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Remember MONTHS ago when my earring hole nearly ripped all the way through? I was so dramatic about it and then I never even followed up and wrote a final blog post about the experience.

Worst Blogger Ever Award.

So, I decided to close this chapter of my life, stitch it up if you will, and tell you the final results.

First of all, if you have no clue what I’m talking about, refer to this post to read what happened.

A quick recap: 

1. decided I couldn’t live with this stretched out hole any longer
3. she sliced a “V” out of the bottom of my ear lobe, and stitched it together
4. had stitches for about a week
5. got stitches removed and had to wait 3 months before repiercing

And this is all that you knew.

So the day had come to re-pierce. I considered going somewhere to have it pierced but decided I’d rather do it myself. I was planning on the method of “hold an apple against the back of your lobe and stick a needle through” when suddenly I remembered that I have an ear piercing history. I used to buy these little contraptions at Sally Beauty Supply and pierce my sister and friends’ ears. I was a professional. Actually I did a pretty terrible job on my sister’s ear. Poor thing. Oh well.

So I ran to Sally’s and bought the tiny thing

I returned home and informed my easily nauseated husband that this was happening. He could barely stand the idea of me doing it myself. I asked him if he wanted to watch, and he gave me a blank stare, quivered, and said ,”uhhhh, no thanks. I’m good.”

So I brought a cup of ice upstairs to the bathroom. I cleaned the earring with alcohol, held a cube of ice to my ear until it was rather numb, and then placed the contraption where I wanted the hole.

I held it half way to make sure it was in the right place, squeezed, and pierced it was. It was absolutely painless (thanks to the ice). I removed the contraption and had a freshly pierced ear. 

::cue angel chorus::


So, I kept the earring that came with the contraption in for a few weeks and cleaned it every night with saline solution. Once it was fairly well healed, I switched to another set of small studs, and I’d say within about 2 months I was wearing normal drop earrings again.

If you look closely, you can see the line from where the surgeon cut my ear. I think it will fade over time, but even if it doesn’t it’s so subtle I’m sure no one would notice.

I refuse to wear heavy earrings because I do not, DO NOT, want to go through this again.

I mean, $500 is enough for 1 ear, am I right? #sayyes

So, if you run into a situation like I was in and are considering surgery to repair it, I’d highly recommend it. It was worth it to me and I’m thankful to be able to wear earrings again. 

I had a great experience with Diehl Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, and would recommend them! 


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Ella Lambert says · 11.12.13

After you posted your girst post about this, I went to my jewelry box and tried on every earring set I had. Anything that was way too heavy I habe away. I definitely did not want to have to spend more than $15 on my ear (that’s how much it cost to pierce them) and now I won’t let my mother in law buy me earrings because she always buys super heavy ones. So thank you for saving my ears ahead of time πŸ™‚

Ella Lambert says · 11.12.13

Yeah, that’s supposed to be “first” not girst…

ddmilner says · 11.12.13

I bought some earrings the other day that didn’t feel heavy to hold but once I put one in my ear I knew…too heavy! They went right back to the store. I am such a wimp and will not wear heavy earrings for just this very reason. I remember when I was a kid back at summer camp and this girl had her earring rip all the way through, ACK!!! Glad you had it fixed,I never knew that that was possible. Your results look great!

Sarah Bryan says · 11.12.13

This happened to me literally a month and a half ago! I called a plastic surgeon fearing it would cost an arm and a leg and they said it would only be $250 for one ear. PRAISE JESUS! I had to wait a week for the stitches to be removed and then only wait a month until they would repierce my ear!

LoriU says · 11.12.13

Are you ears double pierced or is that spot just past where your earring is in the scar from the surgery?

Oh boy….your husband might not do too well watching the baby be delivered if he is easily nauseated! My husband almost passed out during delivery so the second time I just had him sit up by my head. He was pretty useless the entire time!

LoriU says · 11.12.13

Oh PS…love those earrings but I didn’t see them on the site you had listed….boo….

Kate says · 11.12.13

you can request them by sending a convo!

Michelle Ash Latham says · 11.12.13

Looks great!
I’ve never worn heavy earrings — when I was a kid, my piano teacher had split her earlobe from wearing heavy earrings, and she left it split for the longest time before she could get it fixed *shudder*. Needless to say, after seeing that every week, I was pretty careful about what I put in my ears πŸ™‚

Melissa says · 11.12.13

Yay earrings! πŸ™‚ You’re brave doing the piercing yourself. I’ve decided if I ever get my second holes in my ears re-done (they never quite healed the first time and were so sore I finally just let them close up) I’m going to a real piercing shop and getting them done via needle instead of the piercing gun. One of my girlfriends who has a lot of piercings explained the difference to me, and needle sounds soooooo much less painful and less traumatic on the ear tissue.

As for earrings, have you ever checked out Lia Sophia jewelry? I went to a party last weekend and their earrings are so light!!! You might really like them. It would give you a chance to wear statement earrings without the weight.

Rebecca Lately says · 11.12.13

#yes Yay! I hear you on the no-heavy-earrings-thing. My ear piercing holes having stretched or anything, but I don’t like the feeling of heavy earrings.

Ashley says · 11.12.13

This is such a pretty hairstyle and those earrings are gorgeous!!

Sincerely Miss Ash

Mama Sue says · 11.12.13

I think it looks great! I didn’t go back and read your original post because I am like your husband. In fact, I fainted when I had my ears pierced when I was 12. Consequently, I never got double holes because there was no stinking way I could do it again. My daughter is 13 and her holes are closed up and I’m thinking about getting one of those contraptions to re-pierce…is that a good idea?

Valiantly Varnished says · 11.12.13

I’ve used those contraptions before. I got my ears pierced when I was 6 and for some odd reason the holes closed when I was around 13. So my Mom bought one of those things and re-pierced them. My Dad got all queasy too about it! What is with guys and this kind of stuff anyway? And I’m with you on the heavy earrings ban. I used to wear giant clunkers all the time and now I mostly stick with studs or small danglies. I tried wearing some of my old earrings and they just irritated me to no end.

Suzanne S. says · 11.12.13

This actually also happened to a friend of mine. I think it looks great πŸ™‚
Suzanne from written by suzanne

Vicky says · 11.12.13

I too gave away every pair of heavy earrings I had after reading last post about this. It makes me nervous now to wear anything that dangles.

Megan Karabon says · 11.12.13

“Oh well.” Haha. I love your sense of humor. Reminds me of me and my sister. Especially, ESPECIALLY in the Q&A video you did together. I die.

Reply says · 11.12.13

Yikes! Almost makes me not want to ever piece my ears, but if I wear light earrings like you said, I should be good, right? Some day I’ll do it! So sorry you went through this.

Deva says · 11.12.13

It looks really good – great job by your Dr! I don’t wear heavy earrings for that reason, but I love drop earrings so I look for light ones or switch for studs a lot πŸ™‚

Kaeleen says · 11.12.13

I’ve had a similar situation on my right ear as well! When I was younger one day my mom was brushing my hair and somehow my earring got caught in the brush. Yeah. My poor mom felt so bad! lol. I had to stop wearing earrings for a couple years so the tear could heal up. I was way too excited when I was able to get them re- pierced! Sometimes I wear heavy earrings because I’m like “eh, nothing will happen.” But I might reconsider now!! Ha πŸ™‚

Nicki says · 11.12.13

Crazy. That happened to me when I was in the second grade. I only wore studs too. One day I just looked at my ear and the earring was just barely sitting there. Weird!

Night Owl says · 11.13.13

you can bearly see it.
Come see what’s going on.

Abby says · 11.13.13

Oh my I can’t believe you were brave enough to pierce your own ear after going through the whole surgery thing! I think my hands would have been shaking! I’m happy to hear everything went well though… I never wear heavy earrings because I can’t stand how they feel. The pair you have on here are so beautiful!

xo Always, Abby

Michelle Carroll says · 11.13.13

I love my big heavy earrings! I have these small, clear stickers that you place over the hole and it keeps the earring from tugging on the ear. I think I found them at Claire’s when I was getting my baby girl’s ears pierced!

Silicon Valley Sweetheart says · 11.13.13

This comment has been removed by the author.

Kara says · 11.13.13

I went back and read the original post and GOOD GRIEF that was difficult to read!!!! Luckily I have big, round lobes so not too much stretching going on over here. I really wanted my mom to let me pierce my seconds holes when I was like 15 but she wouldn’t let me so I did it myself, also. Except I didn’t use a fancy gun – I used the “shove and wince” maneuver! Glad you’re back in the danglys!

Bella Vie says · 11.13.13

Oh my goodness I feel like that would have hurt so bad! It looks awesome though!!

Katie Knight says · 11.14.13

Welcome back to the dangle earring club!!!! We held a spot for you!!!!

Sarah says · 11.19.13

So I just got the clavicut and I think you should should show how you style your bangs like you do in this post πŸ™‚ That’s seeming to cause an issue when I go to style it… The brushing them forward, using a straightener doesn’t seem to give it the curled back to your ear prettyness you have goin’ on. How do you do that? Or maybe a video post would be helpful!

Megan says · 12.18.20

If you like bigger earrings without the weight, you HAVE to try Nickel and Suede! They’re a KC company that has a huge cult following.