High Five for Friday

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It’s Friday!

This week has straight up flown by. I’ve been traveling like a fool lately so my weeks are filled with catching up. Nonetheless, it’s been a good week so lets take a look at the top 5 things!

1. I caught Gravy attempting to scare Grits the other day. Here is the suspenseful video that shows the dramatic event. 

2. A very kind barista at Starbucks who reads my blog gave me my drink for free. It made my morning!

3. Justin and I had the pleasure of going to dinner with some friends last night at the Angus Barn. If you ain’t from ’round here, that may sound like a country, slightly red neck kinda place. However, the Angus Barn happens to be quite delicious and one of the top restaurants to dine at for a nice occasion. It just has the word “barn” in the title is all. Sort of misleading, but goodness the steak was good. 
4. I had to purchase another bottle of Lucky Lucky Lavender by OPI. I love this nail polish and have been wearing it for weeks. 

5. I’m flitting off to NYC next week to work on a project for the blog (I’ll share more details later). It’s a quick, quick trip but I’m excited to be back in the big cit-tay. Hope Mr. Softee trucks are out and ready for me. (read my recap of our nyc trip here

 I hope you had a nice week! I’ll be back monday with a new hair tutorial! 


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dustyroadblog.com says · 04.05.13

Oh my, is it Friday already!!

I would LOVE to try out the Angus Barn!! If I am ever in that area I won’t forget to go there……I actually raise Angus cattle (and am so NOT a red neck!)
~ Kimberley

Christina says · 04.05.13

My cousin lives in Raleigh and we go to the Angus Barn for special occasions. The food is amazing!

Mandy Ford says · 04.05.13

The music in that video is PERFECT! LOL 🙂 Love watching cats play. Have a fun trip!

Alice in East Washington says · 04.05.13

I so agree, Thank GOD it’s Friday!! Alice @ The Owl’s Skull

Jessica Berard says · 04.05.13

Enjoy New York! I just saw a Mr. Softee truck this week so you should be in luck for some yummy ice cream. But also check out ‘Big Gay Ice Cream’ for more softserve goodnes.

Leigh Ishee says · 04.05.13

Love the video!

Erin Ferraro says · 04.05.13

My cousin got married at the Angus Barn – it was GORGEOUS!

hkschulte says · 04.05.13

Love that you caught that on video! Kitties are hilarious.

Valeska Mengert says · 04.05.13

Thats awesome that the barista at Starbucks recognized you!
Can’t wait to hear about the thing you are working on for the blog!

Making It Sparkle

Aaron and Laura Turner says · 04.05.13

I love the video of Gravy and Grits. My husband and I literally LOLed at the breakfast table this morning. Can’t wait to eat at the Angus Barn, looks delicious. Love your blog. Enjoy your Friday!!!!

Beth Sheridan says · 04.05.13

That video is absolutely hilarious! Love your blog so much 🙂

Lauren says · 04.05.13

gravy is such a little minion!

Lauren Dark says · 04.05.13

If you’re in love with Lucky Lucky Lavender, you should give Do You Lilac It? a try. It’s L.L.L’s first cousin. Rather than being a pinky pastel lavender, it’s a purple pastel lavender. I chose the latter of the two when I went pastel nail polish shopping a few weeks ago, and I too have been sporting the same shade for weeks. Just a little suggestion if you want to change it up slightly but stay with the same general color family! 🙂

Sequin Doll says · 04.05.13

Haha love the dramatic music in the video 🙂 Have a great weekend!


Erin @ His and Hers says · 04.05.13

haha I first of all love your cats’ names and I secondly love the music you put with the video. Our cats did something similar this morning with a cardboard box! Happy weekend!

Ginny Hurst says · 04.05.13

I LOVE lucky luck lavender!

You can see my High Five For Friday here (it’s my first one!):

Kayla Gilbert says · 04.05.13

Loved the video! Too cute! haha!


Grass Skirt says · 04.05.13

I love that OPI polish. I need to get it!

Joanna says · 04.05.13

I lived in Wake Forest for 5 months during a internship for school and we went to the Angus Barn for a work dinner and it was soooo nice, loved it! Very fond memories of my time down there 🙂

Amber King says · 04.05.13

TGIF! Love your High Five, have a great trip.

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Diana says · 04.05.13

That cat video is fabulous!


Mags Pomichowski says · 04.05.13

That’s so awesome that the barista gave you your coffee for free! So fun & sweet! You can see my Friday faves here: http://magsmind22.blogspot.com/2013/04/friday-faves.html


Emily says · 04.05.13

The Angus Barn is where my siblings and I always want to go when my dad visits! Nothing like a fancy dinner treat from the parents!

Aaryn says · 04.05.13

The trucks are out! They stop every night on my street 🙂


Jessica says · 04.05.13

I love that you are a fellow cat lady like myself!

I am not as famous as you, but I went to an Olive Garden last month and somehow got to talking about my job (I work at an animal shelter) and my husband and I had our dinner covered! We were so surprised!

– Jessica


Heather says · 04.05.13

I’m not even a cat person (please don’t hate me) but I love the adventures of Grits and Gravy. They should have their own blog (because you have nothing else to do, right?)

Victoria says · 04.05.13

I LOVE “Mr. Softee” I spent my early childhood in NY and remember all of us running to get a dollar on summer afternoons as soon as we heard “that music” 🙂 Hope you get your icecream, it will be perfect weather 🙂

Jess says · 04.05.13

Nicest barista ever! How sweet 🙂

Some Snapshots Blog

dxeechick says · 04.05.13

hahaha the music on the video is priceless.

Kethan says · 04.05.13

The trucks are definitely out in force. Just had my first of the season last week after row boating and walking through Central Park. I see them often on my way home from work as well! Hope you enjoy your trip to the city. It is supposed to be lovely here next week.

jac jewelry says · 04.06.13

Mr Softee trucks are back! Our favorite is the chocolate dipped vanilla cone – try it if you’ve never had one! I am planning to get one this weekend to start off the season! Have a great trip!

Lisa says · 04.06.13

Did you really go through a whole bottle of nail polish? I have had some for years and never have gotten close to finishing them. Going to buy lucky lucky lavender per your suggestion though, it is so pretty!

Catherine says · 04.06.13

I’ve had some killer meals at the Angus Barn!

Love your blog!

Sweet Like Cinnamon says · 04.07.13

Ooh, you’re NYC blog project sounds interesting – I look forward to that!

Sweet Like Cinnamon Lifestyle Blog

ktUGA2010 says · 04.08.13

Hey Kate! Just a comment from an avid reader and fan who also happens to be an agriculture enthusiast from Georgia..just because a name has the word “”barn”” in it does not constitute it as being “”redneck”” . There are plenty of farmers and ranchers across America that have barns that are not “”redneck””. Just throwing that out there. Thanks!

Everysoul says · 04.08.13

Hi Kate,

I’ve never followed a blog before, I kind of stay away from the internet unless I need something. A few weeks ago I had decided to drastically change my hair! I found your beautiful pictures on pinterest and I found you!!!! I LOVE your blog and your pictures of hair/tutorials are so great! I recently cut off 6 inches from my hair and got my first coloring- well, highlights. You gave me the courage to experiment and I find myself logging in to see what other treats you have listed. I loved to paint as a kid and now that my son is getting older, I have more time for myself and have begun “painting,” again- but with makeup!
It’s really relaxing and I want to thank you for making your blog so relaxing and pretty to look at.
Laura : )

Trisha Joy Carrillo says · 04.09.13

LOL thanks for sharing that video! Too funny!

Foyej Stuart says · 04.29.13

The trucks are definitely out in force. Just had my first of the season last week after row boating and walking through Central Park. I see them often on my way home from work as well! Hope you enjoy your trip to the city. It is supposed to be lovely here next week.

Lone Mountain Truck Leasing