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If you’ve never see a Hair Q&A video before, I put out a call for questions on the Facebook page and try to grab the most universally interesting questions to as many women as possible. This months theme seemed to be about frizz! I gave as thorough as an answer as I could about that question!

1. (01:46) How can I combat frizz? (I try to cover as many hair textures + issues as possible!) *Boar bristle brush

2. (07:11) How can I styleย the baby hair/regrowth around my hairline?

3. (10:20) How to battle greasy roots!

4. (12:17) How do I get my hair to grow faster, and what do I do about my dry damaged ends?

5. (14:45) I don’t want to heat style my hair, what can I do?

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Annan says · 07.14.14

Hi Kate!
Just wanted to tell how much I ADORE your blog! My BFF told me about you a few months ago and I have read {almost} every single post! You are down-to-earth, sweet, funny and sooo beautiful! Please keep all the great posts coming!
<3 Anna

Eva-Karin says · 07.14.14

I have the craziest post partem hair loss and now “fringe.” It forms a 2 inch long ring around my head, I constantly look shaggy!

Olivia says · 07.14.14

Thanks so much for this kate. I’m glad your doing these again!! Your viedos are my favorite.

Melissa says · 07.14.14

Your hair is looking particularly fantastic. Very shiny and healthy looking. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sabrina says · 07.14.14

Thanks so much! I need help with my sometime greasy roots and nothing has worked yet.

Rachael says · 07.14.14

Love your videos! Oh the battle of the frizz is never ending ๐Ÿ™‚

Christina says · 07.14.14

Thank you for all of these product tips!! I keep seeing ads online, that you can request free samples of the Honest Co. line, so I think I need to act on that … Also like how you included some bloopers at the end ๐Ÿ™‚

Christina says · 07.14.14

Aaaannnd….. that last comment from me was for another video you posted that showed up in YouTube for baby product reviews… whoops, how embarrassing :p

Kate says · 07.14.14

I died I was like WHAT BLOOPERS. lol!

Christina says · 07.14.14 Reply
Adriele says · 07.14.14

Random non-hiar related question! What blush are you wearing? The peachy color is so stink in’ cute on you!

Christina says · 07.14.14

I seriously laughed out loud three times while watching this! “What are those called?… Tentacles?” As always your video was super helpful and I plan on trying a serum.

Sam M says · 07.14.14

I got a trim last week and I’ve still been struggling with frizz! Going to try some of your tips to tame it again tomorrow.

Shannon says · 07.14.14

Awesome Q&A video, Kate. Thanks for the tips!

Sarah Gale says · 07.14.14

Hi Kate,

Recently found your blog via YouTube. Thanks for all the hair tutorials! I’ve set a personal challenge to do a different updo for 4 weeks as I grow out a rather ugly dye job (diyfail). Day4 so far and I look forward to my nightly education in preparation for the next day’s hairstyle. Love your no nonsense style. Thanks again for the gift of knowledge.

Kind Regards,
Sarah Gale

Nicole says · 07.14.14

Love this! Great explanations!

Janie Lynn @ My Over-all Apron says · 07.14.14

What a great idea and, as a bonus, these are all of my hair q’s I’ve never received an answer for. I can’t wait to watch the videos!

Thanks for posting since you’ve also helped me think of a blog post – common q’s on cooking, both healthy/paleo/trim healthy mama and not! If anyone has a question, please leave it in a comment on my blog. Thanks in advance!

From your whole food-y!
Janie Lynn – recent post: DAIRY-FREE VANILLA PUDDING

Amy says · 07.15.14

I have a hair appointment this weekend and I am having a heck of a time trying to decide what color(s) I should go with. I really love the fun purples, pinks, etc. that are out there but I have to remind myself….Amy you are 44! That is not appropriate!!!!! So, as I get my head out of the colored clouds I would like something that is fun but not inappropriate. I have very pale skin and my natural hair color is a dull, drab, brown. I have gone super light in the past but I feel that really makes me look like a ghost.

When have a hair appointment I usually just tell my stylist “do what you think will look good”, which usually winds up being a chocolate brown and red. I am tired of this but I can’t seem to find anything that appeals to me.

Any suggestions that you have would be greatly appreciated!

Have a HAPPY day!

Liz says · 07.16.14

Hey I recently had my hair cut and thinned out and I think she over thinned it and now I have major frizz which I had before but now I feel like nothing will help. But my question is what to think about getting hair thinned out my hair was super think but now I think it was a bad idea….

Caitlin S. says · 07.17.14

Ahh thank you so much for the answer about the postpartum baby hairs! I had really long hair before and while I was pregnant, but it all started falling out when my daughter was about 3 months, so I opted for a shorter haircut to make it look thicker. Now I’ve got crazy hairs everywhere that it seems like even hairspray wasn’t necessarily holding in place. Definitely going to try the toothbrush trick! It seems like all mine are right along my part too, so it’s so noticeable and drives me nuts.

brooke says · 07.20.14

Hi Kate! I left a comment in your March Q and A but didn’t think you would get it. My name’s Brooke and I am 15 years old. Everyday I wear a pony tail to school becAuse my hair does not style good AT ALL! My hair is very thick about the same length as yours but has no style to it. I’ve been watching all your tutorials on how to curl hair and when I try my hair never turns out like yours. Either it goes flat in seconds or won’t even turn out to curl like yours. So I was just wondering if you had any tips on what I could be doing to my hair to help it have more volume and stabilzation. I’m not quite sure about what products I should or should not use. Also I notice that your hair stands strait up when you barely do one tease my hair won’t do that at all. My hair is so annoying but I would love to be able to do something different with it. So please reply thank you!!!:)

website says · 09.06.14

Great tips! Everyone needs to have their hair styling tricks and tools to avoid “bad hair days.” I have been reading your blogs esp your tutorials and tip-sharing because they all come in handy at one point. Thanks!

Thomasfals says · 01.13.15