High Five For Friday

Cookie Week: Best Toffee Eva AKA 10 minute toffee

It’s Friday. And I’m happy about it!

1. Remember back on the 12 by 2012 list that I wanted to find balance in my life? Well I’m working on it. Finally. And it’s good. The beauty of owning my own business is I can create a schedule that both works for me and my clients.
2. My Keurig. Starbucks house blend every morning: yum.
3. “Winter” is here in North Carolina. I’m tired of the 70 degree days. I want to bundle. ( I realize that I left the North because I did NOT want to bundle. But hey, it’s all relative right? )
4. My husband likes the show The New Girl! I love it, and now we can laugh together!
5. A movie date is planned with my sister. A lot of the time we spend together can easily become business related. “Did you write back to. . . “, ” Did you ship. . .” All the Etsy related details. So we planned a date. No biz talk, just enjoying our elfing selves. 😉


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Shannon Willis says · 12.09.11

I’m thankful for this amazing blog! My husband is deployed right now and this blog is a highlight to my day!

Hi, I'm Kate says · 12.09.11

@Shannon: well Thanks! 🙂

Anonymous says · 12.09.11

Yes, this blog is a lot of fun to check each morning and full of all things girly! I have enjoyed learning new things from it and am so happy I found it on Pintrest! Kate, you are a great role model and I think it is wonderful that you put yourself out there as a great and fun example 🙂

Savannah says · 12.09.11

Cheers to Friday! I LOVE your elf video!!

Jen Watford says · 12.09.11

I am CRYING in laughter at this elfing video. Hi-larious, girls. Happy Friday!

claudia b says · 12.09.11

I have to thank you for my great hair – seriously, I read what you posted “if you don’t want product in your hair, accept having flat hair” – went out, bought the right stuff for my hair type and I love my hair more than ever. And I’m 40. I love that you give advice and ideas and they’re not high maintenance, thank you – and the video is awesome 😀

{ lauren } says · 12.09.11


Lauren says · 12.09.11

Hahaha. This is SO funny! I elf our family too every year and it quite hilarious! Thanks for the Friday laugh! :))

lori says · 12.09.11

i love the elf video- so funny!

the winter in georgia has been the same way. i am tired of the 70s too… but then again, i dont want it to be in the 20s or anything. can we just stay in the 40-50 range? nothing colder, please.

enjoy your date with your sister… sounds fun!