Homemade Veggie Pizza

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We’ve entered the season of warm comfort food. Soups, chili, roast beef, etc. And sometimes all that heavy food seems . . . well . . . heavy. (pregnancy has made me smarter)

If you need a lighter dish, that doesn’t skimp on flavor, try this recipe. This appetizer was always around for family get-togethers, but it usually saved it’s appearances for the summertime. I whipped it up last week and thought, “Hey. This could tote’s work year round.” Thus, I’m sharing it with you in this cold day in November.

1 package pillsbury pizza crust (baked as directed on package)
1 package dry hidden valley ranch dressing
2 cups mayo
1 8oz package cream cheese
shredded cheddar cheese to top
chopped veggies of choice (carrots, red onion, broccoli, cauliflower, green or red pepper, etc.)

1. Mix cream cheese, mayo and ranch seasoning together in a bowl.
2. After crust is baked and cooled, spread cream cheese/mayo mixture over the top. 
3. Top with chopped veggies.
4. Sprinkle cheddar cheese over top, chill, and enjoy! 

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It’s fresh, full of flavor, and won’t weigh you down like the winter comfort food can. 



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Danielle Gill says · 11.13.13

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Danielle Gill says · 11.13.13

I make this all the time for parties, except I put the veggies thru the food processor first to get them super tiny. It’s always devoured and I’m always begged for the recipe!

Amy Faulkner says · 11.13.13

My mother makes this for anything where she has to bring a dish. Sometimes she even prints the recipe out on little index cards because people always ask for it.

hkschulte says · 11.13.13

Crazy! I had this for the first time at my niece’s birthday party (I seriously had never heard of it before! My sister-in-law looked at me like I was crazy when I asked what it was!). So excited that you posted the recipe because it was delicious!

Michelle Ash Latham says · 11.13.13

I never though to make a pizza without the toppings cooked & cheese melted, but I think I like the idea! 🙂


Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt says · 11.13.13

This looks so yummy. I love to make home made pizza and they usually turn out much better than the ready made or take away ones :o). Xx


Abigail Hair says · 11.13.13

I’ve tried pizza like this before and it is so delicious,what makes it better is that is fairly healthy!

Jamie says · 11.13.13

This looks so good! On another note, I saw you and your mom at Southpoint last night! I didn’t want to interrupt your evening, but wanted to let you know I love your blog!

Kate says · 11.13.13

You should have said hi!!

V @ X-tremely V says · 11.13.13

I love making veggie pizza at home! And it is always a hit with the whole family 🙂


Ashley says · 11.13.13

This looks so yummy!!! I am going to make this on the weekend 🙂

Sincerely Miss Ash

ash says · 11.13.13

My SIL makes this for get togethers but without the mayo & it is soooo good!

pretty little things says · 11.13.13

I love a good veggie pizza! it makes me feel like I’m being a little healthier (key word, a “little”) xo


Lauren @ You Had Me at Handmade says · 11.13.13

Is this a Chicagoland thing? My family has made a similar pizza for years too. We even make it super lazy style and use the pre-packaged broccoli slaw mix for a majority of the veggies on top. And I usually (gasp) skip the cheddar and the mayo because the ranch cream cheese is just enough creamy/cheesiness for me!

vijay kumar says · 11.13.13

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sarah p says · 11.13.13

That looks yum! Though I have to say, about winter foods weighing you down, there’s actually some benefits biologically to those heavy fall and winter foods. This post was really enlightening: http://180degreehealth.com/2013/09/transitioning-fall/

Thanks for the fun recipe! 🙂

Katie MacDonald says · 11.13.13

this looks so good! it will be a hit with my husband too – perfect for cuddling up under blankets and eating.

jessica rose says · 11.13.13

This looks really yummy…although I am sure my version won’t look quite as pretty!

RS Symphony says · 11.13.13

Your veggie pizza looks great! I think it would be an awesome appetizer or late night snack. Do you prefer the rolled up, cold dough or the normal temperature dough that is already rolled out and formed into a pizza shape? (basically Pillbury vs Boboli type products)

Deva says · 11.13.13

This is my go-to holiday potluck dish because it’s so light but full of flavor!

Katie Silvis says · 11.13.13

I love this dish! I make it using plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream / cream cheese for a lighter dish!

Bella Vie says · 11.13.13

So healthy and looks delicious! Thank you for sharing

little things and elephants says · 11.13.13

I will for sure be making this, it looks soooo good thank you for sharing this!!


Valentina Duracinsky says · 11.13.13

Looks great!

Valentina Duracinsky Blog
Facebook Page

Plum Pretty Sugar says · 11.14.13

Amazing! Thank you for sharing such a treat with us!



Kendall says · 11.14.13

Love your blog! I really wouldn’t consider this a “lighter” dish with two cups of mayonnaise, cream cheese, and a crescent roll crust!

Robyn says · 11.18.13

I always use 16oz of light sour cream instead of mayo. 🙂

Lindsey Maples says · 11.14.13

My family males this but with they lay croissants flat. So the crust is a little sweet.

Emily T says · 11.14.13

Not gonna lie, I thought it said two cups mango instead of mayo. I’m blaming that to my lack of sleep with a teething one year old. Recipe looks yummy though 🙂

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee says · 11.14.13

I love veggie pizza… I’ve never put cheese on top of it though! I’m definitely going to try it that way next time.

blm says · 11.14.13

oh man, i haven’t had this in probably over 10 years. i forgot all about it! i’ll have to whip it up as we get into thanksgiving food coma season. 😉

thebeautysuitcase.com says · 11.14.13

That looks so yummy! I’m trying to eat less meat and this looks like a great alternative 🙂

Anita Finn says · 11.14.13

My mom makes a similar pizza but she uses her salad shooter to shred all the veggies together and then puts the cheese on top and bakes for a few minutes until the cheese is melted. It helps hold everything on the crust but it has always been one of my favorite things 🙂

Kacie Jackson says · 11.14.13

I love making veggie pizza, and have found that it’s a great appetizer to bring to parties. I’ve usually topped mine with broccoli, carrots and cauliflower… but may have to add the red/green peppers the next time. I like them, but not always sure that everyone else does too. Yum!!

Abby says · 11.14.13

Pinned it! I totally love veggie anything so I’m definitely trying this. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

xo Always, Abby

Rebecca D says · 11.15.13

Hey Kate – I love your blog – the messiest of buns is my go-to hairstyle for bad hair moments, and I’ve found so many great make-up/hair products thanks to your recommendations – and a serious addiction to Ulta and Birchbox!!!
But I just wanted to throw my two or three cents out there that this really isn’t a very light recipe…at all. I’m metabolism challenged and a lighter yummy pizza might involve a pita (ie. whole wheat pita) with pizza sauce (Trader Joes has a good version), topped with whatever veggies you like and some shredded cheese of your choice. 🙂
Also…I would highly recommend you try a more ‘from scratch’ version of this recipe with fresh herbs instead of dried seasoning and make a pizza crust from fresh pizza dough(seriously easy!!). Once you get used to truly cooking from scratch, you just can’t go back. 🙂

Kelly King says · 11.15.13

i am going to give this a try this weekend! i have a tube of pills dough just waiting to be used, and this sounds fantastic!!!

Lindsey D says · 11.17.13

This looks great. I am going to try it this week!

Whimsical Allure

Irene Jennings says · 11.18.13

Delicious and vibrant looking pizza. Must have tasted delicious as well.

Irene Olympia Landscape Contractor

Robyn says · 11.18.13

LOVE this recipe! I use a 16 oz container of sour cream instead of mayo.

Jessica Davis says · 11.19.13

Holy cow! This looks so yummy!!

stringingpopcorn.com says · 11.19.13

This looks delicious! Broccoli is amazing on pizza

mozza rellis says · 11.20.13

i make this type pizza every week with my elder brother. it so easy to make easy to serve this looks so spicy!
amazing delicious .this looks great . i love veggieeee piza………..i lovely food….i taste pizz in evey week