Hang On 1 Second

And Suddenly, He’s 1 Month Old

Sunday night took an evil twist and my husband was struck down with either a nasty case of food poisoning or some other form of evil masquerading as sickness.

Oddly enough, the situation mirrors this one from a few years ago exactly. In fact, I gave him the lemon juice again and he didn’t vomit again after consuming it. 

To say he’s been pretty bad off would be an understatement.

Needless to say, I’ve been stretched a little thin caring for both my boys so I need a little day off here. 

I’ll be back as soon as things return to normal around here!


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Angela says · 01.14.14

Praying he has a fast recovery and you are able to handle your load today.

Courtney B says · 01.14.14

It’s hard to see your loved ones not feeling well. 🙁 Then having a new born on top of it. You got this! Couple years down the road when you have 2 or 3 children and sicknesses, you will look back to this time and think of how easy it was. (Speaking from experience) but I tell ya, I am the one never gets sick and I think it’s because I’m a hair stylist…I’m immune!

valerie says · 01.14.14

There is a Norovirus going around the country right now. Health officials say that by the time it’s “done” 50% of Americans will have had it. It’s nasty. I had it a few years ago. It comes on fast and lingers for about 24-48 hours. Some say this strain may be worse. I hope for a quick recovery and that you and David stay healthy!

Kate at Green Fashionista says · 01.14.14

So sorry to hear he was so sick. I hope he had food poisoning and not a bad bug that he could re-gift to others.

That lemon juice remedy is golden, and I’ll definitely have to remember that if some force of evilness strikes our household.

Andrea Worley says · 01.14.14

Prayers for your family Kate!! Welcome to the world of Mama taking care of everyone! 🙂

Kathy Bottrell says · 01.14.14

What is the lemon juice remedy?? I am curious 🙂 Praying he feels better and that you don’t get it.

theannabelleblog says · 01.14.14

Hope he is feeling better soon and that no one else gets sick! Thanks for the lemon juice tip – I will be sure to remember that for the future!

kristinwithani says · 01.15.14

Your boys are way more important than your blog. Good choice. Hope he’s feeling better and neither of you got it!

Plum Pretty Sugar says · 01.15.14

We’re sending well wishes your way!



Ashley says · 01.15.14

Wow, this post could not be more timely! I haven’t been sick more than a cold in over 10 years, but I was up sick all night and I can’t keep water down… While wallowing here in my misery on the bathroom floor I figured I would see what was going on in the world of feedly and this popped up first on my must reads list… I will be trying this once I muster up the energy to get off the floor and walk down a flight of stairs… Thanks!

Megan says · 01.16.14

I hope he feels better soon. Thanks for the lemon juice tip. My husband, 13 month old aon, my mom and myself all had the 48 hr stomach bug this past weekend. Hit us out of no where. Hope he has a speedy recovery and hope you’ve getting rest as well.

Whole Health Dork says · 01.19.14

I hope your husband is feeling better! My husband had food poisoning a couple of years ago and it was awful.