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Do you use affiliate links?

Yes, some links on the blog are affiliate links through which I make a commission. It does not cost you anything to click on or shop through my links. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to send me an email.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Free time, what’s that?! Just kidding. I love to play with my kids outdoors, I love to read, and I really enjoy being in the pool in the summertime. I enjoy traveling and cooking and going out to connect with girlfriends or family. I love movie nights with Justin and putting together puzzles while I listen to him play guitar after the kids have gone to bed. I’m happiest at home with a cup of coffee around my family.


Tell us about your family…

I am wife to Justin and mom to David, Luke, and Emily. We live near Raleigh, NC. David and Luke are 14 months apart and Emily is 2 years younger. They are all different with amazing personalities that I have the pleasure of seeing the older they get and I love being their mom.

Justin’s a fantastic dad and husband and runs his own drone flying business called Raleigh UAV.


What do you love about Raleigh?

So many things!

One. The climate. 

Two. The city-feel with access to beaches and mountains.

Three. Southern warmth, and I’m not talking about the weather.

Four. The food/restaurants.

Five. The flow of the city.

Six. The greenery and access to outdoor activities.

Seven. It’s full of great colleges, universities, medical care and has a strong research + technology market.

Eight. Lower than the average cost of living. 

Nine. Family-friendly with a great mix of community and privacy. 

Ten. It is continually highly ranked in “US best places to live” lists! 


How did you get started as a Content Creator?

I started over 10 years ago as a blogger and posting hair tutorial videos on Youtube and Pinterest. The job has changed SO much over the past several years and I’ve found that I have to be adaptable at every turn. If you’d like to know more about my career path feel free to read all about it here:

Behind the Screens: Influencer Business Part 1


How do you make money as an influencer?

Great question! I make an income in a few different ways and I really think it’s important to be transparent about being a content creator. This blog post will break it all down for you!

Behind the Screens: Influencer Business Part 2


How do you organize your closets?

One. Take everything out of the space. 

Two. If you want to buy organizational containers, keep the receipt!

Three. Ask yourself, “if I needed to, could I replace this one day?”.


Are you originally from the South?

No, but I’ve lived in North Carolina since 2006. I’m originally from outside of Chicago, Illinois. I got weary of the winters and was craving a change, so I moved down south and never looked back!


Where do you live?

I live in Raleigh, NC. I’m originally from Illinois, and grew up near Chicago! I love the South, but the pizza here doesn’t compare to Chicago Style Pizza!

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