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My husband and I just returned from a really great trip to NYC. We booked this trip months ago as a way to celebrate our 3 year anniversary, his 30th birthday, his graduation & my birthday (coming soon). Since all of these major life moments were happening near each other, we poured as much as we could into the few days we were there. 

An incredibly kind and generous blog reader, Crystal, saw that I posted about our trip to NYC on the blog’s Facebook page when we were trying to decide where to stay. She sent me an e-mail telling me that she works at the Waldorf-Astoria and can get us a suite at a great rate if we were interested. Um, yes. Yes we are. I was so touched by her willingness to help us having never actually met. But that’s the wonderful thing about blogging–you get to know a person through their blog and when you actually meet in person, it’s like you are old friends.

Ironically, she and Justin could have been real life friends as children. Yes, the world even in New York City is quite small. Crystal and Justin discovered that they were born in the same town and knew the same people. In fact, there is a really good chance my sister-in-law is in Crystal’s year book from elementary school. I mean seriously. What are the chances that that could happen.

Since we clearly had tons in common and wanted to spend more time with her, we set up a lunch date with Crystal for tuesday and told her to pick the place. 

She picked a delicious and adorable restaurant called ABC Kitchen. It was quaint and feminine, and the food was absolutely delicious. I had the House Roasted Turkey Sandwich with applewood smoked bacon, arugula and jalapeΓ±os–and it was amazing. The fries, that came with the sandwich, were fried to perfection and topped with thyme and rosemary. 

I mean, check out this restaurant:

It was delicious and I would highly recommend it if you live in, or are visiting, the area.

But, lets go back to the beginning. 
(view in the room)

We arrived on Saturday, dropped off our stuff and headed straight out into the city. We just walked, sort of aimlessly + sort of heading to Times Square. 
We found Bryant Park and decided to plank. I can’t explain it. It just seemed like something that needed to be done. 

After we were finished acting like morons, we found Mister Softee and our lives were forever changed.

Mr. Softee is the most amazing ice cream I have ever eaten. It’s smooth, creamy, and absolute perfection. I know you may think I’m being dramatic here, but trust me–this ice cream will make all other ice cream seem worthless. 
Mine was of course covered in sprinkles because it’s who I am. 

Justin and I split a Mister Softee cone on Saturday night. And from then on we bought our own. No more sharing ice cream this good. We made it a habit to end the night with a Mister Softee. So we got some Saturday night, Sunday night, but then Monday was a problem. It was pouring rain and we were pounding the pavement in desperate search for Mister Sister (we affectionately referred to Mister Softee as “mister sister” throughout the trip because Justin couldn’t read the truck when we found it and thought it said “mister sister”. Creepiest name for an ice cream truck ever, but I cut the man some slack since we were about a block away trying to read a truck. I knew it was Mister Softee because I saw that Rev. Run, from Run DMC, would bring it back to his kids when I used to watch the show “Run’s House”. I loved that show. Anyway, this is getting long. Let me get back to it.). So Monday was the only day we missed Mister Softee. I’ll tell you about Tuesday Mister Softee soon. 

Sunday, we got up and went to a local diner for breakfast called Morningstar Cafe. It was cheap, familiar (bacon + egg’s type food) and perfect to get on the go. Afterwards, we took the subway down to Wall St. and the World Trade Center Memorial. We didn’t have tickets to see the actual memorial, but we walked around the area. And by walked, I mean we were shoved and trampled because that was tourist central. I’m aware that we were tourists as well, but man–there were tons. 

Afterwards, we hit up Chipotle for lunch and headed to wander around Central Park. We went in the infamous Apple Store that is underground and FAO Schwartz. Afterwards, we went to John’s pizza. 

I was told by many (including Crystal) that John’s pizza is some of the best pizza in New York City. They were all right. I mean, I have nothing to compare it to because it’s the only pizza we got while we were there–but it was delicious.

The restaurant is in an old theater, and the two brick ovens were placed up by the stage. It was a really interesting place, and the service was great as well. 

Finally, we went to the Nederlander Theater to see Newsies. 

It was phenomenal. The best musical I’ve ever seen. Don’t tell anyone, but I almost cried at the opening song. I was so excited to see my favorite childhood movie come to life! 

I grew up watching Newsies all.the.time. My sister and I know all the songs. 

However, I noticed as I got older that not many people knew about it, so it was always a great relief to find someone that knew and loved Newsies like I did.

In fact, within about two weeks of meeting Justin we realized that we both knew and loved Newsies. It’s one of the reasons why I married him.

Afterwards, we found Mister Softee, indulged, and headed for “Top of the Rock” (the top of the Rockefeller center). 
It was so cool to see the city at night. I downloaded a panorama app and got some good photos:
Times Square (daytime)

We packed so much into Sunday and slept like babies in our king bed. The next two days were rainy and chilly so it worked out wonderfully that we did all of the “outdoor” activities on Sunday. 

I set up lunch with some of the Birchbox ladies that I’ve corresponded with over the months about setting up giveaways, the Zoya+Birchbox nail polish collaboration, etc. It was really nice to meet them! After lunch we went to the office’s so I could take a behind the scenes peek! It seemed like a really fun place to work. There was lots of pink and cosmetic samples everywhere. And everyone was super stylish. 

I was planning on looking stylish that day but the weather wasn’t working with me.
I think the Lord was teaching me a lesson in vanity. πŸ˜‰
I mean, there are few times that I really, really want my hair to look exceptional and my makeup to look nice–and meeting the Birchbox girls was one of those times. 
But, it was 63 degrees, rainy and windy that morning. So I decided in the hotel room that I wasn’t going to let the weather mess up my day.
Justin and I went to SoHo that morning to shop a bit before lunch. I was wearing peep toe shoes and getting judged by every person I passed on the street. 
I was going to just put up with wet feet, until the rain just came pouring down and my feet were absolutely soaked. My shoes were literally sopping wet.
So shopping in SoHo became “let’s find Kate some rain boots that aren’t $280.00”. We tried Old Navy, Gap, even Steve Madden. I was desperate.
Finally, we returned to the store C Wonder, that we had gone in prior to the commencement of the Rain Boot Search, where I had seen some rain boots. 
At this point I was preparing myself for $50, maybe even $75.00 for rain boots. I was nautious. 
The employee’s looked at us with pity, as we were wet and cold, and I said, “I’m here for the rain boots.”
They looked at my feet, winced, and showed me my options.
Bright yellow or Polka dot.
Neither of which would I ever choose if I was leisurely shopping for rain boots. 
I picked up the blue polka dot ones, turned them over to look at the price, took a deep breath and saw “$29.99”. 
Then the employee said they were 50% off of $29.99.

They were $15.00. 


Here I am, happy, dry-ish, and posing with an Elephant. 

With dry feet and a smile on my face, we went to Kate Spade. I’m kind of a huge fan.
I bought a scarf that I plan on being buried in because 1. it was not the same price as a Target scarf and 2. it’s the coolest scarf I’ve ever seen.

The spade represents where Kate Spade is located. 
Monday evening we ate at Tao, a popular asian restaurant. You may have heard that a lot of celebrities go to Tao when they are in NYC. 
When we sat down at the table, we looked at each other confused.
“There are like 15 people here.”
“It’s not as cool as I thought it was going to be.”
“I assumed it would be dark, with loud music, and full of celebs.”

And then we looked at our watches.

It was 5:45pm.

And we just aged by 50 years.

We ate our delicious meals, used the bathroom because they had an attendant, and headed back out into the rain. 
*Have you used a bathroom with an attendant? They turn the water on for you, squeeze soap in your hand, and hand you a towel. When I was in there, another woman just washed her hands with water, shook them to dry and walked out. I thought to myself, “atLEAST use soap when someone is standing there ready to squeeze it in your hand!

We had about 2 hours to kill before seeing another show, so we decided to search for Mister Softee.
We did not find it that night because it was raining. We almost cried. 

We saw “Rent” later. It was in a really cool theater and the show was great. 
(If you are going to NYC and deciding between Newsies or Rent, see Newsies. Newsies is on broadway and Rent is off broadway and there was a noticeable difference. Don’t get me wrong, it was still great–but Newsies was amazing.)

On tuesday we went to see the Statue of Liberty and, like I mentioned above, had lunch with Crystal. Afterwards we endured final quest for Mister Softee.

We had 1 hour before we needed to be back at the hotel to catch a cab to Laguardia. After searching iPhone apps for “Mister Softee truck locators”, googling it, tweeting SOS messages (sos=”send us softee!”) even calling the main office, we were left with nothing.
We walked through Times Square looking down every street for that majestic truck.
It was apparently the same time that all the mail trucks deliver mail and they deceivingly look like Mister Softee from a distance. 
After 40 minutes, we almost had given up. 

Until. . .

In the distance, Justin spotted a truck with red letters that looked like Mister Sister.
We quickened our pace. As soon we we were close enough to confirm that it was, in fact, Mister Softee we cheered! We high-fived in the middle of the crosswalk and practically ran over to it. 
I’m sure the people around us thought “Those two must have just won the lottery due to the way they are acting”.

In a way, we had.

We savored every bit of our ice cream cones, and headed back to the hotel.

And we declared the trip a success.


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still being [molly] says · 05.24.12

this is such an awesome post, kate!! looks like you had a GREAT time in nyc! and YES mister softee is SO GOOD.

Amy Lynn Wentz says · 05.24.12

Your trip looks like a BLAST!!! I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything in NY for $15! so congrats on the rainboots!! I am so wanting to go back to NYC soon. & this post is NOT helping my patience πŸ™‚ So glad yall had fun!!

Anonymous says · 05.24.12

interesting post girl! makes me wanna go!

modern jane says · 05.24.12

Sounds like a fantastic trip! Love your boots:)

Melissa says · 05.24.12

This post is fabulous! I have never been to New York and have always wanted to go! It looks like you guys had a blast. And Mister Sister made me laugh out loud! haha

Tiffany Miller says · 05.24.12

I love this post and NYC! I went 2 years ago with the family I nannied for but nothing would beat going with my husband!

Sasha says · 05.24.12

What a fun trip! My husband and I went in April for the Yankees opening weekend. We saw Mama Mia and Sister Act and also got to see Dave Letterman taped lived! Such a fun place! But how did I miss the Mister Softee trucks? πŸ™‚

Beth at Design Your Dwelling says · 05.24.12

What a fun trip! I love that city and can’t wait to get back there some day! Have a fantastic Thursday!

jerianne says · 05.24.12

Sounds like an AMAZING trip!! I would <3 to go to NYC one day. To see the sights, take in a show, ride in a cab lol.
Thanx for sharing and SO glad u had a wonderful trip πŸ™‚

Paula says · 05.24.12

Sounds like you guys had a blast! My hubby and I are heading to NYC in two weeks! I’ll be looking out for a “Mister Sister” truck! This will be my third time and his first! We cannot wait!!

Lauren says · 05.24.12

Sounds like you had SUCH a fun time! I’ve never been to NYC. And that’s great that you were able to find boots for such a cheap price! I see those type of rainboots everywhere and they just aren’t my style, so I’ve never bought a pair. I see the price tags sometimes, they can run so high! It’s unbelievable. If I HAD to spend that type of money on shoes, I’d rather it be on heels! Ha!

Glad you had a good time!


TheUnlostWanderer says · 05.24.12

Sounds like you had a great time! I really enjoyed reading this post! :]

Ashley says · 05.24.12

OK…So I was reading and got to the newsies part and had to stop and comment!!! That is still my ALL-TIME favorite movie!!! I still watch it and when I do, i usually have to watch it 3-4 times because I love it so much! And I too have noticed that not many people knew about it! I am dying to see the musical, but even my mom knows me well enough that she said I would have to get tickets to every showing because I would not be able to only see it once!!! Carrying the banner!!!

Shelley says · 05.24.12

Oh My Goodness…I loved the Newsies as a kid. Literally, rented it at blockbuster EVERY weekend. Not sure why my parents allowed this, instead of just buying it. Maybe it was because if we owned it, they’d have to watch it EVERY night instead of just one night on the weekend LOL and it was worth the extra money renting. LOL I saw recently about the Newsies show..and immediately go uber excited. I WILL go see it soon.
I’m not sure why so many people don’t know about the Newsies (maybe because it was a FLOP at the box office..not in my book) But it is said to have a CULT following. Never thought I’d be apart of a cult, but if it’s the Newsies cult I’ll follow wherever it may go!

PS: Love you blog!

Babygirl says · 05.24.12

OMG… Newsies is the best ever! My had to drag me to see it when it came out, and I was instantly hooked. i still know everyword to every song!! Looks like a fun trip! We’ve got an overnight layover in Newark in June and are hoping to get into the city for the night and make the most of it. I’ll be sure to look for a Mr. Softee truck!

Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter says · 05.24.12

SO fun! I love all the photos. Happy Anniversary! And birthdays!

siobhan says · 05.24.12

thanks so much for sharing kate! my husband and i are going for 4 days at the end of june – i haven’t been there for about 17 years and he has never been. super exicted!

Juline says · 05.24.12

I love that you met the birchbox ladies! I lived in New Jersey for almost three years and being close enough to go into the city was the best part. I would love to go back again some day. Sadly, I have never tried Mister Softee. It sounds amazing! Your trip sounds like it was awesome! I’m jealous, I am in major need of a vacation! Love your blog and yes I think if we met we would be fast friends too! I feel like I know you because of the blog life. Enjoy your cute scarf and the boots story is funny. I had a similar shoe emergency in the city once. πŸ™‚

Juline says · 05.24.12

I almost forgot! I LOVE newsies too! It wasn’t there when we lives in Jersey. I’ve seen Spamalot, and Le Mis. I own newsies and watched so much with friends when I was younger. Newsies and Little Women are my all time favs. Christian Bale will always be Jack or most of all he will always be Lauri to me. If you havent seen little women with him and Claire Danes, Kirsten Dunst, Susan Surandon(sp) then you must! So good!…Open the gates and seize the day…:)

Cynd says · 05.24.12

I can sing every word to the songs in Newsies as well….I feel your pain over no one ever knowing what movie I was referring too. I can’t wait to go see it this summer! My husband and I just shared a similar trip to NYC for our honeymoon! Rainy day, soaked, and just all around fun! Great Post! and

Lindsey (a running tale) says · 05.24.12

Looks like a blast! We are planning to go to NYC in early December, and I cannot wait!

LaynahRose says · 05.24.12

Wow oh wow do you have a lot to celebrate! Sooo crazy about the small world/blogger thing, I cant get over it! So glad you had fun, that city looks awesome

DaintyandDecadent says · 05.24.12

You look like you had an amazing time! My husband and I stayed at the Waldorf the weekend he proposed to me so that hotel has a special place in my heart πŸ™‚


Eva says · 05.24.12

Sounds like such a fun trip!! I’ve been wanting to go to NY, and after reading your post, I’m definitely going to convince my boyfriend to take a trip down there!

Andrea Hickson says · 05.24.12

I have been living in NYC for almost 3 years and have to say I HEART Mister Softee’s!! When we first moved here, my husband and I were obsessed, and now every Spring when the fleet of trucks hit the street of NYC we turn into 5 year olds, lol! Once we walked from the Museum of Natural History down to Rockefeller Center (over 40 city blocks) on a quest to find a truck. It was and always is so worth it! My personal favorite combination is the vanilla/ chocolate twist ice cream dipped in oreo crumbs and chocolate suace! YUM! Thanks for sharing about your trip, sounds like you and your husband had an amazing time.

Stephanie L says · 05.24.12

Great post!! My 10 yr old daughter and I leave next Wednesday for NYC for her bday. It’s her first time, and I cannot wait to take her EVERYWHERE! I’m definitely adding “find a Mister Softee truck” to our list of things to do! She made me promise to take her to every floor at Tiffany’s.

Brittany says · 05.24.12

Looooove those boots!! And $15?? Such a steal!!! πŸ˜€

Cindy Weber says · 05.24.12

I loved reading this! I love New York. A friend & I are going at the end of September & I can’t wait! Thanks for the tips too!

Katie from Loverly She says · 05.24.12

Ahhh this was so much fun to read! I’ve been to NYC once – I was pianist for a children’s choir and got to travel with them for 5 days, all expenses paid. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt Hotel – I felt so swish:) There’s no place quite like New York!

Amy says · 05.24.12

Love this post! And I especially love that y’all hunted down that Mister Sister truck and cheered like champions! Totally something me & my hubby would do =)

notsosahm says · 05.24.12

I’m another Southern girl who loves New York! I love shopping up there–in fact my girlfriends and I just went this past weekend! If you go again you must go on Pamela Parisi’s shopping tour of the Garment District. Her company is called the Elegant Tightwad and she takes you to five or six designers’ showrooms where you can shop at wholesale or below wholesale prices! There are also sample sales going on all the time where you get deep discounts as well.

I love seeing your pictures. NYC has a vibrancy that is hard to match or beat. πŸ™‚

Sarah says · 05.24.12

What a great post! Looks like you guys had an amazing time and only makes me want to visit NYC even more!! I love the Kate Spade scarf!!


Anonymous says · 05.24.12

love your scarf!!! sounds like you had an amazing and memorable trip

Samantha George-Realtor says · 05.24.12

Great post! Looks like so much fun πŸ™‚ Now I want to go to NYC!

{GINGER} says · 05.24.12

I am going on a trip to New York this November and your post just got me even more excited about it. Thanks for sharing details – and your scarf is amazing!

Christy says · 05.24.12

Love to read about your NYC trip. NYC is my wish list to go. Hopefully soon! You posted on tweet you said “Cant wait to go back?” are you going back soon? Glad that you had a blast time with your hubby!

Whitney of Washington says · 05.24.12

What a great trip! I almost squealed when you said you and your sister loved Newsies growing up. My sister and I WORE out our VHS tape of the movie and could still sing every word. I will definitely add “see Newsies on Broadway” to my NYC Bucket List. πŸ™‚

Marissa says · 05.24.12

Loved reading about your trip to the City! I grew up in Connecticut & Mister Softee was our go to. Every Saturday night after a long day at the beach. Glad you had a good time!

pen says · 05.24.12

Your pictures are great. Glad you enjoyed NYC. I love how you guys tracked down Mr. Softee every day! I have great childhood memories of eating tons of Mr. Softee [and not so great early teen memories of the after-effects ;)]. And you are right, John’s is NOT the best pizza. I like it, but it’s certainly overrated. Next time you make it to NYC you MUST check out Lombardi’s in Soho. Delicious!

Maria says · 05.24.12

This sounds like such an amazing trip! I would love to visit/live in NYC SO badly!

Shana says · 05.24.12

I loved this post. I’ve never been to NYC (or – gasp – really cared to go) but you make me feel like I should reconsider. I’m happy y’all had such a good time.

Kirsty says · 05.24.12

You are so funny, i love reading your blog. If you’re ever heading to England, let me know, i’ll point you in the best directions!

Elizabeth Benfield says · 05.24.12

i love the newsies and i am green with envy that you got to see it on stage!!!

Alicia says · 05.24.12

I’m 100% there with you on Mister Softee. I grew up spending summers in NY and nothing is better. I used to get the two stage rocket. Yum!

Clara says · 05.24.12

Newsies is one of my altime favorites! like you, I know every word to every song! And I’m DYING do see it on stage. πŸ˜‰ glad you had a great trip!

Nichole says · 05.24.12

I think this is my favorite post…which says a lot because I love your blog and read it everyday. I just enjoy how down to earth you are and are thrilled by the simple things in life. You convey a sense of internal happiness that shines through your writing. Thank goodness for people like Crystal who made the trip even better with a great room for you guys. Thanks for sharing all the fun details!

Jessica_NBaker says · 05.24.12

I love the high five in the middle of the crosswalk part! That is totally something I would do.

Emily says · 05.24.12

My hubby was in NYC this wkd too for the webby awards! He went to see Spiderman on Broadway, but I bet if he knew that Newsies was an option, he would have been all over that! On one of our first dates, he rented Newsies for us to watch because I had never seen it before! He’s as big of a fan as you and your hubby I think! Loved hearing about your trip! I’ll have to tell my hubs that he missed out on some amazing ice cream while he was there! πŸ™‚ Guess he’ll have to go back and take me with him this time!

Melissa {} says · 05.24.12

I saw Rent and Lion King on Broadway back in 2001 and I almost cried too. Rent is much better “on broadway” than off. I thought the music, actors, singing, all of it was phenomenal. Lion King was a hit! The costumes were enough, let alone the songs and interaction with the audience. NYC is the best city in the world!

Amy @ Polka Dots and Stripes says · 05.24.12

Loved reading about your trip. My sisters and I went there last summer with my Mom…we celebrated her 75th birthday and got to see my nephew on Broadway in Billy Elliot (of course, that was the coolest part!) Loved to visit NYC but don’t think I could live there! So bummed that we never experienced Mister Softee because in my family ice cream is life! (no really…we are nuts about it…every last family member thinks ice cream is magical! We are a bit nuts!) Anyway…thanks for sharing…I <3 your blog (and all the cute hair tutorials!) I also love your style…matches my own so it’s fun to see your new fashion additions! πŸ™‚

Leah says · 05.24.12

awesome, AWESOME post. loved reading about your trip to NYC.

Chynna says · 05.24.12

wow, i want your life. how much fun that must have been! you are just adorable! glad you got to enjoy your trip to nyc. thanks for sharing girl!

Alyssa Lianne says · 05.24.12

I love that you planked! Hilarious. We’ve been wanting to visit NYC soon, so thanks for the ideas (especially the ice cream!)


Jenn says · 05.24.12

What a great trip. You both definitely took full advantage!

Karen says · 05.24.12

You have such a gift for writing. I laughed so hard with the “Mister Sister” story and your commentary related to it as well as the eating at 5:45 p.m. and “aging 50 years”. I grew up in New Jersey, only 30 minutes, from the city and have yet to see any of the sites you did because I’m not a huge city fan, but I’ve got to say, after reading about your experience, even a conservative country girl like myself would have enjoyed seeing the city through your eyes and your experiences. So much so, it makes me want to go there some day… πŸ™‚

Shasta says · 05.24.12

Sounds like you had such a wonderful trip to NYC. Can’t wait until I can go there again. And I’ll definitely be on the hunt for Mister Softee.

Kellie says · 05.24.12

Looks like so much fun! I love the rain boots and I’m super jealous about newsies!!!!

Bridgepoint Investment Group says · 05.24.12

You literally had me laughing out loud! Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Makes me want to plan a trip there even more now… πŸ™‚

Angie says · 05.24.12

I had never even HEARD of Newsies till I met my husband! He was addicted to is growing up and got me hooked…it’s so cute! Didn’t know they had a musical!!! Wow, that’d be so fun!

Jess {The In-Between} says · 05.24.12

I’m obsessed with that scarf! Great find and reminder of your trip.

Chasity says · 05.24.12

I love NYC! It’s one of my favorite places to visit! I love the movie Newsies!! My cousin David Moscow, plays David Jacobs in the movie…now, I want to see the Broadway show.

ctlogcabin says · 05.24.12

Kate ~~
Great post you just proved once again it’s the
little things in Life … YaY Mister Softee !! lol
The whole trip sounds Wonderful you took some
great shots of NYC.
How nice of Crystal to hook you up.
I love your Rain Boots & your Kate Spade scarf … is to die for. πŸ™‚
You were only an hour train ride from me … wish I knew we would have invited you guys for a nice dinner in the country at the Cabin.
Hugs ~ Connie xox

Beth says · 05.24.12

I was JUST in NYC last month & didn’t discover Mister Softee! I’m so sad. But now I have something to look forward to when I go back. πŸ™‚ Fun post!

diditeach says · 05.24.12

Love, love, love NYC….we are heading there this summer for our 4th visit. Reading your adventure felt a bit like being there, love your post, glad you had fun. Now I want a Kate Spade scarf πŸ™‚

Andrea says · 05.24.12

Sounds like you guys had an awesome trip! Love that you got to do a lot of fun things.

{Jessica} says · 05.24.12

This makes me so nostalgic! My husband and I visited NYC in December and loved it. Looks like you guys had a great time. Love the planking, haha! Love the boots:) And the scarf! Thanks for sharing your trip!

Anonymous says · 05.24.12

I’m so jealous. I have yet to make it to NYC. I adore your blog. I love that you had a chance to see and do so many things, and it seems as if Mr. Softee may have won a special place in you heart. I love how something so small that happens on a trip can be so memorable. Loved it!!!!

Tiffany says · 05.24.12

I would love to have gone on this trip. It sounds fantastic!!! I look forward to reading your new posts everyday! Thanks for being so chipper!

Tiffany says · 05.24.12

Oh- I forgot to mention that your scarf IS fantastic!!!

Kelly says · 05.24.12

This sounds like such a wonderful trip! I’m heading to NYC in August with my mom and my 13 year old sister to celebrate my 30th birthday and my mom’s 50th birthday and one of the first things we did was purchase Newsies tickets after the show was extended. Your recap made me even more excited to see it, and I may even have to break out my copy of the movie DVD this week too. Thanks for a great blog, it’s one of my favorites and a daily read!

Caitlin says · 05.24.12

Hi Kate! Looked like you had an amazing trip!! I noticed your phone case and was wondering where you got it? It’s adorable!!

Kate says · 05.24.12

It’s Kate Spade from Macy’s

Caitlin says · 05.24.12


Katie @ JK Homestead says · 05.24.12

I ADORE Newsies!!! I know every song as well. Love, Love, Love! I’m 29 years old. So, maybe it’s just our age-group that are familiar with it. I find not a lot of people know about it. They’re missing out. πŸ™‚

Jennis says · 05.24.12

Awww! I LOVE NEW YORK! My family lives in Brooklyn- your pictures made me miss them! I also really love Newsies! My choir teacher introduced me to Newsies in 7th grade, been in love with that movie since! This may seem weird but… What did you pair with your royal blue skirt in the pictures? Love your rain boots!

LeeAnne says · 05.24.12

My hubby and I were in NYC this weekend too and we also discovered Mr. Softee!!

Karaugh says · 05.24.12

After living in New York for the past 2 years, it’s fun for me to read about your time in NYC. And the elephant you’re posing with is outside of my fiance’s apartment building-haha! Glad you had such a successful trip; you fit in some of the best, like John’s and a bevy of Mister Softee cones. I work near the UN and my favorite is seeing all the diplomats line up for their afternoon cones in the summertime. πŸ™‚

Bobbie says · 05.24.12

Your trip sounded amazing. New York is one of my favorite places to visit and Newsies has always been my husbands FAVORITE musical from his childhood. I myself LOVE LOVE LOVE anything Broadway. My husband even proposed to me at The Phantom of the Opera in NY. So glad that you two had fun and made lasting memories.

Ashley Fenton says · 05.24.12

love the photos and your story! and you’ve got another newsies fan here! my brother and i used to watch it ALL of the time! still gives me chills even if i am just thinking of the music “look at me! i’m the king of new york!”

Lisa G says · 05.24.12

I luv that you can be obsessd with ice cream on a vacation. We totally do that too!

Ashley says · 05.24.12

LOL Planking!

CindeeQ says · 05.24.12

Love love love Newsies!!! So excited you got to see it. I want to!!

Sounds like an amazing trip.

Emilia says · 05.24.12

Kate, I loved reading this post, it made me laugh the whole way through, I love how you tell a story! πŸ™‚ So glad y’all had a great time on your trip. NYC is a must for me some day!

abby @ every day with hazel mae says · 05.24.12

Thank you so much far sharing this fun trip with us! Your blog is so awesome and one of the ones I look forward to reading each day.


strongwomenstudy says · 05.24.12

Great trip… I was laughing πŸ™‚ And I share your LOVE of Newsies. I used to rewind ‘King of New York’ over and over and over again with my girl friends learning every dance move (I was in about 5th grade). I’m trying to find a way to get to New York to see it!

Miss Riss says · 05.24.12

I love this post, thank you so much for sharing your life with us in such an entertaining way. Love the pics and that Justin is such a good sport!

Jody says · 05.24.12

I have to tell you, this was my most favorite post! Thank you! You have such an amazing gift, thanks for sharing with us. So cliche..but you inspire me. Love NYC wish my hubs would love it with me! Blessings!!

Kate says · 05.24.12

You’re so sweet! thanks! πŸ™‚

Carly says · 05.24.12

This makes me want to go back to NYC, looks like y’all had a blast!


asrubin10 says · 05.24.12

Haha, I love that NYC storage sign-there’s one on the FDR and I recently snapped a pic on my way into Brooklyn (shh, don’t tell, cell phone usage while driving is a big no no). It’s rumored that in certain parts of the city the mr. Softee trucks sell drugs-they drive around into the wee hours of the night, music blasting….it’s an I’ve cream truck for kids eh? (I live in a neighborhood, so very suspicious)….glad NYC treated you well!

Andrea the san diego beauty product hound says · 05.24.12

Kate you are hilariously cute! Love your story telling and blog perfection of NY my favorite place on earth. I’d love to do this exact thing with my hubbie and just eat and see shows and shop! perfect. birchbox would’ve been my dream visit too!!
Love ya like a sis! keep up your awesome blog girl!! xoxo

Anna says · 05.24.12

!!! I got so excited when I saw your scarf, because my husband bought me the very same one for our 10th anniversary earlier this month! Totally hear you on the, “I plan to be buried in this” thing. My birthday is very close to our anniversary, and after I saw the price I told my husband he was absolutely not allowed to buy me a separate birthday gift.

Anonymous says · 05.24.12

Kate I loved hearing about your trip, ice cream, boots and I really love your umbrella.Can you tell me where you got it?

Kate says · 05.24.12

I wish I knew! It’s a few years old and I can’t remember!

crystalrichard says · 05.24.12

It looks like you had a wonderful time in NYC! It seriously is the most magical city ever! Ps: you still looked fabulous at Birchbox!

Anonymous says · 05.24.12

I love how you shared all of the details of your super fun trip πŸ™‚ Sounds so fun!! I like your rain boots and love that scarf! The ice cream sounds so good that I can imagine stalking the truck myself πŸ™‚ Ice cream is the best treat! Hope to see more pics if you have them and thanks again for sharing your trip! I want to go!

Holly Grass says · 05.24.12

There was a Mister Softee truck that visited my neighborhood when I was younger. It really is awesome. I’ve always wanted to go to NYC at Christmas time.

Jen says · 05.24.12

I’ve been living in Chicago, and away from Manhattan, for 2 years, but I miss NYC every day. I love your scarf! I think I might need to get it too πŸ™‚ I’m glad you loved it, rain and all. Those boots are not only a great find, but they are cute too! And Mister Softee, ah Mister Softee, I still here the music in my head.

Joy Fuson says · 05.24.12

love the theater and thank your lucky stars that you found a man that loves it too! I have to wrangle up girlfriends to go with me, but that isnt a bad thing!!! LOVE the scarf and the boots!

Nancy Stroble says · 05.24.12

Thanks for sharing so many funny stories about your trip to NYC!! Love the boots!! Sorry the weather turned on you. I really want some of that ice cream now!! It looks like the two of you had a wonderful time in spite of the weather. I really enjoy your blog.

Micha says · 05.24.12

I can’t describe how much I love Newsies. I used to break out singing “Santa Fe” in the shower. It’s probably the reason I’ve had a really hard time really letting myself love Christian Bale in anything else (though he’s done some good movies). I just always picture him with papes on the streets of New York.

Reply says · 05.24.12

What a fun trip! Thanks for sharing!!

Hannah Williams says · 05.24.12

Thanks for sharing your awesome trip to NYC! I’ve been there once, but the way you described everything I feel like I just returned.

drea says · 05.24.12

I am an avid reader of your blog and stunned to see that we were in NYC the same weekend. I took two of the exact same pictures you blogged about. So possible we could have passed each other πŸ™‚ Small world!

drea says · 05.24.12

so sad i didn’t see that Kate spade scarf! love it! I bought one from urban outfitters while i was there πŸ™‚

Kara and Chant says · 05.24.12

You are seriously so cute! I love the planking and the high 5 over the ice cream. That is totally something my husband and I would do. Love it! Sounds like a great trip. And I love the polka dot boots!

The Kidds says · 05.24.12

Thanks for sharing about your awesome trip! It was so fun reading about all your NYC adventures! I went to NYC about 8 years ago and had the time of my life. Next time I ago, I will MAKE SURE to find a Mr. Softee! BTW, your $15 rain boots…adorable!

KariAnn says · 05.25.12

I’m not 13, but I giggled when I read, “We made it a habit to end the night with Mister Softee.” Glad you had fun!

Allyson Butler says · 05.25.12

What a great trip! I am dying to go back to New York (the last time I went I was in 4th grade), and I will definitely be finding that ice cream. It looks amazing – love the sprinkles!

Dana says · 05.25.12

Ah!!! WE went to John’s Pizza when we were in NYC a couple of years ago. So FAB! I wish I would have known about Mister Softee ice cream. I love ice cream. I mean L-O-V-E!! πŸ™‚

Shannon B. says · 05.25.12

Such a great post!

Shannon B. says · 05.25.12

Such a great post!

Stacey says · 05.25.12

I <3 Newsies!! I’ve been hooked on the movie since middle school, and had a major crush on Christian Bale ever since… My sister and I are currently making plans to see it on Broadway!!

Anonymous says · 05.25.12

Super Fun Post . I love your wholesome good fun.

Laura says · 05.25.12

Hi Kate…I am old enough to be your Mom :). I have a daughter who is about your age, is married almost 3 years too who, by the way, also loves The Newsies!!!! Anyway, I came across your blog on Pinterest, when I saw your bob hairstyle and read your bio and was pleasantly surprised to read about your faith!!!! Good for you!! I was in NYC’s garment district this past Monday with my friend, who is in the jewelry business (so much fun due to the wholesale prices she gets). I knew you were there too and am glad to hear that you weathered the rain and cool temps with style!!! :):) I know that most of your “readership” is of the younger generation, but I wanted to let you know that your hair tutorials have been a great help for me! Even at my age, I can learn a thing or two…haha By the way….your Mom looks like she could be your sister!!! Keep on looking UP!!!

Sara Beth says · 05.25.12

Loved reading this post! It makes me want to plan a trip to NYC. I have never been there,but sounds like you had a great time. By the way, I love the boots and the price makes it even better.

Nikki says · 05.25.12

Love this post! I’ve been trying to get the hubby to take me to NYC for years now! πŸ™‚ Must find that ice cream truck.

Alma Lee says · 05.25.12

Yay yay yay! I’ve been reading your blog for months now, and today was the icing on the cake! I. Love. The. Newsies!

Knittinchick says · 05.25.12

Yup! You’ve sealed it… I need to go back to NYC in the near-ish future πŸ™‚ You reminded me of many of the things that I loved about it!

Last time we were in NYC, we stumbled upon John’s Pizzeria (not realizing how famous the pizza was… ) which we loved for its taste and great surroundings. When we were looking up at the ceiling, I realized that it was familiar from my college history class about our denomination’s (Christian and Missionary Alliance) roots… So it held even more meaning than beforehand. We loved stumbling upon various places that we had seen in movies and pictures… so much fun!

Joannasamples says · 05.25.12

Awe, I love NYC! I’m glad you went and enjoyed! My hubby and I just went for our 10th anniversary last fall. It rained on us most of the time but I still styled it up and just changed more often. It was the best! I <3 NYC!

Sarah Fry says · 05.25.12

LOVE NEWSIES! My girlfriend and I are the only two that I know of that know it and love it! We spent our summers though junior high and high school watching it – Thanks for sharing.

Heather says · 05.25.12

I normally don’t comment, but i just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your post. I really got to see your fun/funny personality! Thanks for sharing! I want a mister sister ice cream now, too!

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Tiffany says · 05.25.12

Hey Kate! I’m so glad you went to John’s Pizza! We went there for pizza when we were in NYC and went twice during our trip because we loved it so much! The building is gorgeous! While reading your post I could taste the amazing pizza! Haha! Have a fabulous day!

Sixties60style says · 05.25.12

Ummm excuse me you look just as good as the girls at Birchbox..what a fun trip. I am going to try ABC Kitchen too. Thanks for the tip.

Reply says · 05.25.12

GAH! I love seeing my city through the eyes of a visitor!! And YES mister softee is THE BEST.

I live in Harlem and hearing the music they play and then immediately screaming children is THE BEST TOO.

SO JEALOUS you saw Newsies!! My roommate works for the Nederlander and I still can’t get tickets cause the show is selling so well! ooohhh Jeremy Jordan is delicious is he not!?

So glad you had a successful trip!


Kelli @ Life at 818 says · 05.25.12

Great post! love love love your sense of humor :o)

Jill says · 05.25.12

This is one of the more humorous posts you have written…and I love it! More of a glimpse into who you are πŸ™‚ Now, I’m craving ice cream! Yum!

Jamie says · 05.25.12

I loved reading this post! I grew up outside of NYC and I just love hearing other people excited about some of the things I love about the city. Mister Softee is amazing and when I was younger (not sure about now cause I’ve been in the south for awhile) you could get Mister Softee all over NY, NJ, and PA. I LOVE ME SOME SOFTEE!!

It’s great you had such a fabulous time – great post!!

Alena says · 05.25.12

My aunt and cousin were in New York this week and seen Newsies.

It was great to see all the pictures, looks like ya’ll had a great time.

Chelsi H says · 05.25.12

I haven’t read any of the other comments, so I’m not sure if someone has already mentioned this, but if you go back to NYC, you should go just across the Brooklyn Bridge under/by the pier to Grimaldi’s. It’s the BEST pizza I’ve ever had. Frank Sinatra was a frequent visitor in his day. πŸ™‚

Also, I’m SUPER jealous that you got to see the Newsies! I’ve been dying to see it, because I adore the movie! I often find myself singing Santa Fe or Carrying the Banner at random times through the day. And Rent was better when it was in the Nederlander for it’s Broadway run, but I’m glad it’s back off-broadway. It’s defienitly a good one.

It looks like you had tons of fun! I loved reading all about your trip! And that scarf is super cute and awesome!

Anonymous says · 05.25.12

I love Newsies and so want to go see it on Broadway now!!

Amanda fithian says · 05.25.12

You know the newsies??? I’ve never known anyone else who knew them! They are on broadway?!?!? I bought it ‘for my kids’ and we watch it all the time! That was the best post ever! My best friend is in NYC right now. She just got engaged the day before yesterday in central park. (totally jealous over here) ill have to tell her to try mr. Softie! You guys are a freaking adorable couple. I can’t believe you planked! Love it!

Leanne @ Simply Beautiful says · 05.25.12

I’m also ridiculously in love with the Newsies. It saddens me that not a lot of people know about it. Oh well. Looks like a fantastic trip! πŸ™‚

liz monahan says · 05.26.12

Great Post! But seriously… even in the rain you have perfect hair! So Jealous! Glad it was a great trip!

Evelyn says · 05.26.12

Lol….cracked up laughing out loud….planking…too funny. We had A Mister Softee truck that sold cones in my neighborhood as a child many years ago. Don’t remember it being that good. Faulty memory, I’m sure. You crammed a lot of good stuff into a few short days. My late husband and I honeymooned in NYC. He was from Detroit so he was enamored of NYC. I’m from Philly and back then New York was a scary place. We stayed at the Statler Hilton which I don’t think is there anymore. We had a great time. We were just about your age. Fond memory.

Anonymous says · 05.26.12

Hi Kate
im new to your site and in the market of starting my own blog. so glad you and your hubby had a great time in NYC. im a native NYer and the young lady who hooked you up with the room – just off the vibe of a facebook connect – is what the majority of NYer’s are all about – friends helping friends. glad you had a great time, despite the weather (another great attribute to this amazing city) and stay away from mr. softie . . . good at first, but addictive as crack if not careful! πŸ™‚

Barnes Family: Erik, Laura, Dylan, Madison and Logan says · 05.26.12

y’all are so cute! loved reading about your trip! i went to nyc on my high school senior trip (may 1994)and loved it! i so want to go back…one day!!
glad you found your mister sister…lol!! hilarious!

Runrmomma says · 05.26.12

This was one of the most adorable blog posts I’ve ever read. Loved it.

Rachel Felson says · 05.26.12

Aw man, if I have read about your trip earlier, I would have said that The Highline is a must!! Is this raised (3 stories up) walking park along 10-9th aves. Most beautiful part of the city!


rachh10 says · 05.26.12

Sooo jealous you got to go to NYC! I have never been yet I am obsessed.. This was just the cutest blog post!

StagerLinda says · 05.27.12

Looks like you had an awesome time! Thanks for including us in your adventure.

TheDanielsAbroad says · 05.27.12

Lived vicariously through your post!! How fun! So jealous… πŸ™‚

Emily says · 05.28.12

Oh my goodness, your post made me so excited about my trip to NYC this July! My fiance and I are going over the Fourth of July. I hope we can hit the ice cream truck! Love your blog, and really love this post! P.S. you looked fine for the birchbox ladies. You silly goose.


Ash says · 05.28.12

I love that you love Newsies! I thought my sisters and I were the only ones who quoted it constantly and memorized all the songs. πŸ™‚

Rachelle says · 05.28.12

can we please be friends in real life??? as a denver girl, you stole my heart when you said you had chipotle in nyc. nice work.

Anonymous says · 05.28.12

I am sooooooo jealous of your trip to NYC – I live in the UK and this is only but a fantasy – boo hoo!!!!! πŸ™

Reply says · 05.29.12

It sounds like you had a wonderful time in NYC…I went to TAO last year and was a bit disappointed myself. The food was good, but waaaay overpriced! ..and I didn’t have my purse in the bathroom with me and felt like I had to tip the attendant but didn’t feel like running back to her with my wallet…It was definitely interesting;)

Karissa says · 06.01.12

This comment has been removed by the author.

Karissa says · 06.01.12

I knew I liked you for a reason. I was drawn to your blog first because we had the same hair cut (I have since chopped it very short). And I like to experiment with my hair, and you gave me lots of new ‘dos to try. But now…NEWSIES?!? Heck yes. We must have been best friends in a past life.

Jessica @ O. Alouette says · 06.05.12

First of all, that’s pretty much the best scarf I’ve ever seen!
And I totally love you and your hubby’s need for Mister Softee! That totally sounds like something my hubby and I would do. You’re definitely making me want to get on the next flight to NYC!

Anonymous says · 06.06.12

This is so funny! We are from Canada but had a trip to New York the same time as you! We were in Bryant Park the same day you were (but alas, didn’t see you or your planking!), we ate at John’s Pizza in the pouring rain on the 21st and… get this… I bought the same scarf at Kate Spade! Oh, how I wish I had run into you, Kate, but oh well, I probably would have freaked you out! Unfortunately we did not encounter Mister Softee… but I will keep that in mind for the next trip there. Best. Holiday. Ever.

LauraP says · 07.05.12

I am headed to NY on Sunday! First stop..Mister Softie
I concerned about walking/shoes/comfort. Any advise?

Lisa Mireles says · 07.21.12

Sounds like you had a blast! I went to NYC last may and it was amazing!
Tell me something didn’t it feel like you lost weight due to the excessive walking? That’s how I felt when I went…..
By the way this is my first blog to you and I must say…’ve helped me out a lot with my hair! Thanks so much for everything……you’ve been a complete help.

Anu says · 07.25.12

This was a really fun read. I was feeling the anxious about whether or not you did find ‘Mister Softee’. So glad you did.
Have a great day!

Rebecca @ Mommy in Heels says · 08.20.12

Just stumbled on this post and I must say I am a HUGE Newsies fan as well. So obsessed that when I was in jr high, a friend of mine was moving so my bf and I wrote to Daveid Moscow to come to her going away party. He called, yes CALLED us to say he couldn’t come but he would call and wish her well. That he did. It was amazing!

The show was amazing as well. Best Christmas present from my parents ever! And you aren’t alone…I got goosebumps and teary eyed at the beginning too πŸ™‚

Jessica Snavely says · 09.24.12

I love your writing style – so funny, I was literally laughing outloud imagining your mister softee excursions πŸ™‚ So glad you enjoyed your trip to NYC – my sis went there and fell in love with it. Maybe I’ll head over there someday!

Briana Mills says · 09.27.12

I really want to follow you on Instagram…is that weird?

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