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This has been the first time in my life that I’ve ever worked out on a regular basis for more than a week. It all started when I decided to sign up for the sprint triathlon in October of last year. As soon as I mentioned it to my husband, he jumped on board and we began training. 

I couldn’t even run 1/4 mile. I didn’t know how to properly swim laps. I hadn’t ridden a bike in ages.

I was shooting for the stars you could say.

I started training by running first, as I thought that would take me the longest to prepare for. Eventually I added in swimming and biking, alternating between the three during the week.

Now, many months later, I’ve maintained the variety in my workouts, but pulled back a little bit on the intensity. 

So, the list above shows what my daily workouts look like. Sometimes I change up what I do each day, but that is a general look at what I accomplish weekly.

One of the main reasons that I’ve been able to maintain this workout routine is due to my husbands’ encouragement. He and I go to the gym together every morning, so I can count on him waking me up and holding me accountable to go with him. I’ve really come to enjoy doing it together.

Another factor is finding things I enjoy to do without overdoing it. I tolerate running, but I don’t desire to run everyday. I really enjoy swimming, so I look forward to doing that during the week as well. Biking is probably my least favorite, but a spin class makes it all go by quickly.

I don’t anticipate ever doing a long run, like a half marathon. I chose a triathlon for my goal because it’s 3 different activities all done in short stints. I can wrap my brain around swimming 5 laps, biking 12 miles, and then running 2 miles–but the idea of running 13 miles straight sounds like torture. So, make sure you set goals that motivate you! 

I buy the majority of my workout clothes from TJ Maxx or Target. I don’t like to spend a pile of money on clothes I’m going to sweat in.

If you are looking to start a workout regime, keep these things in mind:

1. A partner is crucial. Accountability is hugely important. Find a friend to go to the gym with you at the same time and even if you go and do different things while you are there, atleast you know someone is counting on you to show up.

2. TRY classes. I was so apprehensive to do classes, but they really are enjoyable and it’s usually a great work out. 

3. Find a schedule that works for you. I never in my life would have thought that getting up at 5:00a would be something I like doing. But I really love the fact that I’m finished with my workout (which typically lasts between 45mins-1hour) by 7am. I come home, make breakfast and watch the news. It’s a lovely morning routine. 

4. Don’t obsess about weight loss. My original goal for doing the triathlon back in the fall was to simply say I did it. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, but I did anyway. It was a pleasant surprise! Since then, my goals have simply been to maintain this healthier lifestyle and if I lose weight, cool. If I don’t, oh well. Health is more important than being “skinny”. 

I’m doing another sprint tri in May, the Ramblin’ Rose triathlon in Raleigh. I’m looking forward to it and am anxious to see how I’ve improved! 

What have you found that is motivating and pushes you during work outs? Do you set goals (like a triathlon) or just try to get into a routine? 


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Everyday Jewels says · 04.04.13

My husband and I have been doing Insanity. I love it because it is scheduled every day so I have a goal to work towards. Also it REALLY helps having my husband work out with me and keep me accountable. It pushes me to work harder! Thanks for these tips!

pretty little things says · 04.04.13

I was just saying I need to revamp my workout routine — thanks for sharing this! xo

Stacey says · 04.04.13

Love this! I’ve been gradually increasing my workouts each week, and one thing I’ve found to help is variety – do something different every other day to change it up. One of my favorite group classes is Zumba – if you haven’t tried it, you’ve got to! I’m probably the most uncoordinated person on the planet, but it is a total blast.

Kate says · 04.04.13

I haven’t tried it but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it!

Brianna says · 04.04.13

My first sprint tri was last year as well- Ramblin’ Rose Rock Hill. I am with you- I love the idea of three short workouts rolled into one race. I don’t like to run long distances, but throw in some swimming and biking and I’m there. I started a small blog to document my progress, as I have committed to the whole Ramblin’ Rose series this year, minus the Raleigh race because I have another event that weekend, also in Raleigh. I live just outside Charlotte. I am sure you are mega busy, but look into Tri It For Life, who just started a chapter in Raleigh to train for Ramblin’ Rose Raleigh. You could mentor next year! This is the program I trained with and it has changed my life! My little attempt at a blog is at

Kate says · 04.04.13

great to know–I’ll look into that!

Reply says · 04.04.13

This is so helpful! I love seeing other people’s workout routines. Recently I have been hooked on Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred – and love it! Thank you!


kmsten says · 04.04.13

i love 3o day shred too! have you tried 6 wk 6 pack from jillian michaels? i might like that one even more & my abs look best they ever have!

Carla says · 04.04.13

This is such and inspiring post! Thank you so much for sharing! I love hot yoga but haven’t gone in a couple of months. I will definitely be making my way back to class next week… I miss it! My problem is that i’m not consistant. I love the idea of a schedule laid out the way you did. So if no one gets sick around here, I may actually get through a full week of work outs! Ok sorry for the rant! Love your blog! xo Carla

Laura says · 04.04.13

Good for you!!! Here’s a fun triathlon sight my daughter and her husband have started as of last year! Hope you enjoy it! Its called

Trishie says · 04.04.13

I did an Ironman in 2009 – one of the best days of my life. Enjoy your tri!

Kate says · 04.04.13

WAY TO GO. I’m very impressed!!

Jill says · 04.04.13

There’s no way I could count on my husband to wake me up in the morning…lol. He is SO not a morning person. I primarily do workout classes, BarreAmped, extreme cardio at BarreAmped (which mixes in tabata), and sometimes I work out to DVDs at home.

Lauren says · 04.04.13

These are really great tips. My husband was the one who started competing in road races, and I didn’t want to be left behind, so I started running as well. Two years later, we just completed our second half marathon and are contemplating running a full later this year! Having a partner really does make a huge difference. Good luck in your next tri!

Fizz and Frosting

Heather says · 04.04.13

Is your brutal leg workout the one from P90X? If not, you should try it sometime (you could skip all of those pesky pull-ups that are in it). It isn’t that hard while you’re doing it, but, I can’t walk for days afterwards. So good.

Blue says · 04.04.13

nice routine 🙂 i have just started working out too. run on alternate days, and meditate on the other days. thinking of incorporating some abs routines as well. anyways, all the best to you 🙂

TP says · 04.04.13

I have found it is super important to have a goal. I signed up for a sprint triathlon on a whim after your post last fall. It was just a few days after you posted. I loved it.
It inspired me and I just finished a half-iron two weekends ago. I’ve always been interested in tri’s, just needed some inspiration. Probably going to go to a full ironman when the kids are in school. It was crazy trying to train with a 2 and 3 year old underfoot.
Thanks for the motivation!!

Amanda Beauchamp says · 04.04.13

Goal: New clothes, this is really a reward though right? 🙂
I usually stick to a set weekly routine for a month to 6 weeks at a time to gain some consistency then switch it up all over again! It keeps me focused and in a rhythm, then right when you start getting bored (and your body is getting used to it) you change it all up. Wish you the best in your upcoming race!

Elisha Kemp says · 04.04.13

Thanks for sharing! I have my first 5k in two and half weeks and this is encouraging for me to see! I love running and am very slowly getting better:)

Jenn D says · 04.04.13

I really want to like running. I only convince myself to go because I love the way I feel afterwards. Thanks for your tips! I think I might try one of the yoga classes at my gym!
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Christina Harms says · 04.04.13

My boyfriend is a personal trainer, so I have a lot of motivation and support automatically. We usually talk once a week about what I’ll be doing so he doesn’t always have to be at the gym with me. The one major thing he really stresses to all of his clients to make sure to get enough protein. I noticed a huge difference in soreness and muscle fatigue when I started taking protein supplements, as in I wasn’t as sore and had more energy.

annikamiller says · 04.04.13

I ran my first half marathon 3 years ago this August. It was a lot of work and A LOT of time. I felt really good after I crossed the finish line knowing that I had completed such a big accomplishment. However, I also realized that finding 3 or more hours at a time to train was not realistic long-term with 2 little ones at home 🙂 SO, I decided recently to try a sprint triathlon. I have been a runner since jr. high and an avid biker for 3 years. But as far as swimming, I’ve only done that recreationally. So I was wondering what you would recommend to get started? Also, I love your blog and just ordered my first “Molly” after reading about it on your blog. Love the bags and the purpose behind them even more!

Beth Sheridan says · 04.04.13

You are so right about finding a schedule that works for you…I so desperately want to be one of those people that wake up early to work out, but I just can’t do it. I don’t enjoy it and I feel miserable the whole time I am working out but if I want until late afternoon, I enjoy myself (as much as I can) and I feel so much better about the entire workout.

So glad you and your husband are so supportive and encouraging for one another 🙂

France41881 says · 04.04.13

Since you work out daily, do you wash your hair each day after the gym? Sometimes I talk myself out of going to the gym because I just washed my hair yesterday and don’t want to wash it again.

Kacie Jackson says · 04.04.13

I have always worked out, and was off and on with calling myself a regular for years. In fact, next year will be my 10-year anniversary with my local YMCA – and I can say that I have probably only gone regularly for maybe 2-3 of those years. Oops! Either way, I finally got back into a routine last spring when the Y started a class that worked your core (CXWORX), since it was a strength training class and knew I needed something else besides cardio. I went to that once a week, along with my usual cardio stuff. Then, at the end of May, a friend had me go to a Zumba class with her. I liked the class, and decided to add to that to my regular workouts. One class a week turned into two, then two turned into three, and then sometimes a fourth – I was hooked! I definnitely noticed a change in my body with everything I was doing, which was my main goal. Weight is weight, but I’d rather have my clothes fit better and look better on me. That was my motivation and got me to love going to class (and the gym, in general). I felt better and enjoyed the classes better than getting on a machine every day.

These days, I go to my core class once a week (sometimes twice, now that it’s being offered again), hit up Zumba two to three times, and play volleyball one night a week. I have a couple 5Ks planned for the summer, so I’ll get back into running here soon – as I don’t get to that very often anymore. Thanks for sharing your routine, and great tips!!

Kerri HollyMuffin says · 04.04.13

I actually love this. I love how you switch it up every single day- I need that. The only problem is that your biggest motivation is my biggest downfall- my husband is extremely small and naturally toned, so he really doesn’t feel the need to work out daily. I’ve tried to push him just to live a healthy lifestyle, but because he’s already so toned and thin, he never feels a real push to do anything. I, on the other hand, have been struggling with my weight my entire life, and having him be so lucky with his body type really brings me down in my efforts. He eats whatever he wants and doesn’t work out, and when I try, he provides me with almost zero support. I have no idea how to change it, or how to find my own motivation without him (especially since we spend any non-work time together with our kids). Just another healthy lifestyle challenge haha!

ehomaha says · 04.04.13

How awesome – great for you! I’m definitely going to be using this schedule when I can get back to working out. We’re going through fertility treatments now and working out is prohibited. Ugh – doesn’t help stress levels for sure 🙂 But hopefully it’s just for a season! I’d love to know your leg work out and I’ll be keeping in mind Jillan’s 6 week 6 pack too! 🙂

Annemarie @ Brunch at Saks says · 04.04.13

Love your routine, Kate! And I love that you mix it up too. My problem is I get bored so easily, so changing up the workouts really helps. Your schedule is great–I need to add some of your fun things like swimming! x

Cheryl Shook says · 04.04.13

Any advice on a beginner running routine?

Jeannette says · 04.04.13

I hear couch to 5K is a great program to follow.

Beth says · 04.04.13

Great routine! I’m actually a little jealous. I just don’t have the time for that many workouts during the week. I have small kids, which is great, but it makes carving an hour out everyday very hard. My goal is to run 2 to 3 times a week. Usually once after work during the week and once or twice over the weekend.

I just trained for a 5K (Color Me Rad – great fun!)and that held me accountable. Even on the days I didn’t feel like going, I did because of the race. I love having a reason to train. My next goal might be a 10K…maybe?

Keep up the good work!

Erin @ Isaboo Designs says · 04.04.13

Me and a group of friends have started running 3 times a week together. We do 3 miles two of the days and 4 on Saturdays. I cannot believe I am doing this but I love it! We run at 6am and have run in extreme cold, wind and even the rain. It’s a blast when you have friends to keep to accountable 🙂

dressthisnest says · 04.04.13

I love this post! A partner is TOTALLY crucial. I work out with my mom three days a week and my dad watches my son (15 months old) while we do. There are MANY days I would have skipped if it were just me, but I don’t want her to miss out on her workout so I get moving.

I have never heard of a sprint triathlon. That sounds like fun! I am the same way about marathons. Sounds like a lot of the same and not very fun. I will definitely look into the sprint tri.

If you get a chance, please post the details of your leg workout. I need something to mix up my routine.

Thanks for the great post!

emmakesherown says · 04.04.13

Inspiring post, Kate! My biggest challenge, personally, has been finding a time that works for me. After an 8 day at work followed by 40 minutes of road rage (ok maybe not “rage” but still…) I’m exhausted! You might be onto something with his early morning idea though… when I was younger and really serious about my ballet training, I would pry myself out of bed before school every morning and do a full barre in my room! I think you’ve inspired me to give that a shot again – there’s something really satisfying about starting your day in an active way, even if it’s painfully early. 🙂

Kayla Gilbert says · 04.04.13

I SO need to get in a workout routine! Thanks for the inspiration Kate! : )


Nicolas Ervin says · 04.04.13

It takes time and a lot of discipline to stay focused. But if you’re determined to achieve your goals, you will enjoy every step of the process no matter how hard it seems. Have the proper mindset and stay away from laziness. You’re such an inspiration. Continue your goal to be healthy!

Nicolas Ervin

Brooke Petersen says · 04.04.13

Will you post the leg workout you do? I’d love to try it!

Andrea Kaplan says · 04.04.13

I love this post. I used to be super fit and athletic and once I hit my mid-20’s just let it go from being too busy. I need to get better at that! It is always my new years resolution and I break it every time!

xo Andrea

Morgan says · 04.04.13

what running shoes do you have? and do you use a different pair for the gym? i am looking into getting new gym and running shoes and i can’t decide! HELP!

Brooke Fuller says · 04.04.13

Thank you for the post Kate! I have wanted to run a 5k for a long time now, how did you go about working up to 3-3.5 miles? I have done the Couch to 5k which has been great, just curious if you used any other kind of strategy.

~ Brooke

Mags Pomichowski says · 04.04.13

Great job on staying consistent! Working out is super important. Also, glad to see you found something you love like yoga.


Reply says · 04.04.13

Totally second, third, or fourthing the request for your leg workout!

Lindywestbend says · 04.04.13

Awesome post, I run my first half marathon in May in Door County, Wi. It should be fine I would love to hear your leg workout I finally lost mine from college and my soccer team. I could never do a tri though I really don’t like biking and swimming but I love running.

Rita Towns says · 04.04.13

I would love to see your leg routine your husband gave you!

Love your blog.


Lori Williams says · 04.04.13

Hi Kate:

Love your website, got the post today and as a Christian woman I thought you might want to look into this information on the topic of yoga. I found it sobering when someone shared it with me.

Check out the article there on Sola Sisters. Rock solid theology from two ladies that came out of the new age movement.


Katie Flores says · 04.04.13

Great post. I totally agree. What I like most is that you switch up your routine. Often times I think we get bored so I love that. My goal is to do a triathalon too. I just need to sign up! That way there’s no turning back.

Katie xoxo

Sophia Varnam says · 04.04.13

I completely agree with you about running. I started running a couple of years ago and everyone kept saying how eventually I would learn to love it. To this day, I really don’t care for it and the max I’ve done is 4 miles. My husband has started running with me some, so that definitely has helped make it more bearable, but I just don’t enjoy it. I started Bikram Hot Yoga a few months ago and I LOVE it. I think you have to find what you enjoy and mix it up some. Great post!

Breenah says · 04.04.13

The thing I like most about running is that (other than the shoes) it’s free. I run outside and love it. I can’t wait for it to get warm consistently!

Christianne Valdes says · 04.04.13

Thanks for the encouraging post, I’ve been lacking in the working out dept.

I want to attempt to get up earlier to work out first thing in the morning…I’m curious to know if you have a snack, coffee, or small breakfast before your work out? or you just have breakfast after?

Amanda Taylor says · 04.04.13

Thank you so much for posting this! It is nice to see someones work out routine that isn’t 2 hours long with crazy workouts!

spanishkitchenette says · 04.04.13

For me the key has been finding a time-out to do the exercise. For example: I have 2 hours lunch break (company issues, you know) so instead of going shopping or ending up having lunch EVERY DAY wit my mates for 2 hours (I have enough working with them for 8 hours 😉 I go to the gym. And yes, I agree with you: CLASSES are so important to be constant and do, at least, 45 minutes routine

Joni says · 04.04.13

Did you use an app or program to start running? I want to start but have no idea where to start… long to run…..what speed etc.

Caits says · 04.04.13

i’d be intersted in hearing about that leg workout! 🙂

jess.elise says · 04.04.13

Yess!!! Please share details on the leg workout. 🙂

Whitney says · 04.05.13

I second that! We would love to know the specifics of the leg workout! 🙂

Melody Joy says · 04.04.13

I am doing a Sprint in June thanks to your first post!!! I love the variety of sports instead of just one all the time like you do.

If you get the chance read the book Triathlon for Every Woman. It is a hysterically funny book by a mom who decided to do triathlon and her experiences leading up to it. She has a blog too: Swim. Bike. Mom.

Cindy Shriver says · 04.04.13

Kate, I’m 55 and started yoga about 6-7 years ago. Like you, was hooked my very first class. Can’t say enough great things about yoga! I couple that with a 5k fast walk 3,4 or 5 times a week. Together it’s dynamite! 😉 Congrats on your triathlon!

Stephanie Coral says · 04.04.13

Hi Kate! I love to swim and I know it’s a great workout but I’m terrified that it’s going to wreak havoc on my hair. What do you do to keep your hair in good condition and from being overexposed to the chlorine? My hair is color treated so I worry that it will turn a strange color or dry it out even further. Any recommendation?

Thanks a million! I love, love, love your blog and don’t miss a post by the way.

Sana Sadiq says · 04.04.13

I’m actually loving this <3 I’m on my weight loss mission for 90 days too, lets gear up and kick the fat’s ass 😉

The Randall Family says · 04.05.13

Can you please share your leg workout? Thanks so much! LOVE your blog!

Paige Harris says · 04.05.13

Thanks for sharing! I have been putting off starting my workout routine back up – I canceled my gym membership during pregnancy and haven’t ever renewed it. My son is 8 months old now, and finally becoming slightly more independent, so I think it’s time for me to get back in the habit! Thanks for your inspiring words!

Paige Harris says · 04.05.13

Thanks for sharing! I have been putting off starting my workout routine back up – I canceled my gym membership during pregnancy and haven’t ever renewed it. My son is 8 months old now, and finally becoming slightly more independent, so I think it’s time for me to get back in the habit! Thanks for your inspiring words!

Jamie says · 04.05.13

LOVE that you shared your workout routine! Finding things that you enjoy doing is key, and I always go back and forth with running. I’ve wanted to try doing a triathlon and after reading this, I’m more motivated to try a sprint one! Your husband sounds so amazing and uplifting!

....... says · 04.05.13

thanks for sharing your exercise plans with us! so useful and inspiring! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

jac jewelry says · 04.05.13

Your routine sounds like fun! I started working out 2+ years ago, first three days a week by taking classes (weight training, strength training and yoga). My goal was to become healthier also, not to lose weight. (Since I sit at a desk all day, my shoulders were hurting!)Then my internist said that three days a week was good, but five to six days was better. I was shocked! I did go up to five days a week by adding cardio, and the difference in my energy levels has been remarkable. Before I worked out regularly, I would come home after long days at the office, eat dinner and crash. On weekends, I felt like I had no energy to do anything. Ever since adding cardio and working out five days a week, my energy levels have been through the roof – that’s how I got through a demanding job at the office for 9-10 hours a day and very busy holiday seasons on Etsy! About a year ago, I added weekly 3-mile runs to my schedule (I was also one of those people who had never run before). The weight loss was a nice bonus! The key for me has been variety and having a good playlist on my iPod to keep me going!

Professor Von Slotheim says · 04.05.13

Oh thank you for this!!! I’m in the same boat you were, never sticking to a routine more than a week…. But starting today (famous words) I’m doing it!!! Luckily my boyfriend runs marathons, so I have that support. And thank you for highlighting that health is more important than skinny… They way it makes you feel after is worth it enough.

janneyt says · 04.05.13

Would love to know two things:

1. What is the brutal leg workout?
2. How did you start running?

Carrie Thomason says · 04.06.13

Do you have a PURE BARRE near you?? If you do you MUST try it!!!

Sandra Lee says · 04.08.13

I love this post! I’m actually doing a series on my blog about developing a healthy lifestyle and I share my revelations, difficulties and accomplishments. I 99.99% buy my workout clothes from target because I’m not spending a lot on clothes that are going to get all sweaty and trying classes have really helped me. I’m not a runner, but I love kickboxing so I try to do that as my cardio. I also love yoga and I was one of those people who never got it and actually made fun of it before I tried it. I’m such a yogi now 🙂

diana kelvin says · 04.09.13

I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the excellent work! Missy

Bethany Porter says · 04.09.13

Curious. What is the leg routine your husband has that you do?

Sneakers & Stilletos says · 04.09.13

Thank God for fit, supportive Husbands!! I have been working out for over a year now consisitantly and it’s all thanks to my Hubby! We did p90x2 together everyday and just started Insanity. Without him I would still be complaining about my weight and probablty doing nothing about it.
And OMG!! It’s like you read my mind on the workout clothes. I just had this same convo with my Bestie this weekend. I totally can’t get on board with buying super pricey workout clothes. Don’t get me wrong. I would LOVE to own a Lululemon anything, but just can’t bring myself to do it. Target, Ross, Marshall’s all the way!

levia jack says · 04.18.13

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Ponies and Pearls says · 04.25.13

Having a partner that is supportive (and motivated!) to work out and be healthy is so helpful. I like how you set up your workout routine- it has great balance and variety! I’ve recently started a weekly link up called, “Workout Wednesday”, and it centers around fitness. Feel free to link up!

Carrie says · 04.27.13

You have added many necessary points in this blog. These will be very helpful for me. thanks……

diana kelvin says · 05.27.13

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John Decker says · 09.30.13

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Alyssa Ast says · 02.24.14

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Valeria says · 09.30.14

It’s true, having a workout partner is a big plus! Me and my husband were doing Insanity together and few other programs, then we started to slack and our routine fell apart 🙁 Need to get back on track again!

j.w says · 08.17.18

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