A Kitchen Shower

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On Saturday I helped host a bridal shower for my dear friend Allyson. She and I met a few years ago and I am so glad to call her a close friend! 

She’s a bit of a foodie, and had always wanted to go to Chicago, so we took a trip together last year. 

In March.

And it was shockingly not absolutely freezing. 

Anyway, she’s getting married and I had the honor of co-hosting a bridal shower for her!

Let’s begin with the food, shall we? 

We had egg white quiches, french toast casserole, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit and delicious muffins. For dessert, we kept it simple with cookies and chocolate covered strawberries.

 photo shower18.jpg
The theme was “kitchen” since she loves to cook. I found the coolest idea for a flower arrangement on Pinterest and asked my mom to recreate it.
 photo shower10.jpg

 photo shower13.jpg

 photo shower12.jpg

 photo shower11.jpg 
ornaments from ikea
I found the cutest customizable banner from this shop on Etsy. Amanda was wonderful to work with and I’d highly recommend her! The tissue garland is from the Flair Exchange, also on Etsy, and I really think these gave the whole decor a completed look. The were very easy to make and she has a great range of colors in her shop! 

 photo shower4.jpg

 photo shower11.jpg

 photo shower9.jpg

 photo shower8.jpg

 photo shower7.jpg

For the favors, I saw little bars of bath salts on Pinterest, but since it was a kitchen shower I decided to make vanilla-infused sugar. All you need to do it place 2 vanilla beans (sliced with seeds removed) in a jar of sugar. It takes about two weeks for the flavor to develop. I stirred the sugar every few days too. Then, place in tiny jars (from hobby lobby) and place a tiny cut bean inside to make sure the vanilla continues to add the flavoring! 

I really enjoyed making these and hope the guests have found a fun use for it. Personally, I like adding it to my morning coffee.

 photo shower6.jpg

I created a little He Said, She Said game for guests to do during the time Allyson was opening gifts.

 photo shower5.jpg

Fatty Sunday’s, the creator of the cutest and most delicious dipped pretzels, was kind enough to provide favors for the guests as well! Secretly I was hoping no one would take them so I could indulge in each flavor myself, but that didn’t happen. 

 photo shower1.jpg

The shower was really fun to prep for and the wonderful company on Saturday made it even better!


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sialsiquiero says · 03.03.14 Reply
Megan McClen says · 03.03.14

I LOVE that Kitchenaid flower arrangement. I didn’t even notice it was in a mixer until the second picture, what an adorable idea.

Lindsey Lorraine says · 03.03.14

Me too! What a creatively awesome idea!

Kristin Wynegar says · 03.03.14

This looks gorgeous. That food and those flowers- perfect!
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JAK says · 03.03.14

I’d love to pin this. I wish there was a pin button at the bottom πŸ™‚

Kate says · 03.03.14

Coming soon πŸ™‚ but you know you can install a pin it button on your toolbar right?

Lindsey Lorraine says · 03.03.14

This comment has been removed by the author.

Jenni says · 03.03.14

Super cute shower!! Love all the creative ideas!

PS- Where did the grey chair in the last picture come from? I need it for my house!!! =)

Kate says · 03.03.14

Ikea πŸ™‚

Lauren Wickersheim says · 03.03.14

I have that tablecloth and napkins! Beautiful shower. I love being a shower hostess!

Christina Storm says · 03.03.14


The Style Storm
<3, Christina

emma bircher says · 03.03.14

love the flower arrangement, kate!!!! so cute!

Marie-Pier Labrecque says · 03.03.14

I just fell in love with the flower arrangement, it is so a great idea! Looks like you had a great time – and delicious food!


MakeMeUpMia says · 03.03.14

Such beautiful decor, I love it!! Those pretzels look so good πŸ™‚

Jessica Elizabeth says · 03.03.14

I love the idea of the vanilla sugar! For Valentine’s Day I made some sugar hearts (like sugar cubes) for my coworkers. You mix 1/2 tsp. of water with granulated sugar and press it into little heart candy molds. They were so cute!

christine louise says · 03.03.14

Love all the details, especially the kitchenaid flower arrangement! So clever.

kristinwithani says · 03.03.14

What a fun shower!

I remember meeting Allyson at the blogger meet up at Benelux. Would you encourage her to resume blogging? I loved her blog.

Theresa says · 03.03.14

I love the little heart ornaments… did you buy those on etsy as well? What a beautiful shower!

Alexandria says · 03.03.14

Everything is so beautiful Kate!
Could you please (please!) let us know what color paint that is on your walls? Love it!

Lifeonephoto says · 03.03.14

Oh, this gave me so many great ideas. Even down to the strawberries. I think the flavored sugar was a great idea and loved the little jars! Love the kitchen theme! Great job.


Pamela says · 03.03.14

What a great idea for a shower!! Everything looks so cute!

Anna Belle says · 03.03.14

I love the bouquet in the mixer! What a cute idea. Plus, how adorable is your yellow mixer?

Karlyn Beth says · 03.03.14

Wow, you did an amazing job on this shower! It turned out great. Love all the decor!


Little Lady in the South says · 03.03.14

I absolutely love this! Such a cute shower and you decorated beautifully!


SMM says · 03.03.14

This shower is absolutely stunning. The powers of pintrest i tell ya. This gave me some pretty good inspirations for my sister’s baby shower !! Thank you for sharing


Andrea V at {5 under 8} says · 03.03.14

Funny!! I know Cas and I know Scott. Two world’s colliding. I’m so happy for them… he is a great guy and Allyson seems lovely!

leschaef says · 03.03.14

Oh I love Ms. Allyson! So nice to see such a beautiful shower for a sweet friend! What a lucky gal she is!!

Amanda @ Marry Mint says · 03.03.14

Party planner for hire??! I love the centerpiece and the bath salts favors. So clever and thank goodness for Pinterest!

Emily [Louisiana Bride] says · 03.03.14

This is just darling!

The Mommy-Files says · 03.03.14

What a cute idea! Looks like she had a great time!!!

Abby says · 03.03.14

The decor is SO sweet! I especially love the flowers in the mixer… what a cute idea! I’m definitely going to use that at a future party.

xo Always, Abby

allkindsofmiles.com says · 03.04.14

My high school English teacher is famous! My sister will be at the wedding in a few short weeks, and we were just talking this weekend about how stunning Allyson is going to look!

Monkey says · 07.10.14

I thhguot finding this would be so arduous but it’s a breeze!

Ashley says · 07.21.14

This is way more helpful than annithyg else I’ve looked at.

Leanne says · 03.04.14

Love your ideas. I’m co-hosting a shower in 2 months – also kitchen theme. I already have answers for the he said, she said. Love your cute game you made – are you willing to share it so readers can enter their own questions and answers but use your template? Thanks so much.

atlulusworld says · 03.04.14

Love your ideas! Thanks <3

One Dollar Milkshake says · 03.04.14

Hi there^^,
Gosh, it looks so supercute !!! Hope she´s having a great wedding!
Have a lovely day

Vanya Pavlides says · 03.04.14

Her outfit is so fab! Check out my equally chic bracelet: http://www.lavenue.com/cooee/nut-cuff-bracelet-5mm/1534

Tammy says · 03.04.14

Those chocolate covered strawberries look amazing !!

Hoang Huy says · 03.04.14

Great. With a cute space as such, it must work in the kitchen is a joy. Thank you very much sharing.
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Mitchypoo says · 03.05.14

Very cool flower arrangement! I love your garland too.

Jennifer Flynn says · 03.05.14

I love the vanilla sugar idea and the way the chocolate covered strawberries were done. Beautiful shower! Pinterest worthy for sure πŸ˜‰

Lilly Corbin says · 03.05.14

This is awesome! Love your creativity!!

heatherbhodge says · 03.06.14

So cute! Both Allyson and all the decor!

Alaina Burleson says · 03.10.14

Kate, this is amazing!! I love everything, especially that stand mixer. Do you know what the color name is? There are two different yellows on the website and I’m not sure which one is correct. I’m getting married in June and I can’t wait to start having showers! This post is so great! Thanks for sharing with us πŸ™‚

Sanjay Dutt says · 03.20.14

cool….its great..
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Batenberg says · 07.21.14

Now we know who the sesnbile one is here. Great post!

baby hazel says · 07.19.17

I love that Kitchenaid flower arrangement.