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Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow Stick in Pearly BeigeMac eyeshadow in BrunMac Prolongwear liner in BlackL’oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara

I typically stick to neutral eyeshadows that lean on the “cool” end of the spectrum. I find that they flatter my eye color and skin tone better.

But once in awhile I’ll find a bronze that isn’t too warm that works beautifully with existing shadows that I have. 

The Aqua shadow stick goes on like a dream. I simply run it over my eyelid like I would if I were using a crayon to color on paper. Then, I use my finger to smudge it out and blend it in evenly. If I need more pigment, I’ll color right over it. 

I love how quick it is and I also love that there is no fall out. Sometimes with shimmery eyeshadow I find flecks of shimmer on my cheeks, but with this shadow stick, that never happens. 

I put a little Brun, by Mac, on the outer corners for some depth. Then I lined my lash line and applied mascara. It’s a really simple eye look, but it’s a bit more glamorous since it’s shimmery. 

It works beautifully along the lower lash line as well. It gives my eyes a little depth without dragging them down with liner that is too dark. 

If you want to change up your makeup a bit, but don’t want to invest in a bunch of new colors, try adding a eyeshadow pencil like this one. It’s a beautiful base and any shadow you build on it will look a little different and new.

Are you a shimmery or matte eyeshadow wear-er? 


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thebrowsingbrunette says · 01.15.14

Both! I use both to create a beautiful eye with depth and warmth

Leslie says · 01.15.14

How do you think the butterfly mascara compares to the covergirl you usually wore? Do you think it is any better, worse, same?

Stephanie M says · 01.15.14

I always wear shimmery eyeshadow…for some reason matte doesn’t work as well for me. I would love to try that pencil…it looks great on you! Also, I’m obsessed with the Voluminous Butterfly mascara!!

Kellie says · 01.15.14

I love that shimmer on you! I tend to be a shimmer girl…my fav is Mac Woodwinked right now. This looks like something different and fun to try though! Also, do you take all your photos yourself…tripod??? Hope your husband is feeling better!

Tricia says · 01.15.14

I like the shimmer on my eyes, but find that the shimmer ends up all over my face. I hate that. Maybe I need to invest in more expensive eye shadow?

Ashley Cook says · 01.15.14

I’ve never tried sticks but I think they would work better on my eyes. I have smaller eyes and it’s hard for me to get a good shape to them. Or maybe I just need more practice. The colors are beautiful!
Ashley @

Jess Casey says · 01.15.14

I love all of these products! neutral colors are my go to as well. Whenever I try the smokey eye with black, I look like i got punched in the face lol.

Nicole says · 01.15.14

Hey Kate, do you have any suggestions for a basic black eyeliner, preferably a “pencil form” but wears like a liquid liner?

Leann says · 01.15.14

I prefer a little shimmer. And though in the past I have like L’Oreal products I broke down and got the Butterfly Mascara, and WOW, threw out my old stuff!

Jaime Marie says · 01.15.14

The bare minerals high shine eye color in bronze brown is my absolute favorite!

Ashley says · 01.15.14

Love this eye look!! Bronze looks amazing on green/blue eyes!!!

Sincerely Miss Ash

Shannon Gorman says · 01.15.14

I like to have a little shimmer. Matte eye-shadow seems a little too harsh on my fair skin.

Maggie Baker says · 01.15.14

I usually stay away from the shimmery kind because i’m afraid it’ll give my asian eyes less dimension, you know what I mean? like it’ll make my eyes look flatter.
But I do have one question: how do you determine which eye shadows are in the cool tones? I have cool tune like you, but I don’t know how to pick the right colors for me.

M @ The Sequin Notebook says · 01.15.14

Given the choice between shimmer and matte, I’d pick shimmer every time! I recently discovered Laura Mercier’s caviar sticks and I’m completely obsessed – great, buildable coverage in tons of fun shimmery colors. And it’s one of the few shadows that don’t crease on me. I’ve been a fan of Makeup Forever’s other products, so I’m going to need to check out their Aqua Shadow Sticks!

Jacks Lorraine says · 01.15.14

I love shimmery colors – they add a lot of depth and the just feel girly and beautiful <3

Danielle says · 01.15.14

That color looks great on you! πŸ™‚ I know you’ve mentioned the Naked palette before (and I’m sure by now just about everyone has it), but it is my go-to for eye shadow. I love trying the different color combinations.

Anna Sparks says · 01.15.14

Just found your blog and I am really enjoying it! Thanks for all the wonderful tips! And congrats on the new baby!

kristinwithani says · 01.15.14

and now officially added to my Sephora wish list. Thanks!

Emma Walker says · 01.15.14

Loving this eye look

With A City Dream

Mari says · 01.15.14

Shimmer defenitely! I have tried some matte eye shadows as well but it doesn’t seem to look as nice as the shimmery ones. Dunno why πŸ˜€ By the way, you have a really nice blog going! πŸ™‚ The hair tutorials are the best! πŸ™‚

Stefani Wiley says · 01.15.14

How do you like the new butterfly mascara….I have been seeing the commercials and have been contemplating trying it.

Rebecca A. says · 01.15.14

Definitely want to try that eyeshadow stick! I’m a new Naked 2 girl and am loving it so far!

Lauren says · 01.15.14

This is gorgeous! I tend to go for shimmer eye looks myself…I feel like they make me look more awake. πŸ™‚

pretty little things says · 01.15.14

I love those eye shadow sticks!! so simple and easy to use! xo

Hyung Kyu Jang says · 01.15.14

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AngelicAbbie says · 01.16.14

I love this look! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

Julie Nyland says · 01.16.14

So I decided to get the Butterfly mascara after reading this.. and..holy crap, it is awesome! I’ve been using the same brand of mascara for years, thinking that it was the best for me.. well I was so wrong. It gave my little lashes length, volume and curl! I love it! Thanks again for your wonderful blog, keep up the good work, and congrats on the little one. πŸ™‚

Bella Vie says · 01.16.14

You look amazing! I love this look

bimbim says · 01.17.14

This hair is really great. I enjoyed it, bobbing and silky smoothly. Thanks for your sharing.
Yepi 2

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