mask?? TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

Stella@World Organic says · 07.30.14

Awww!! Sucha a cute experience. Its the only thing i miss in my life. I don’t have sister 🙁

deirdre says · 08.01.14

Hey Kate, I just tried to go to your sister’s blog, and it was blocked! I got an alert that it has a virus. Can you let her know?

anne says · 08.10.14

I love all your hairstyles…..but your tutorials won’t play on my phone or my computer….did you take them down?