style inspiration: white denim



white denim

Brunch: striped blazer, tank, heels, bag

Saturday: top, watch, ring, shoes

Casual + Cute: stripe top, sandals, necklace, earrings

First of all, let the records show that I know I used this shirt in the lace shorts post from last month. I actually didn’t realize it until I was nearly finished creating the image you see above and I thought to myself, “well that makes it even more realistic because I’m showing how to wear the same item with a different outfit.”

Also it happens to be on sale, so that was an extra plus.

Let the records also show that I’m featuring white denim. This coming from the girl with so much extra junk in her trunk that she never thought she would wear anything white on the bottom. Well I bought some the other day, at Gap, and have quite enjoyed wearing them.

But here’s the thing. White pants, specifically denim, are kind of everywhere right now. I like anything white (or grey) and sometimes I don’t really care if my rear looks extra large. I mean, is there all that much difference between large and extra large*? I didn’t think so.

So, for the Saturday outfit selection, I’d suggest cuffing the denim a little bit. It’s a simple way to “soften” your outfit for a more casual look. It says, “I’m just running errands and looking adorable at the same time”, you know?

I made a conscious decision to NOT add a “chambray shirt” option because that seems like an obvious one. Search “white denim” on Pinterest and you’ll find 4,000 women wearing white denim with chambray. I like the look, but since it’s a little over done right now, I tried to come up with some different options!

Let me take a moment and point out the earrings for the Casual + Cute selection. I discovered the online shop Moorea Seal thanks to Kacia’s pinterest page and I now browse the items on a weekly basis. If you like simple and delicate jewelry, you must check it out. A lot of the prices are fantastic as well. Those earrings are only $12.00! AND Moorea Seal is offering free shipping for the month of July with code “Birthday”. This is not a sponsored post, I just have to tell you to go check it out!

My sweet mom bought me a Kate Spade bag from one of the Surprise Sale’s for my birthday last month, so that last thing I need is another one. But IF I was in the market for one, I’d definitely aim for that beauty in the Brunch ensemble

Alright, get to work on adding some white denim to your wardrobe for what remains of summer. If you are a rule follower, you have until Labor Day to wear those bad boys out.

*I hope you read my light-hearted self-depricating jokes as they are intended: for humor! I mean, it’s all true, but I’m totally okay with it.


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Fashionista in the Oven says · 07.24.14 Reply
Sabrina says · 07.24.14

I wish I could wear white, but I can’t. Not due to size or anything, but because I’m a mess! Seriously, I wore a white shirt last week for a fun day out and midway through I had some sort of stain all over my backside. That was impressive because normally the stains end up on my front side!

Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort says · 07.24.14

“I’m just running errands and looking adorable at the same time”, you know?” Favorite line. And not a bad goal for life! 🙂

Aunt Scary says · 07.24.14


Catherine R. says · 07.24.14

I have been looking for some great white jeans. I will have to head over to the GAP this weekend. Also, I think your self-deprecating jokes are funny because they remind me of mine and I think mine are hysterical 🙂

Kate says · 07.24.14

I’m sure yours ARE hysterical!

Melanie says · 07.24.14

I adore you! I so appreciate that you have such a beautiful balance between humor/reality and “beauty.” I think that is part of what makes you, and your blog, so appealing to readers everywhere. We all can identify with those types of feelings/thoughts and it makes you so relatable. You totally make my day. In addition, I love that the outfits you put together are always so doable… they’re not pretentious, over-the-top done up, or trying TOO hard. They’re the perfect amount of adorable and put together, without coming across as arrogant or impractical. Love it!

Mexican mint says · 07.29.14

I love white denim. Beautiful combination!

Christina Storm says · 07.24.14

Great styling!

The Style Storm
<3, Christina

Kelly says · 07.24.14

Moorea Seal is a childhood friend of my cousins! Crazy!

Samantha Lovier says · 07.24.14

Kate, I love these posts! As a new mom myself (my little guy was born a few days after yours!) I’m looking to update my wardrobe to be more casual mom-ish (without being mom-ish, if that makes sense!) & this collection fits great! Gonna buy some white denim this weekend!

Kelly says · 07.24.14

I love the idea of white slacks or jeans, but every pair I’ve ever tried on seems slightly sheer and rather clingy, and I am also a tad self conscious about my largish bottom half, so I never felt comfortable in them. I look forward to trying out the pair featured in this post. Maybe they will work for me too. 🙂 By the way, inspired by the white lace shorts post, I bought a white lace skirt on clearance at h & m. I wasn’t quite brave enough for the shorts, but I’m excited to wear the skirt.

Kate says · 07.24.14

I’ve found Gap’s to be thicker than some from Target, I think it’s just a quality versus price thing. Try gap!

Jessica Hansen says · 07.24.14

Always a great read, but this one had me laughing today 😀 Love the “cuff” tip!!

Stephanie says · 07.24.14

Haha!! Love this post! You’re too funny Kate!
I would love to see a pic of you in one of these outfits! Missing those outfit inspiration posts of you in the outfit! However I totally understand, I know its tough with a baby and all to find time to take pics.

Ginger Hudson says · 07.26.14

I was thinking the same thing! Love your blog girl.

Bethany says · 07.24.14

So cute!!! And yes I agree, was going to say too that I’d love to see you in one of the outfits! Maybe even a quick Instagram mirror selfie? :p

Allison says · 07.24.14

I love my white jeans. Thanks for sharing some styling tips!
Allison over at Allison’s Eye

Becky says · 07.24.14

I love the blazer paired with those jeans – great that it can be casual or dressed up!

Tara says · 07.24.14

Love the Baseball Tee!
Love, Bess

Lauren says · 07.24.14

Perfect timing! I just bought my first pair of white denim cut offs from the Loft this weekend. So excited to use your ideas!! Thx!

Jessi says · 07.24.14

I absolutely love the Saturday casual outfit idea with the denim jeans! Super cute idea!

Mahsa (the Crushworthy) says · 07.24.14

Oh I love the white hot look of white denim, but I’m always so nervous to try it! I feel like you have to be in really, really good shape to pull it off but maybe will take some baby steps with a longer tunic over top.

Jordan O'Brien says · 07.24.14

Your humor is spot on, girlfriend! Love that you spiced up the typical chambray shirt and white look… Because I have a hard time thinking outside of that box.

Megan says · 07.24.14

I thought the same thing about white and my larger booty and thighs. I was out to dinner tonight with a friend and she was wearing white pants and looked so cute. I think I might look for some tomorrow on my day off! I feel a shopping spree coming on!

Kristin O says · 07.24.14

I would need a coating of non stick on my white jeans because I have two boys and I am their human napkin. 🙂

Julie says · 07.25.14

I love your style Kate. Truth be told though, I kinda miss your old stuff when you would post about great stuff you’d find at Target! Of course we can all find great stuff at the Loft and J. Crew but those stores can be so pricey! You were my one and only “Real Life” fashion guru…the person where I could see something amazing on you and actually afford to go get it in hopes to look just as great! I miss those days!! Maybe it’s just poor little old me that thinks this way, but I can find style inspiration on a larger budget from just about anyone…

Kate says · 07.25.14

I just haven’t really found anything at Target that I’ve liked lately! Maybe this fall I find some stuff!

Sarah says · 07.25.14

A couple of the tops she posted are 40% off sale prices at j.crew, making them less than $20. It’s hard to beat that, even at target!

Michaela says · 07.25.14

How cute are these outfits! I especially love the brunch outfit.

Hailey says · 07.25.14

I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of white jeans and came across a pair last week.
Thanks for the tips on how to wear them!

suggested Divorce Lawyer Dallas Engle Law Group says · 07.26.14

I think that people should start treating white denim the same way they treat their blue jeans. “It’s very chic to wear white, day or night.

Carolyn says · 07.26.14

Love my white jeans, but I could use a better fit!
Carolyn | BLOG

Whitney Allen says · 07.27.14

I love these inspiration style posts. I am also a first time mom so I don’t find it practical to get as dressed up as I used to, especially on weekends. To like how all of your outfits are also comfortable and modest I think itnwould be really cool to see a post in the fall that shows cute mix and match outfits ideas for moms that are practical. Some things you can comfortably run around town in and not look like a total slob Just a thought. Love your blog, especially on Wednesdays! 🙂

Amy Rambo says · 07.29.14

Uh oh… just checked out Mooreaseal and this could be really dangerous. Thanks for yet another awesome website and some great ideas for white denim.

Rosanna - émoi émoi says · 07.31.14

These are all such great ideas!