Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about hair:

How can I describe your haircut and color to my hairstylist?
As of August 2020, it is a midlength layered cut with a soft face frame.

Where can I buy the clear elastics you use in your tutorials?
I love Blax elastics. They make clear and black, and you can easily find them on Amazon.

Where can I buy the professional bobby pins you use?
The brand is Diane, and you can buy them here! The right bobby pins can be a game changer in hair styling. And be sure to put them in zig zag side down!

Where can I buy the products you talk about in blog posts?
I include links to products I mention in blog posts so you can purchase them. If it’s a hair product, search local salons. If it’s a makeup product, check Sephora, Ulta, or a drugstore.

Will you do a tutorial on cutting or coloring your own hair?
No, I believe that should be left to professionals.

How can I find products that you talk about on Instagram?
You can shop my Instagram here!

Questions about blogging:

What kind of camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D5300 with either a 50mm or 35mm lens for photos on the blog. The camera I use for more lifestyle shots is the Samsung NX500. I also use a 30mm or 16mm lens. I edit with Lightroom and Photoshop. On my iPhone I edit in the VSCO App

Do you have any advice for me as I start and try to grow my blog?
I wrote a 3 part series about blogging! Click here!

What is a sponsored/collaborative post? How do I know I’m reading one?
These are posts that involve me working with a specific brand or company. I’m either sharing my review of a product, or mentioning something affiliated with that brand. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some really great brands over the years, and am very thankful for that! I get to choose which brands I work with, and which opportunities to decline, and always consider the following factors when accepting a collaborative post proposal. 1. Does it fit in with the nature and typical content of the blog? 2. Do I like the brand/product/concept regardless of how lucrative the campaign is? 3. Does the message of the post line up with what I would endorse or write about in the first place?

Once I’ve decided whether or not to move forward with a collaborative opportunity, I mix my needs for the blog post, with the needs of the brand. For example, I want to shoot anything that shows up on my blog, instead of accepting stock images. Secondly, I will write it in my own voice. Brands, on the other hand, may have initiatives like “spelling out the entire product name” or including details about the company within the post. Both for brand awareness, and SEO needs, these are things that I oblige with in exchange for working together on the post.

In regards to deciphering a sponsored post, you will see a disclaimer within the post clarifying whether or not it is sponsored.

“I dislike the direction of your blog. There are too many sponsored posts.”
I have had the opportunity to monetize my content since early 2011, both with BlogHer ads and other collaborative opportunities. At one time, I learned the hard lesson of saying yes to way too many sponsored posts, and shared a post about how I was going to remedy that. Since then, I’ve been much choosier about what brands I work with here on The Small Things Blog.

At this time, I’m comfortable with the amount of sponsored and non-sponsored posts. Being a blogger is a very unique job and monetization comes in many, many different forms. You will find a mix of referral links, sponsored posts, and sidebar ads on The Small Things Blog. A permanent disclaimer lives on my right sidebar to explain referral links. I monetize my content because this blog is my job, and in order to continue providing free content, I need to be able to pay for the necessities involved in maintaining the blog.

If you have any questions about my monetization choices, please send me an e-mail! On that same note, if you are a blogger and are interested in learning how to monetize your content, I wrote a 3 part series on blogging here!

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