7 Quick Steps to Refresh your Makeup for an Evening Out

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I attended a wedding of a dear friend this past weekend and had the pleasure of doing a handful of the bridesmaids’ hair for the day. I also did Allyson’s hair, which I was so honored to do. I’ve never seen a bride beam with more joy than she did walking down the aisle. I may never forget the look of absolute delight and excitement on her face. 

Since I worked all morning behind the chair, I knew I wouldn’t have much time to freshen up prior to attending the wedding. Between wanting to dress up for the wedding and also freshen up for a date night with my husband, I picked a few strategic makeup and hair changes to help transform my look from day to night. 

These steps are building upon an already full face of makeup. The coverage was light to begin with, but the basics products of my daily routine had already been applied.
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1. Dust a bit of translucent powder all over your face. Instead of adding another layer of powder or foundation, a translucent powder will diminish shine and add a fresh look to your face makeup.
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2. Apply an extra swipe of blush or bronzer to your cheeks. A little color goes a long way!
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eyeshadow: stila kitten
3. To bright up your eyes, add a light and shimmery eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes. You might be surprised how much this brightens up the whole look of existing eye makeup.
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4. Add a little bit of darkness to the crease of your lid. Without going too “smokey”, this will add some depth to your eye makeup.
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eyeliner: Stila Stingray
5. Flick out the corners of your eyeliner by adding a subtle cat eye. You can also line the inner rim to give extra darkness near the lash line.
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6. Apply a bold lip stick. Nothing is easier for transitioning from day to night than adding a bold lip color. I thought it would be fun to wear a color that may fall into the Radiant Orchid category this year! 
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top: Loft, last year
7. Add a few twists to one side of your hair, and spritz a little shine spray on your locks as well. The smallest little details can go a long way.

This entire process took less than 10 minutes. Not only did I feel a little bit fancier for the wedding, but it helped me feel fresh and revived for an evening out. 

If you don’t have the exact same products as I do, try to make do with what you do have! 


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    Nice!! Kate, can you please make a tutorial on how to apply lash mascara? I can’t put more than one coat, if I apply 2 or more always get clumps. Thank you. I love your blog and enjoy every post. XoXo

    • says

      Use a metal eye lash comb. The plastic brow/lash combo brush isn’t enough. Comb your lashes several times before, during and after mascara. Comb, curl, and comb again before applying mascara to get the best starting condition possible. Comb in between coats and after the final coat. Also, try different mascaras. Quality products definitely make a difference here (although some still are prone to clump no matter what – you just have to give them a try!).

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    My question is: Have you found an eyeliner that doesn’t fade away a few minutes after you put it on or leave a
    “shadow” above the lid in the crease area? I’m frustrated with liners that don’t stay put.

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    I think I’ve been doing a few of these steps when needed already, so it’s nice to know I was doing something right! The whole list you’ve written sure helps put together an all-around transition that I was missing. Thank you!

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    I love it! You make it look so easy. I enjoyed this post because I normally do make up and look nice for work all day… but by the time I get off I’m just ready for sweats and jeans…

    This seems like an easy way to look cute when I get home without a lot of extra work.

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    Love this post! I was feeling this way last year at a wedding. Pictures with family before the event looked good, but a couple photos I saw of myself after about 3 hours looked vastly different. Apparently struggling to keep 3 small children under control took its toll! I could have definitely put these tricks to use in order to freshen up and be ready for the rest of the kid-free (hooray!) night. Next time I will be using these tips. Thanks!

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    I love, love, love your earrings! I looked on the Elizabeth Ashlie etsy page, but didnt see those. Does your sister still make that earring?

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    Thanks for the tips! I just started using a luminizer to bring back a bit of glow to my face/cheeks after a long day of makeup wear. That combined with a little bit of eye shadow and a fresh coat of lip color makes a huge difference!

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    oh how i love this tips. i have just recently begun loving wearing lipstick. that small addition can make such a big statement. thank you for sharing.

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    Thanks for the tips for evening makeup! The pictures are very helpful, especially for a visual learner like me. You are beautiful! Keep up the great work.

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