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If you follow along on Instagram and watch the stories you may have seen me talking about Prime Wardrobe a few weeks ago. I don’t think I’ve ever received so many questions about something like I did for Prime Wardrobe!

Prime Wardrobe, if you aren’t familiar yet, is a risk-free shopping experience included in your Prime membership that gives you the opportunity to try on fashion items before you buy them. Shipping, including return shipping, is free and you aren’t charged for anything until you decide what you are going to keep.

Basically you fill up a box with up to 8 Prime Wardrobe items, which ranges from women’s clothes and accessories, to men’s items, and all the way down to baby clothes. Once your box is full, it will ship to your home. You have 7 days to try on the items and then you can decide what you will keep and what you will send back. You simply refill the box with any returns, stick the return label on the front, and send it back to Amazon.

It honestly was the easiest shopping experience of my life.

Nothing can beat the ease and comfort of trying on items at home so that was a major selling point for me. Not only does that remove any time crunch you may feel if you were shopping at the mall, especially with kids for crying out loud, but it also allows you to try different shoes or accessories on with an outfit so you can see it paired with items you already have.

I shared my unboxing on Instastories, but I wanted to talk a bit more about the whole process, including what I kept, here!

This pink dress was my favorite of the box. My brother is getting married at the end of the month, and I think this will be what I wear to the rehearsal dinner. It was nice to try on at home so I could find a pair of shoes that I already own to go with it.

I found two adorable dresses for Emily that are roughly a million layers of tulle–which is my favorite thing for little girl dresses. The boys already had what they needed in their closets, and I’m glad to have Emily’s outfit now so the kids are all set for the wedding.

I coudn’t resiste these black Steve Madden sandals that I’ve seen around a bunch but found them to run a bit small. I just needed to go up one half size or so and then they would be perfect.

 If you know anything about me, you know I love a grey t-shirt. It’s just so easy and can go with anything. I loved the tie waist from this one and have already worn it a few times.

To force myself from wearing a grey t-shirt or tank every single day, I added this pretty blouse to my Prime Wardrobe box as the final item. I felt really comfortable in it, and I liked that it was layered but not too heavy.

Overall, I had such a successful experience with my first box. I chose from a combination of brands I already knew and brands that were new to me when I was filling my box. After I tried everything on and decided what I wanted to keep, I simply placed the returns right into the box, threw the return label on the front, and dropped it off at UPS.

Again, it was the easiest shopping of my life.

In my box: Kate Spade earrings, black sandals, distressed denim, white blouse, grey t-shirt, pink dress; blue baby girl dress, pink baby girl dress

You can request an invite to start your own Prime Wardrobe box by clicking this link!


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Stefanie says · 07.21.18

Thanks for sharing your experience with this! So, the only thing you sent back were the shoes, correct? Did you keep the jeans?

Victoria says · 07.21.18

Hahahaha glad to know I’m not the only one who could easily live in grey t-shirts.

Leah says · 07.21.18

I did my first Amazon Wardrobe right after I watched your stories because that pink dress is so cute! It was so easy although I found the sizing charts to be off. I had to send back most of the items because they were way too big. Except I kept that cute pink dress! 🙂

Crystal says · 07.21.18

I’m not really on Instagram, so I didn’t see your stories, but coincidentally, I just got my first box this week. I was trying on bras and new sizes of bras. In the store if I’m trying on bras they seem okay, but as soon as I get home and really start moving around I find I don’t like them as much afterall. With my wardrobe box, one bra I immediately didn’t like, but there was one that I actually was able to ‘test’ for a little bit in doing things around the house and found that again…it wasn’t that great after 20 minutes. I LOVED how easy the whole process was even if I didn’t end up keeping anything from it. I will definitely be doing it again, though!

Kate says · 07.22.18


Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 07.21.18

Thank you for sharing your experience! You look good! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Lesley says · 07.21.18

Wow you really suck at picking out clothes dont you? You need to hit the Nordstrom sale and have a SA help you shop! Size up in jeans, they shouldn’t look like you are squeezed into them. And enough with the ugly booties and sandals. Maybe instead of shopping online you should play with your boys. You remember you have 2 other kids right?

Kirsten says · 07.21.18

Kate, I hope your don’t take this comment seriously and I hope you delete it from your page. This type of hate doesn’t belong here.
You keep doing you!

Michele says · 07.21.18

I Agree, Kirsten! Also, this individual didn’t make proper use of commas. I make it a point never to listen to comments made by someone with poor grammar😉

Kate says · 07.22.18


Kate says · 07.22.18

Thanks Kirsten–some people just feel the need to lash out for some reason. . .but I think that’s more a reflection of them than it is of me.

Katy says · 07.21.18

I also agree. What a waste of her time and ours to read this mess. You choose to post, we all choose to follow. Readers also have the option to unsubscribe- so I hope you block her! I’m appalled how ugly some people can be in sharing their opinions.

Karen says · 07.21.18

What is wrong with you? You need to unsubscribe if you don’t like what Kate chooses to wear! Don’t be so mean!
It seems like you are a very unhappy person…I’ll pray for you!

kelli says · 07.24.18

This is a horrible comment. Kate, maybe this is how you know you’ve reached celeb status? Trying to find a positive here 🙂

Elizabeth Mayberry says · 07.22.18

Yes! I just did one too and I loved it for trying on sizes! I am always between in shoes so it was SO helpful!

Megan Smith says · 07.23.18

Never ceases to amaze me how hateful the internet trolls can be! Maybe we should all remember what our mamas taught us– if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!

Kate, have you tried stitchfix? It’s a very similar setup that lets you try on clothes at home, however they are picked out by a stylist. I don’t always love everything they send, but it’s always a fun surprise! And I agree, can’t beat trying on at home! Especially when return shipping is free! I have not tried prime wardrobe yet but need to give it a try!

Oh and by the way, I actually thought the picture in jeans was very slimming! 🙂

Natalie Redman says · 07.23.18

This actually sounds so good! Gonna hop onto my partner’s prime account tonight and have a go!

Mandy says · 07.23.18

I love the idea of this! I tried stitch fix a few times and HATED it. I never would have thought to check Amazon for cute clothes until a few fashion bloggers I follow started sharing stuff from there. I’ll have to try this soon!

Louisa says · 08.03.18

I’ve been holding off on trying Prime Wardrobe as I had my doubts. You’ve definitely convinced me to pull the trigger, so thank you!

Erica Lewis says · 08.16.18

I had no idea Amazon had this feature. The biggest problem with ordering clothes online is the often difficult return process if they don’t fit. This makes it so much easier.

Inga says · 08.20.18

Thank you for sharing this. I didn’t know Amazon launched this program. I believe this will change fashion industry.

Paul says · 09.11.18

you are eautiful