Braided Hair Tutorial + a celebration of Beauty Makers

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Even though I’m no longer working behind the chair, I still love the beauty industry and am always seeking inspiration from my hair stylist peers.

Regency Beauty Instutite and Refinery 29 invited me to be a part of their #ShareBeautyContest campaign. They are sharing 5 summer beauty trends, and I was asked to focus on textured hair for the second week of the campaign. The winner of the contest will receive a $2000.00 VIP beauty treatment courtesy of Refinery 29 and Regency Beauty Institute. (official t&c’s here)

So how do you enter the contest? Post a photo of yourself on Instagram showing your take on the trends covered over the weeks and make sure you use #sharebeautycontest in your post! Tag me in any photos you take after trying out the braid tutorial from the video below! I’ll pick a few of my favorites and share them on my Instagram page!

Regency made a really cute video about a girl traveling the world, doing people’s hair as she went. It’s worth a watch.

It was fun to be able to share a bit about my beauty story (which you’ll hear in the video below) and also teach a new braided tutorial!





Thank you to Regency Beauty Institute for sponsoring today’s post.


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Angela says · 07.15.14

This looks so sweet. I can’t wait to try this on myself and my two little girls.

Ashley M. says · 07.15.14

If my hair was as fine as fine could be, I would probably wear this braid all summer long. I would do anything for more texture! (The more product I use, the nastier my hair looks!)

I love doing your tutorials on my 5 year olds hair, if only she’d stay still all day so they lasted longer than 20 min 😉

Kacia says · 07.15.14

i love this video– it’s seriously so fun hearing about how much you just LOVE make up and hair, because you are so gifted at sharing and teaching others.

Annnnnnd I need to go nab some of that texture spray!

Andrea Lynne says · 07.15.14

I really like this hair style! It’s great for anyone and even works for shorter hair too. Thanks for the tutorial!

Theresa @ AMomInTheMaking says · 07.15.14

That is a really pretty hairstyle. I like how it take a traditional braided look, but makes it trendy.

Nic says · 07.15.14

thank you for your sharing! very nice and easy hair style!
x Nic

Ashley says · 07.15.14

This is so awesome!! I will try to recreate this and share the tutorial on my blog. Thanks Kate!

Shambray says · 07.15.14

I love this hairstyle. Now I need to see if I can do it to myself…I am not the best at that!

taiya says · 07.15.14

I love your site and wish you were still “behind the chair” 🙂 Would you be able to recommend a good salon to visit in the Raleigh area? I have just moved here and am a bit nervous about finding a new hairstylist in this new city.

Thank you!

Tara says · 07.15.14

Love! I wear my hair like this all the time!
Love, Bess

Shannon says · 07.15.14

Love how easy this looks! I’m the queen of braids and have been getting better with french braiding my own hair, but that can be sooo time consuming with my long, thick, curly hair (my arms get so tired)! I do a similar style like this but with twists, so I’m excited to try this next time! Anything to keep my hair out of my face! Thank you Kate! 🙂

Jessica Hansen says · 07.15.14

I’m definitely going to give this a try! I love your tutorials!! You literally transformed my hair when it was short! Now that I’ve finally grown it out, your video makes me want to chop it off again!! 🙂 Thanks for posting such cute stuff!!
<3 Jessica

Anastasia B. says · 07.18.14

Hey Jessica,
i would love to start following your blog, but there is no sign up box 🙁 Would you be so kind as to tell me how i can follow you?
Best of luck with your new blog! 🙂

Jessica Hansen says · 07.21.14

Hi Anastasia! Sorry, the blog layout is a bit confusing at the moment. I’m in the middle of a new design! If you scroll to the bottom, there’s a box to follow via email 🙂 Hope that helps!! Stay tuned for a new look soon 😉 Thanks Girl! <3 Jessica

Holly McLoughlin says · 07.15.14

I love the hairstyle, I’ll definitely be trying it x

Janie Lynn @ My Over-all Apron says · 07.15.14

beautiful! I love braids, especially this one. Thanks for posting, Kate. Love your blog!

From your whole foody!
Janie Lynn – recent post: DAIRY-FREE VANILLA PUDDING

Erica Thompson says · 07.15.14

How pretty! My hair is finally at the point where I can do pretty things like this. I will be trying ti soon!

So Much Sunshine

Rachel says · 07.15.14

Yay! So glad I can see your posts again! I assumed you weren’t on a break but was very sad I wasn’t able to see anything. Super pretty hairstyle! I just chopped my hair completely short so this might have to wait!

Rachael says · 07.15.14

Such a cute hairstyle! Alittle bohemian and I like that type of style for summer. Thanks for sharing!

Abby says · 07.15.14

This is such a beautiful and elegant style. I’m definitely going to give it a try. 🙂

xo Always, Abby

Ruth Freese says · 07.16.14

beauftful style!!

There it is a low price for celine

Jemma says · 07.16.14

Gorgeous hairstyle! I just cut my hair to a shorter length so this will look great!

Lauren says · 07.16.14

Love this – I am trying it today!

Jodi Tivey says · 07.16.14

LOVED THIS! Love your love and enthusiasm!! I am 43, almost 44, and have just started within the last year to care about and play with my hair. {Skinnymeg31 on IG inspired me!!} And then I found your blog…and for this ole ma who is VERY hair illiterate, your tutorials teach me so much and now between you and Megan I am starting to ask my awesome beautician questions and she is so supportive and helping me. I work in a glass shop, so my hair is in a ponytail 99% of the time!! Thanks for helping this ole ma get out of her funk every now and then…I even joined this challenge and did my best! It’s not perfect but I tried and love it anyway!! THANK YOU!

Daniëlle says · 07.22.14

You are so enthusiastic!
My hair is a mess, it’s at a length now where I seriously can’t work with, so these braids will come in handy.

Lillian Gimmelli says · 08.31.14

Hi Kate, Wanted to ask you something about hair since you are the expert and have a great knowledge. My hair is thinning out. I have always had thick hair but I am seeing that when I wash my hair or brush it lots of hair comes out. What product can you recommend that would help me from losing too much more hair? Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Ericka says · 12.19.14

Love all your hair tutorials! Especially because they work for shorter hair where a lot of bloggers only focus on longer hair. Love this hair style and it is great because it can be dressed up or worn casually! Please do more tutorials!