Festive Jewelry Tree

Fashion Night
About a year ago my sister and I got a jewelry tree from Costco to use for our jewelry shows. When we aren’t using for a show it usually sits in my garage, which is such a shame because it’s so cute!

So I found some tiny little ornaments on sale at Jo Ann Fabrics a few days ago, and hung them on the tree. The placemat is from Target, and the candle is from Bath and Body Works (they have the best candles). 
Here is how it turned out:

A simple little centerpiece! 

Are there things around your house that you can add a little something to for Christmas? 


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Anonymous says · 11.18.11

LOVE THIS! So funny, I have the exact same jewelry tree that I got from a silent auction at my daughters school last year, it was filled with handmade ornaments from each child in her class…reminds me that I need to get them all out and find a special spot in the house for them. 🙂


ChrissyK says · 11.18.11

Very cute. If you’re anything like me… I am wondering how long the chocolates will last as the decoration. :O)

Shannon @ Bungalow960 says · 11.18.11

I too love Bath and Body Works candles. I worked there over the holidays a few years ago and I still have a huge stockpile. My favorite for the holidays is their Frosted Cranberry candle.

Reese and Leigh says · 11.18.11

I just bought some metal heart ornaments from Joanns- each one says “Faith, Peace, Joy” etc…I hung one on each door knob in my house 🙂 little details matter!

Megan @ Tales of an HBS Wife says · 11.18.11

Oh that’s so cute! What a great idea…I love that the decorating for Christmas has begun 🙂

Stephanie says · 11.18.11

I love bath and body works candles. My favorite was the linen scent. Not sure if they sell that anymore Have fun at your sale this weekend!

Mrs. Kudia says · 11.18.11

Kate, what a great idea! It’s simple, classic, and festive. I already planned to head to Michaels and Joann’s this weekend. Let’s hope I don’t blow too much money! 🙂

Jessica H says · 11.18.11

My boyfriend’s sister lives close to Raleigh (we’re from SD) and I told her about the designer’s downtown market tomorrow, so hopefully she’ll have time to stop by!

Dani says · 11.18.11

This is such a cute idea. I might just have to take my jewelry off my jewelry tree so I can decorate it!

Happy Friday!

susanna says · 11.18.11

That center piece is very pretty. Great idea

Carolina Charm says · 11.19.11

That tree is darling! It should definitely sit out all year!

Aly says · 11.20.11

I have that jewelry tree!!! What a great idea!

Anonymous says · 11.27.11

Oh! This reminds me of an Easter tree I had growing up. I don’t know where my mom got it but it was a plain tree with tons of wirey branches that you hung tiny Easter ornaments on. So cute and a neat way to have an “any holiday” tree. -Amy-

Vickie N. says · 12.08.11

So cute! I have that dining set too!

Kane says · 09.14.18

I was wondering if you still own this tree. My sister lost her’s in a house fire.