November Desktop Calendar

Homemade Mac and Cheese

It’s a new month (okay okay, a few days into the new month) and it’s time for a new desktop calendar!

I love what smashing magazine comes out with every month, and this is what I chose:

But they have a huge variety on their website in case you aren’t much of a coffee lover. 

Also Oh Hello Friend has a lovely vintage desktop calendar if you like that style:

So decorate your desktop! Maybe this month you can check off a few things from your 12 by 2012 list. I need to work on that. . .   🙂


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BoersMama says · 11.03.11

Thanks for sharing, Kate! I love mixing up my desktops. 🙂

Jessica says · 11.03.11

Thanks for sharing these! There are so many great ones, I may have to switch several times this month! 🙂

Tina says · 11.03.11

Fun I love these! I’ll have to try those out:)

Anonymous says · 11.03.11

How do you download these?

Hi, I'm Kate says · 11.03.11

@Anonymous: you choose the appropriate size for your computer and “right-click” to save to your computer as desktop image

kristinwithani says · 11.04.11

Eek. Thanks for posting this again this month. My desktop is ready for a redo.

Oh, a dear friend just redid my blog a bit and she took inspiration from your colors.

Jenn says · 11.04.11

I love these desktop calendars. I chose the frosted leaves from smashing magazine on Nov. 1st!