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Friday Favorites

I’ve been following Danni, at Oh, Hello Friend, for well over 2 years now. I can’t remember how I found her blog, but I’m glad I did. If you like anything even remotely close to vintage or photography, you’ll love her blog.

She recently posted about getting 12 things done by 2012. So basically, 12 things to check off the list in 11 weeks. 

I know. 

But I’m going to do it. Well–I’m going to try!

Here are my 12 things:

1. Organize shipping/packaging for My Etsy Shop (with the sis).Check

2. Decorate for Christmas. (I didn’t decorate last year {gasp!} ) Check!

3. Plan well for November 19th Designers Downtown Market! (this includes deciding on a table set up, preparing packaging, making jewelry/accessories, etc.) Check! 

4. Make this.

5. Hide wireless shutter release better in photos. (I now throw it out of sight!)

6. Find a good book to read.

7. Brush the cats once a week. (that would transform our couch. I know–not cool)

8. Take everything out of the car that I put into the car in the morning. (is it just me, or does anyone else acquire a million bags/things each day that you have to haul into the house every night?) I’m actually getting better at this!

9. Wrap Christmas gifts like this

10. Find balance in my life. (this is so so vague and general, but it’s been something I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. So I figure, if I give it a deadline that will help me find it. 🙂  )

11. Clean. Out. My. Closet.Check!

12. Go on a Christmas Date with my Man. (which he tells me is already planned!)

13. No more saving outfits! I’m going to wear my favorite outfits whenever I feel like it instead of saving them for certain occasions.crossed off the list!

(I know some of these sound like resolutions. . .but hey, they are still things I want to do by the end of the year!)

If you never hear anything about this list again, you’ll know I failed miserably. But hopefully since I confessed my 12 goals to you all, I’ll feel more inclined to complete them.

So what are your 12 by 2012?


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Wendi P says · 10.15.11

You can do it! Now that its all out there …you’ll feel “pressure”…the good kind!

Ashlyn says · 10.15.11

I came across those Sticky Buns a while back & have yet to make them but I need to try it, they look amazing! I know ALL about the stuff you accumulate in the car, it’s 10x worse when you have a child..believe me, I know! Im also still working on cleaning our closet out..it’s a workout, sigh 🙁

Katie Price says · 10.15.11

Thank you for this! I’m going to do it too. It’s amazing how quickly you can find 12 things you’ve been meaning to do!

Libby's Life says · 10.15.11

I totally need to do number 8 and number 11!!! Especially since I have a little one I find that I have 500 extra things I need to bring inside or sometimes get left behind in the car for weeks!! And my closet is full of stuff I haven’t worn in years… it’s ridiculous! Plus I am losing weight so I need to get rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit anymore!

Reese and Leigh says · 10.15.11

8. Take everything out of the car that I put into the car in the morning. (is it just me, or does anyone else acquire a million bags/things each day that you have to haul into the house every night?)

You know, just snacks, school bag, clothes, etc…my whole house

Ashten says · 10.15.11

I’m going to try this out on my blog! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

Deb says · 10.15.11

I have another one to add….’let mom help me with any of these when she’s here in December’. 😉 I’m okay with being picked up at the airport and being handed a ‘to do’ list. 🙂

Rachel says · 10.15.11

What a great idea! I think I am going to do this too, the one at the top of my list is getting married (Nov 19th!). Good luck with your list.

Amber says · 10.15.11

I’m stealing a couple of these-especially the car one. I headed toward the parking lot with a classmate a couple of weeks ago and I stopped at my car, said goodbye and she asks “Not to be rude or get too personal, but do you live in your car? If you do-“

I stopped her and explained that some people hoard in the house and I simply hoard stuff in my car LOL

Great list!

Jen says · 10.15.11

First off, LOVE your blog. You have inspired me to take time to really style my hair each morning-thank you!
Second, my suggestion for #8 is to designate a specific tote for taking things to and from the car. Then you already have a tote on hand at the end of the day for shlepping things back to the house. (I have a 4 year old and 2 year old-I am ruthless about keeping my car clean.)
As for a good book, I’ve read several this year and thought I’d share: The Help by Kathryn Stockett, My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares, Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah and Shadow of the Wind by Ruiz Zafron (which I read probably 1o years ago, but it’s stuck with me). I would suggest The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, but based on your list, the time left, and the length of the book, that could probably wait a bit. But it’s my favorite fiction book. Ever.

Cindy Swanson says · 10.15.11

I can totally help you with finding a good book to read! 🙂

Cindy at Cindy’s Book Club

P.S. I too love your blog and videos, after discovering them on Pinterest!

Liz says · 10.15.11

Good luck! You have definitely inspired me to begin my own list. I’m looking forward to hearing about your accomplishments. You can do it 🙂

FashionFreak/Mihaela says · 10.15.11

Great post. I really like your blog.^^

my blog♥mfashionfreak

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Amy says · 10.16.11

I second the comment earlier about The Help -great book, definitely recommend.

What types of books do you read? I read a lot and would be happy to pass along a few ideas. Also, I am in a book club – also recommend doing this. We get together once a month to drink wine and chat about our lives and then about 10 minutes on the book but it does keep you reading and meeting new girlfriends.

Tina says · 10.16.11

Oooo I want to wrap presents like that too! Love it!

Regina Agos says · 10.16.11

Love, love, love the 12 by 2012! You have a great list which I must steal an idea or two. Such as the wrapping paper and cleaning out the closet. I completed an intense cleaning of my basement and need to keep going. So the closets, file cabinets & bookshelves will be on my list! Absolutely love your blog, ya definitely inspire me.

Sariah says · 10.16.11

I am soooo gonna make a list! Though, I’m thinking 10 things might have to be made b/c 12 is sounding like a lot 😉 Good luck! And let me know if you figure out a good “keep the car clean” system 😉

Gionino says · 07.10.14

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Megan says · 10.16.11

I love your list, especially #12! Good luck completing everything, from a fellow twelver!

Babblin' Brooke says · 10.16.11

What a great idea! I may have to come up with a list for myself.

Savannah says · 10.17.11

These are great goals! I’m totally with you on finding balance and enjoying the upcoming holiday season. I’d vote to make decorating for the holidays your top priority! 🙂 Life is just better when you are surrounded by Christmas decor. Hope you had a great weekend!

Cheryl says · 10.17.11

Now you’ve got me thinking…. What an awesome idea! Thanks!

Anonymous says · 10.17.11

I compiled a list of 37 things to do while I am 37. I haven’t completed all of the list but I have about 1/2 to 2/3 complete. These are simple items like go on a field trip with my kids and put up art in the hall. All simple tasks that seem to be forgotten in my busy life. I need to start making my 38 things to do while I am 38. I am going to add more fun stuff this year and lose some of the “chores” (paint kitchen – yuck).

Martha from VA

Arlene says · 10.17.11

I’ve been lurking for a few weeks now, but I’m delurking to say “Okay, I’m joining in, too!” Thanks for the inspiration and motivation, Kate. :o) Here’s my list http://everjoyful.blogspot.com/2011/10/12-by-2012.html

I’m rooting for you (and me, too)!!! :o)

Danielle says · 10.18.11

First of all – I love your blog. Everytime I see a new tutorial I get so excited to try it.

Anyway, I’m joining you in the 12 by 2012 and just posted about it on my blog. Check it out 🙂

amber kane says · 10.25.11

I wanted to stop by and wish you luck with all of your goals. I loved your goal about finding balance in your life. That is something that I’m really trying to do right now, but seem like I”m failing. This seems to always happen this time of year when I”m trying to teach, do grad school, and get ready for craft shows.

b. says · 10.27.11

love this idea! i always save outfits. not anymore! going to set my own goals!

love your blog!

Leo says · 07.10.14

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Kyoto says · 07.26.14

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Amber Morey says · 10.27.11

Hi Kate!

Love this post! I just read your about me section and wanted to send a few book recommendations to you that might help you cross that one off the list (and ones that you might enjoy!)! 🙂 #1 “Kisses from Katie” by Katie Davis #2 “I Dared to Call Him Father’ by Bilquis Sheikh. Best of luck with your list!

Emily says · 11.04.11

Hi Katy!

This is what I put on FB (cause I’m not cool enough to have a blog…yet). Thanks for posting it!


Hey Friends!

I saw this idea on a blog I’m subscribed to (thesmallthingsblog.com). It’s supposed to be 12 things you’ve been meaning to do and you set goals to finish them. It could be related to work, personal goals, family, etc. There are just under 12 weeks left of this year. If I put this list on a public thing like Facebook, where all my lovelies can read it, maybe it will motivate me. Here it goes.

1) Get caught up on all laundry to then stay on top of it.

2) Organize the mudroom (which serves as a craft/tool/hobby/office-ish stuff area.

3) Make my first pie.

4) Get into a cleaning routine.

5) Make photo books for people.

6) Clean out my closet (don’t tell Mike I said that)!7) Start an exercise plan.

8) Jesus time EVERY day.

9) Read a classic book (I’ll take suggestions).

10) Is it too late for me to send thank-you cards from my wedding (SO LATE)? I have most of them just sitting here. I’ll take opinions on this one.

11) Do a Christmas card thingy.

12) Make a felt wreath already!

Some of these might be resolutions but oh well!

So, those are mine. What are your 12?

Emily says · 11.04.11

Not quite sure why I put “Katy” because I know you’re Kate… anyway, thank you again for the great idea!

mariwitch says · 11.05.11

I laughed out loud at #8 — you are not alone in this, my car is sometimes like a mini-storage or closet especially since I transport a lot of stuff between my and my parents’ house. 😀

Love this list idea – might do it too! 🙂

Leslie says · 11.11.11

Just a tip to possibly help with getting things out of the car at the end of the day. Keep a small, medium, or large plastic rubbermaid container in your car and toss things in it throughout the day and then you can just carry the container in at the end of the day when you get home 🙂

By the way, love your blog. Glad I found it (although I’m not sure how i did)

mine is: http://www.thematthewmorganfamily.blogspot.com

Jessica Blackburn says · 11.26.11

The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers is a great book!

becauseofhim85 says · 11.27.11

have you read One Thousand Gifts?? Your being thankful everyday reminded me of this book… It’s a good read!!! Well worth it 🙂

zoe8 says · 04.30.13

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