30×30, week 10

Beauty 101

The 30×30 challenge is OVER! And my sister and I successfully came up with 30 outfits from 30 items of clothes/accessories/shoes. 

It was a little difficult in the end, but nothing a little time and experiementing couldn’t help. I did feel like my clothes got repetitive in the end. . .but. . .that was probably bound to happen anyway.

It was helpful to see that you can do so much with jewelry and layering. Adding a sweater to your outfit can really change it up.

I also noticed that I wear my patent grey wedges constantly. Love ’em.

Here are the last four outfits from the challenge: 

And now for a collage to show all 30 outfits!


My favorite outfit of all of them? The very first photo. 

When I skim through quickly, it looks like there might be a repeat or two in the mix, but different shoes or different jewelry changed up the look.
While I’m grateful that I got to really learn how far a few pieces in my closet can go, I’m ready to start sharing some fresh outfit ideas here on the blog.

Did you participate with the 30×30 challenge? How did it go for you?


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Jessica says · 08.21.12

I love your grey wedges! I’ve seen several bloggers with them and I wish Target would come out with them again.

Thanks for post your favorite outfit 🙂 I was just about to ask you. Nice job on this 30×30 challenge!


Wani says · 08.21.12

This series has inspired me to accessorize more. I have found a few really good deals on some cute necklaces and scarves and I am actually wearing them with a lot more outfits than I thought I would! Thanks!

mrsjamieduncan says · 08.21.12

I love the colors from the very last outfit! It’s simple and casual, but the sandals really make it look so put together. Thank you for doing the 30×30 and showing that we don’t always have to shop to come up with new outfits!

Katie Green says · 08.21.12

I love your casual outfits with the grey t-shirt! Props to you for coming up with thirty outfits. and I just wanted to share with the general public that the nearest target is 40 minutes from me…..tragic. 🙁


CALLIE says · 08.21.12

What a fantastic idea!! I may just have to give this a try.

Rachael {all things beautiful} says · 08.21.12

I love this idea. Do you have a post showing what 30 items you had to work with all month? Just curious to see what you had to start with! Thanks!

Kate says · 08.21.12

check the very first post!

Vanessa Jade Smith says · 08.21.12

Wow! All of your outfits are/were lovely! Fantastic project!

Cassie Mitchell says · 08.21.12

You did great! I love this first 2 outfits this week!

Sandra3619 says · 08.21.12

Im thinking of starting doing this right after my late Summer vacation, you are a true insperation!!

Anonymous says · 08.21.12

just gawgeous!! 🙂

Emily says · 08.21.12

Look at all the grey, turquoise, and coral you wear!

Lauren says · 08.21.12

I love the light blue sweater you are wearing! 🙂 SO pretty!


Hollind says · 08.21.12

I loved seeing this. All your pieces are classics, yet you look trendy in them. Beautiful!

jbricks says · 08.21.12

Great job! I don’t think I could do it! My favorite is from your post today, jean crops with white t-shirt, gray cardigan and the jcrew necklace!

Molly @ Perfume and Playlists says · 08.21.12

This was such a fun series! It really inspired me to play around with the basics I already own to create new outfits. I love the first outfit from today’s post because the color gray, cardigans, and statement necklaces are three of my favorite things!

Selma says · 08.21.12

That’s so inspiring!

Applebypie says · 08.21.12

I’ve loved being a part of this and also setting myself the challenge of no shopping for new clothes during that time too! All good, but ready for some new outfits myself now too! Thanks for all the fun! Claire x

Krista says · 08.21.12

Your grey wedges aren’t in the original post?

Gabyash says · 08.21.12

This was one of my favorites!!
I love your style and ideas, thanks for your dedication 😀

Emily says · 08.21.12

Way to go! (And way to stick with it!!!) I love your outfits. That pinkish pencil skirt is amazing and I want one!


Tiffany Miller says · 08.21.12

I love the color scheme in all 30 outfits! Neutrals with a pop of coral and aqua! I cant wait to do this challenge when we get home from vacation!

Alissa says · 08.22.12

Congrats on trying and completing this!

Emily says · 08.22.12

I am impressed! I don’t know if I could do it! I really like the idea of looking at all my clothes again; instead of continuing to put them together the same way. That cute little polka-dot top didn’t get much camera time, though!!

Heather says · 08.22.12

Kate I just think you are wonderful! Love your ideas and a big high five for all the wonderful outfits 🙂

Shelbie Riley says · 08.22.12

I absolutely LOVE the pink and orange color-blocked outfit! I will definitely be trying this! Congrats on a successfully completed challenge!

Haunani says · 08.22.12

I LOVE that you use mostly solid colors and I LOVE your accessories…especially the turquoise necklace!

E. says · 08.22.12

Wow! I think this really reinforces the idea that it’s important to invest in some classic basic pieces and build from there. Great job!

Lisa says · 08.22.12

I think it takes a lot of discipline and creativity to do this so well; obviously you have an abundance of both!

Sara Beth says · 08.22.12

I love the outfits with the coral skirt and aqua sweater. Aqua is a great color on you. All of the outfits are great, Congrats!!!

Simo says · 08.22.12

Congratulations on your blog, it is very useful and interesting!
Hello. Simo

Anonymous says · 08.22.12

My favourite is the coral skirt+striped top. You could even add the aqua sweater to that outfit. You always look so happy 🙂


Kelly Bartlett says · 08.22.12

Very cute! Love that you put them all on one post!

Amanda @ Eloquent English says · 08.22.12

I really don’t know if I could do it! Maybe for a week. LOL It looks like you had some great pieces put together for sure! xoxo

manthony says · 08.22.12

Just wanted to let you know a couple of things…

1. I’m a new(ish) follower, and I read your blog religiously! can’t get enough.


2. your look totally inspires me to step up my game… putting together cute outfits, trying new stuff with my hair, branching out with accessories… you name it!

Thanks for all the great posts, the cute style, and the awesome tips/tutorials – I’m hooked! 🙂

Anonymous says · 08.22.12

Where did u get grey wedges

JennMueller says · 08.25.12

I love your outfits and the way you change things up with accessories! I would love to see how you organize your closet! Do you have to share with hubs? I share with mine and I’m “taking over” the space we have! Love your blog and your daily posts! Keep ’em coming! 🙂

Karyn says · 08.25.12

What fun! Thanks for the photos – good inspiration!

aylakeremoğlu says · 08.29.12

Giyim tarzın çok hoş canım,ben çok beğendim çok muntazam ve hanım hanımcıksın

iheartorganizing says · 08.30.12

You are quite possibly the most adorable person on the planet. I wish I could have you closet crash me and help! lol! Pinning these inspirational outfits, I love love love them all!


Hannah says · 08.30.12

Awesome! I’m actually about to start that on Sunday!! http://www.talesfromatimeout.com

thewhitedish says · 09.29.12

Love this! Thanks for the inspiration! Now I’ll have to try it!

Kimberly Bonham says · 06.18.13

I love all these looks! Your style is so chic, modest, and sophisticated!

Janell Kremer says · 06.02.14

I just started my 30 with 30 challenge!
Thanks for the inspiration.

angie says · 04.25.15

Love your outfits!!! I know it’s been several years, but where is the cream tank form?