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I wrote about coordinating undertones with blush and lipstick here, but I wanted to share a quick hack for times that you may be traveling or simply don’t want to buy another blush!

I’ve been wearing NARS liquid blush a lot this summer and typically pairing it with a bright, cool pink lipstick like Rebel from Nudestix. It’s easy and I love the cool pink against my summer skin color.

Occasionally I’ll wear a more bold lip color, and I’ve been loving Peche by Bite. It’s a warm orange-y tone that looks great with this bronzey eyeshadow stick (shade Burnish). For a more sheer, lighter color I’ll grab my favorite fresh Lip Treatment in Punch. I wouldn’t wear the NARS blush with it, so I wanted a warm blush shade that would pair better.

Instead of searching for a new one, I simply swirled my blush brush in the blush and then immediately swirled it into my bronzer. The result was a nice warmer, more terra cotta version of the blush. It fit in with the warmer tones and didn’t cost me a single cent.

blush: Entertain, bronzer: 1, brush: #99

If you are traveling soon and want to lighten your makeup bag, just pack a bright pink blush and your bronzer. Mix the two together, like I did, for days you are wearing a warmer lip color, and use the blush alone when you are wearing a cool pink lipstick!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 07.19.18

Good idea, I’ve tried it once or twice myself! I love using other products for blush. Saves a lot of money for me since I’m not a makeup junkie in general! 🙂 ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Michele says · 07.19.18

I’m all about packing light, so this is a great hack!

You mentioned liquid blush…can you share how to apply it and/or cream blush? I’ve been wanting to try it but struggle with color choice and the thought of possibly looking like either and old timey clown with twin circles on either cheek or a rose-colored football player using blush instead of grease under the eyes😂

Allie says · 07.19.18

I love b,ending together my makeup to get more bang for my buck. These two colors look really lovely together as well! If you want another combo I’ve been pairing my CH bronzer with my light pink blush recently, it mixes well too.

Kate says · 07.19.18


Jessica Taylor says · 07.19.18

I’m always struggling with if Orgasm is a warm or cool tone. I know it’s peachy-gold but I have cool-toned skin and I feel like it compliments me. I’m always worried that my face is a mess because I’m mixing tones, haha! What do you think??

Kimberly says · 07.19.18

Your hair is gorgeous! What flat iron do you recommend?

jodi says · 07.19.18

Girl, your lipstick and nail polish are identical!

Lisa says · 07.20.18

Love the lip color and your hair! Is it shorter? I wish you would go shorter for a change and help us shorter hair girls with ours!! : )

Sun's Out Beauty says · 08.30.18

Your blog is very amazing . I also tried it once or twice myself!

Sharon Bryan says · 07.22.19

What a good tip. I’m always learning from you. And BTW did you ever find a solution/reason for the pinholes in tee shirts? This was discussed months ago on Instagram and I’m still getting holes. Had to throw away a tee last week. Thanks Kate. You look so great in this post. XO Sharon