Grey Eyeshadow Tutorial

Time is Flying
I bought some grey shadows recently and I want to share a video on how I use them! 
The shadows are from Mac and their names are Quarry & Scene. The Quarry is like a warm greige (grey/beige) and Scene is a cool, sort of blue grey. I typically stay in the “cool” family when I choose eyeshadows because of my blue eyes and pale skin. Sometimes warm shadows can make my eyes look red and tired so I avoid almost anything with red/orange/pink in it. Except for lipstick or blush of course!
You may notice that I don’t look like I have any eyelashes in the video. Thats because mine are that pathetic. But you better notice how awesomely long they look in the after shot–that is ALL thanks to Mac’s False Lashes mascara. It’s crazy good. 

Click here to see my entire makeup routine! 

Be warned: I’m scarily pale. (but if I’m completely honest, I kind of like my pale skin.)

*I say I like to blend my shadow with my fingers but then I never actually do that. I’m a liar. But the part where I take the fluffy brush to soften the shadow toward my brow bone is when I’ll sometimes use my fingers to help blend it. 🙂 

The earrings are Elisabeth Ashlie, but they aren’t available for purchase at this time! 

 Hope this was helpful! 🙂 


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Melissa H from So. Fla. says · 11.11.11

These colors go perfect w/ your eye color and skin tone.

So of the staples I love that I thought I’d share are:

Urban Decay – Eye Primer
I’ve tried them all and this is the best!

Kat Von D – Tattoo liner
I had never been one to use liquid liner, but a year ago my nieces test it on me, and I kid you not I had it on for two days (I wanted to see how long it would stay on)
Stila has a great liquid liner too

Benefit – Velvet Eyeshadow in “Where there’s Smoke” – Awesome for a grey smoky eye.

I use a bronzing power as blush – my skin is an olive tone so it works well. I use Hoola by Benefit

And last but not least – I change eyeshadow brands all the time. The lastest that is simply awesome is by Laura Mercier – Waterproof.
MAC has a great waterproof one as well, but I always change up what I use.

Hope you try these awesome finds.

Melissa says · 06.08.12

Hello. Have you used the Mac primer Kate refers to and Bare Escentuals primer? I am currently using Bare Escentuals and it works pretty good, but too scared to use something else and not have it work at all. I’m not really sure how other products compare to it.


jessica says · 11.11.11

Oh my gosh! I JUST bought the Covergirl Lash Blast a few days ago! I’m glad I did something right 😉 Maybe I will have to try the Mac mascara too! Thanks for this awesome tutorial!

Lauren says · 11.11.11

Beautiful eye’s! I love the smokey eye, but the fact that it’s not too smokey. I have tried numerous smokey eye’s and I always end up looking like I got hit in the eye, so i’m definately going to try your method. BTW—I have pale pale skin too, and blue eyes, so I can totally relate! I love how all your makeup looks so natural too.

Mim says · 11.11.11

Thanks for the eyeshadow tutorial! I don’t think you are too pale. I totally dislike that fake n bake look. Of course, I am a pale skin red head so pale has always been my preferred shade. ;0)

Tales of an HBS Wife says · 11.11.11

Thanks so much for this! I have blue eyes and they DO always look red when I used browns or pinks – this is a great alternative. Have a great weekend!

Melissa says · 11.11.11

Great tutorial! I have never used an eyelid primer. I am going to have to try it! I am currently using Lancome doll lashes…love it! I think you have a beautiful skin tone that looks flawless…jealous.

Anonymous says · 11.11.11

Thanks for this post Kate. What type of MAC eyeliner do you use?

Phil and Darby Hawley says · 11.11.11

Hey Kate! I just love your blog and this tutorial is really great; your eye shadow is gorgeous! I have a question for you though. I also blog and I keep running into the situation where I need to take a video/picture but my hubby isn’t home to help. How do you deal with this? Do you use a self-timer for your pictures? Do you just use the camera on your computer? How do you manage this? Thanks! Darby

Lindsay says · 11.11.11

This is great! I needed this actually, I just bought a shadow kit that had grey in it!

Munchie's Mama says · 11.11.11

Hey there! I am a new fan and just stumbled upon your amazing blog! I really love all your great tutorials. Only bummer is that I don’t have a sound card in my computer at work…guess that’s what I get for blogging during work hours. Can’t wait to get home so I can take full advantage of all your great posts!

Anonymous says · 11.11.11

Hi! Thanks for posting about your makeup…I was wondering what color paint pot do you use? Thanks again…Julie

Amy says · 11.11.11

Beautiful! I work as a makeup artist at Nordstrom. You should come checkout our big cosmetics event next weekend! It is great for those in the beauty world (classes, national artists….free gifts haha).

Kristin says · 11.11.11

Kate – love your tutorial! After your post about what makeup you wear a few weeks ago, I bought the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer for under my eyes and it doesn’t seem to look quite right. It doesn’t seem to smooth out my skin as much as I want it to! Your skin looks super flawless in this tutorial – how about a tutorial on how you apply the concealer??

Anonymous says · 11.11.11

Great tutorial, Kate. What kind of brushes do you use? PS– I think its pretty awesome that you show up on a blog with practically no make-up on (which you don’t need anyway) and have tons of people view it! Love your blog!

–Carrie Nicholson

She Speaks says · 11.12.11

Great tut! Though I’m surprised you avoid pinks, coppers and others like that as those make blue eyes seriously POP!

Hi, I'm Kate says · 11.12.11

@phil and darby: I use a wireless shutter release! Check out a camera store in your area!

Reply says · 11.12.11

Do you think grey eye shadow can be worn by anyone? I just wonder how it will look with my auburn hair color and slightly tanner skin. It looks great with your coloring!

Rachel Badger says · 11.12.11

I’m so glad I found your blog!! I have similar skin color as you, the blonde hair and color eyes as well so I will definitely be trying this when I get home. You are absolutely beautiful and I think your beauty comes out even more from your strong faith! love it. thank you for taking your time to share ALL that you do.

Hi, I'm Kate says · 11.14.11

@Between3sisters: Definitely try it, but maybe go for a warmer grey!

Anonymous says · 11.28.11

I do my shadow the same way and like to use either grey, browns, or this light goldy yellow that came with a Navy-grey color that looks great together. Once on it looks more natural than how it sounds and is good for brown eyes. Do you have advice on how to choose the right color of foundation? I wear a tinted moisturizer and then mineral powder. Looks good indoors but darker outdoors. How do you know you are spending money on a non orange powder? -Amy-

Hi, I'm Kate says · 11.28.11

@Anonymous: the best advice for finding foundation is to get color tested at the store. Then wear it for a day and decide whether or not it works for you!

Jesse + Abby + Kaeli + Logan says · 01.31.12

Love your blog! I also feel like I have pathetic eyelashes and recently learned that rubbing vaseline on them and leaving over night helps a TON surprisingly. It help to define volume and make your lashes longer. I was skeptical at first, but I can already tell a difference after a week! Thanks for sharing!

Janelle Keller says · 01.31.12

I love all your ideas! Found your blog through Pinterst… can’t wait to try your hair style suggestions too!