Time is Flying

November Birchbox
Have you spoken to anyone lately who is NOT busy this fall? It seems like everyone I know is just exhausted with everything they have going on! The problem seems like there are too many “good things” to do and I want to do them all. 🙂 

Something I am doing in order to avoid last minute craziness near christmas is thinking about my christmas shopping list now. In fact, I already have a few things for my sister! Check!

(this has almost nothing to do with this post except for the bow on his head.)

My favorite places to shop for gifts are Target, Bath & Body Works, Crate & Barrel (you can find really cute little kitchen gadgets that are inexpensive), and Francesca’s. Most of these stores offer a wide range of crowd pleasing gifts. I tend to be a practical gift giver. In my eyes, gift cards are always welcomed. But, it’s much more interesting to open a gift with a candle, or a new utensil than an envelope with a gift card.

Shannon is here to share another option for your Christmas shopping endeavor:
Did you know there’s only 44 days until Christmas?! Have you finished, or even started, your shopping? If not, Stella & Dot can help! We have plenty of styles for every lady on your list, from your daughter to your best friend to even your mother in law! Even better, half of our line is under $50! And everything comes gift-giving ready in adorable, stylish boxes, so no wrapping necessary! Take a look at everything we have available at my website and give the gift of style this Christmas!
As a bonus, exclusively for The Small Things Blog readers, I’m offering 10% off all orders $100 and over through December 11th! In order to take advantage of this fantastic offer, you must email me (shannon.engley@gmail.com) or give me a call (678-314-2276) to place the order. Orders placed through my website, while greatly appreciated, don’t apply.
Interested in getting your holiday shopping done for free?? Let’s do an online trunk show! Your friends and family get their shopping done, and you get something sparkly just for you! Interested in being surrounded by all of the beautiful jewelry all the time? Let’s chat about becoming a stylist!
I wish you all a wonderful and blessed holiday season!


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Reese and Leigh says · 11.10.11

I started my shopping last weekend- I am only shopping for 6 people this year – so happy my list is short! I have some gifts already on their way, I LOVE online shopping.

Amy says · 11.10.11

I’m so behind this year, usually I’m almost done and I haven’t even begun!!! I found you on The Brown Eyes Have It, love your blog and all the hair tutorials! I always look up hair tutorials for my daughter’s hair (she is always bringing Barbie dvd’s to me and saying “make my hair look like hers” lol) but I never thought about tutorials for me!! Love them!! I’m your newest follower! 🙂

Happy in red says · 11.10.11

In The Netherlands we hardly celebrate Christmas, but we celebrate Sinterklaas, whcih is on December fifth. So even sooner than Christmas, so even more stress!! Also I got it into my head go give people ‘meaningful’ presents this year, home made, fair trade etc… oh dear, what have I gotten myself into! Keep on posting pics of adorable kittens though, they make me laugh (ours is silly as well).

Shannon says · 11.10.11

I’m glad I’m not the only one that is running around like a chicken with my head cut off this fall. Good thing this chicken has cute hair thanks to all your tutorials!


Jessica H says · 11.10.11

I’m glad I’m not the only one who LOVES Target and Francesca’s!

cookie says · 11.10.11

Damn, I hate Christmas shopping. I can never think of good presents. I have one for my sister though. But only because she pointed at it and said “I want that for Christmas”. How do people ever get good ideas for presents?

Alyssa Snowden says · 11.10.11

You convinced me to sign up for Birchbox! And I CANT WAIT until it gets here!

Love your blog and may even someday start my own!