30×30, Week Five

The Sideways French Twist
I had one little day this past week to take my 30×30 pics and that happened to be yesterday.

After I had already shot my next hair tutorial. 
And I try to keep those quiet until Monday’s so I thought about posting all my pics today like this:

EXCEPT—what it wrong with this picture?

I spelled peek wrong. Dang it. But I’m sitting at my laptop (without photoshop) and I can’t fix it. Don’t judge. Maybe I’m just trying to get this Twitter user riled up again: @StealthMountain 
He’s tweeted at me a time or two.
Anyway, consider yourselves warned. This hairstyle is next week’s hair tutorial! 

On to the outfits. . . 

I find myself wanting to wear my pink skirt a lot. Most of the tops I chose for my 30×30 will pair nicely with this skirt, so it’s easy to work with.

A typical outfit for me involves stripes. And cropped jeans.

I was feeling brave (and bright!) for my last outfit. This is quite the colorful combination, but somehow I think it works. Since I was wearing pink + coral from head to toe, I had to wear my Adina Necklace from Stella & Dot. I mean, it just fit perfectly!

I’ve enjoyed the 30×30 Challenge so far! Most of the items I chose are simple enough that they can easier be matched with each other. And it has made me think outside of the box when it comes to different combinations!

See the original 30×30 post for info on where each item is from 

Are you joining us? If so, be sure to link up over at From My Grey Desk! We’ll choose our favorite outfit the monday after the link up, and feature it during the next link up! 


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Jolie Lex says · 07.17.12

I’d have never thought to pair those last two together, but it looks great!


still being [molly] says · 07.17.12

i LOVE the monochromatic look of that last outfit! SO fabulous!!

still being molly

Jennifer Colgan says · 07.17.12

Cute outfits!

Kimberly says · 07.17.12

I like the pink and coral from head to toe!

Andrea says · 07.17.12

Loving that color…….and your blog!!!!

Maria DaintyandDecadent says · 07.17.12

I love the different colors and patterns mixed in these outfits 🙂

Dainty and Decadent

Jessica says · 07.17.12

I just love that striped tank! And who would have thought coral and pink would look so good together? You really pulled it off — Go Kate!


Kathleen says · 07.17.12

I love your pink skirt! It’s so cute! 🙂 And I agree the two different tones of pink work well together! Good job!

Allyn says · 07.17.12

I’m wearing that skirt right now! Though I got it in poppy. It’s AMAZING how much goes with it. I’m glad I’m not the only one trying it in different ways.

Kate says · 07.17.12

I love your blog! I already have several of the same pieces that you feature. We shop at all of the same places! Thanks for some more great ideas…and for all the links to where things were purchased. Just ordered the teal jcrew bauble necklace off of ebay. Cannot wait to get it!!

Ponies and Pearls says · 07.17.12

The last outfit is definitely my favorite! A bold choice, but it clearly works! I might have to try that for a future 30X30 outfit!

Anonymous says · 07.17.12

cute jeans 😉

Anonymous says · 07.17.12

I’ve been reading you blog for awhile now and haven’t yet commented. Yours is one of the first ones I look at because its my fav! Love the striped tank and that last look! And… that stealthmountain guy is hilarious…I wanna tweet sneak peak just to see if he’ll correct me 🙂

Amy says · 07.17.12

I LOVE the last outfit! See, a little risk paid off!


Lindsay Patrick says · 07.17.12

I do love that pink skirt…it has me thinking it’s time for me to get a colorful skirt of my own 🙂

Lindsay @

Anonymous says · 07.17.12

Hi Kate,
I love your hairstyle. I want to get mine cut like that, can you please tell me what style is it called? What should I tell the hairstylist to cut as.

Cami Reschke says · 07.17.12

I think I like the pink and coral the best, funny enough! Not that I don’t dig a stripe and jean combo myself. I don’t think you can go wrong. 🙂

Kacie says · 07.18.12

I love all these outfits! I’m glad you spelled peak wrong we could see your hair 🙂 Can’t wait for the tutorial!


Alice @ Happiness at Mid Life says · 07.18.12

You top is so adorable! I love all the outfits you put together.


Victoria says · 07.18.12

Outfit 2 from this post is perfect!

Megan M. says · 07.18.12

That Stealth Mountain thing is hilarious… who would have thought he would have so much work?

Amanda fithian says · 07.19.12

Hahaha!! That’s all he tweets about? Correcting people about spelling it peak and not peek? “stealth mountain”…. That’s fantastic. I’m going to think of that every time I read/write that.

Maria @ All Things Luxurious says · 07.20.12

Oooh, love the last outfit! Definitely my favorite!

Tara says · 07.22.12

I love the grey stripes mixed with the coral! Don’t worry about the peak vs. peek thing. It gets me every time too.
Go Team Kate!


Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista says · 08.18.12

Loved the last pink on pink! Very cute! I have a similar pink skirt I might have to try that out with! Stealth mountain has tweeted me as well! So ridiculous! lol!

Anonymous says · 08.25.12

To the viewer, it appears that you mostly have solid colored pieces in your wardrobe but when you do throw on a pattern, it’s in a top. Is this a true perception?