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Heading back home. . .from home. . .

Today is the last day that my sister and I are home. It’s been a busy busy weekend but we’ve had a great time. I got to see an old friend on Saturday, and then we spent yesterday in the city!

I knew this trip was going to be great since we started it off with Giordano’s on friday night. This, my friends, is the best chicago style pizza around. There tends to be a bit of debate about which is the best, but rest assured–this is it.

If you aren’t familiar with chicago style pizza and you are confused by the seemingly lack of cheese in the photo below–don’t be mistaken. There is tons of cheese. . .right underneath that layer of sauce. And sometimes another very thin layer of dough between the cheese and sauce, not including the substantial crust.


I could keep going about the pizza but I’ll spare you.

Yesterday my mom, dad, sister and I swung by Chicago on our way home from Michigan. It was a picturesque day. We walked around Michigan Avenue for a few hours, then ended the trip with a Sprinkles Cupcake. It was delicious. I chose the Milk Chocolate and it lived up to the hype!

In other news, I organized my Pinterest boards and picked pretty board covers for all of them. I just had to get that out there. Feel free to comment below telling me how nice it looks (it took about 2 hours!!!!!!).
(I also started a board called “In My Closet” where you can find a lot of the items I wear on a daily basis and also in “outfit” posts here on the blog. If for any reason a link is broken here, check that board if you are curious about a specific item)

I also took advantage of some time in the car to map out some blog post ideas for the next several weeks. I have a few more Beauty 101 posts and am planning on doing a fall version of “30with30”, but just doing “15with15”. Thirty was a lot. It was a great challenge, but I felt like it dragged on by the end. I think 15 outfits with 15 items will still be a good challenge and hopefully push my creativity a bit!

I’m planning on working a hair tutorial in this week since I didn’t have time to get one done for today! It’s funny, I would have guessed I did most of my work during the week for the blog, but it turns out I used a lot of the weekends too. Loosing two weekends back to back has really thrown a wrench in my schedule! Don’t get my wrong–they’ve been great travel weekends, just not great for blog post deadlines!

Thanks for your patience with my crazy schedule. Looking forward to getting back into the flow this week!