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My mom bought me the Magnolia Table cookbook this spring. I’ve made the three cheese quiche (oh my goodness it’s delicious) and can’t wait to try more recipes!

It’s peach season here in North Carolina. One of my favorite desserts is grilled peaches topped with vanilla ice cream. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Need to control some frizz in the humidity? Try this!

I know this is hair fragrance but I’ve just been spraying it on my body it smells so good.

This looks like a perfect summer salad.

Do you have acne prone skin? Even though my skin is more dry/dehydrated, I still enjoyed reading about Merrick’s skincare routine now that she’s found something to work for her!

An easy tank to throw on in the summer.

Keep these tips in mind if you are running on low sleep.

A pretty minimalist necklace.

If you like avocados but don’t have this tool yet you are seriously missing out! I finally bought it a weeks ago and it makes slicing it so much easier and quicker.

I love MAC paint pot but now I’m tempted to try this one by Estee Lauder!

We travel next week for my brothers wedding! I flew with just Emily a few weeks ago, but this will be our first travel day as a family of 5. Hoping it goes as smooth and easy as just about every single other flight we’ve taken–grateful to have easy travelers. And grateful for the Amazon Fire tablet for kids.


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 07.20.18

Love the tips while low on sleep! 🙂 I’m always sleeping at the worse times, in the middle of the morning, so this should serve me well! 😛

Have a great weekend, lovely! 💕💕

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Allie says · 07.20.18

That hair spray sounds wonderful. It’s so humid here right now I never know how to manage my hair and am always looking for new products.

Christina says · 07.20.18

After looking at the other blogs you linked in this post, can I just say I LOVE the fact you are looking at the camera in majority of your pictures? I think it conveys how down to earth you are or it somehow generates a better connection when reading the content. Does that make sense? Is it weird I commented about this? Probably… Regardless, I now deeply appreciate when you post pictures of yourself looking directly at the camera.

Kate says · 07.20.18

thanks! I appreciate that!

Shannon Mahaney says · 07.20.18

The peaches have been so delicious here in South Carolina, too!! How do you like Magnolia Table? I’ve been thinking about buying it but my husband says I have too many cookbooks!

Natalie says · 07.20.18

Go get it now! Ha! It is truly one of the best cookbooks I own. There aren’t many ‘weird’ recipes and most are just good ol’ home cooking. I’ve made the chocolate chip cookies, fluffy pancakes, ricotta pancakes, and a few other things. I’ve been married 11 years and my husband said those were the best pancakes I’ve ever made and I would 100% agree!! 🙂

Felicity says · 07.20.18

I’m honestly so excited that you did a links + loves post! They’re honestly my favourite post that you do and I miss when you did them weekly! I’ve been reading your sister’s Coffee Conversations posts but reading both this morning has been wonderful. I hope you have a blast at your brother’s wedding next week!

Felicity |

Mandy says · 07.20.18

What type of eye shadow base do you use for CREAM eye shados?

Kate says · 07.20.18

I usually do not use one but any normal cream eyeshadow primer would work!

Deb Darby says · 07.20.18

Hi Kate! I have a question about Emily’s check-up for hip dysplasia. My first grandchild was born on July 2nd, and he was breech, too. My son says he was checked right away for it, but I’m wondering if Emily was too; and does Dylan need to be checked again? Thank you for trying to answer. I know you’re super busy, Love!

Kate says · 07.20.18

The doc kept an eye on her hips at all her appointment but said 6 weeks is about the time they do an ultrasound. Have him ask his pediatrician!

Colleen says · 07.20.18

Hi Kate!

Just wondering if that amika hair fragrance smells similar to their texture spray? It’s always difficult to buy fragrance without being able to test it!


Bonnie says · 07.20.18

Did we know you have a brother???!!! I’ve been reading your blog for YEARS. Hope the flight goes smoothly.

Bethany Gugliano says · 07.20.18

I am so curious about Merrick’s recommendation about the derma roller. If you ever gave that a try, I’d love to hear about it!

Rachel says · 07.23.18

Any recommendations for Amazon Fire apps for a two year old? I just scooped one up during Prime day and have no idea where to start!