High Five for Friday

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What up!

This was an oddly long week. Yesterday felt like friday all day but it was only thursday.

But now it’s friday so that’s all cool and the gang.

My mom and sister are livin’ it up in Florida this week. David and I were invited but I opted out. The little guy is a leetle too pasty to be out in public in a bathing suit.

No but seriously, I just didn’t think it would be a “relaxing vacation” with a 3 month old.

Nonetheless, it was a fine week here around the homestead.

I’m heading to Illinois again on Monday to introduce David to some of my extended family. I can’t wait. And based on how smooth our last flight went, I can only hope these next two will go the same!

1. My sister bought me this thin sweatshirt by Cynthia Rowley from TJ Maxx when I was home a few weeks ago. I love it! It’s now officially my “house shirt”. I wear it multiple times a week when I’m just doing things around the house. It’s also a shirt that I would rather David spit up on than something a little nicer that I wear when I leave the house. I used to wear house pants as well but I felt too lazy. So, jeans and my house shirt it is! 

2. Grits has been so dang jealous lately. It breaks my heart! Whenever I’m leaning over the crib talking to David when he wakes up, Grits comes running from wherever he was sleeping and meow’s ferociously at my feet. It’s really cute, but also heartbreaking! I try to give him as much attention as I can when David is napping or otherwise occupied. Grits sleeps at the foot of my bed, and when my alarm goes off, he comes up and snuggles closer to my head. He’s such a sweet little cat.

3. I woke up on Monday morning, stretched in bed, and pinched a nerve in my neck. It was practically paralyzing. I wasn’t sure I could get out of bed. Justin was in the garage doing P90x, so I managed to make it downstairs and told him what happened. My mother in law was “on call” that day in case I needed her, which was very thankful for. I put heat on it immediately and took Advil. I was able to get through the day just fine. I was really stiff and couldn’t turn my head either direction. I figured by Wednesday I would surely be back to normal! Not so much. It’s friday and I’m still not able to comfortably turn my head to the left. I know it will get better with time, but it’s amazing to me how a little pinch in my neck could cause so much trouble.

Here’s a photo of David just because:

4. Like I mentioned above, my mom and sister and living it up in Florida right now. My sister sends me pictures and tells me all that I’m missing and I reply with photos of what I’m doing. There’s not really a huge difference between lounging on vacation in Florida, and being a stay at home mom during another ice storm in Raleigh. 

5. My sister bought David some clothes from Zara before he was born and I loved them! He’s still just a little to small for them, but I think he’ll be able to wear them in the next month or so. We received a decent amount of clothes for him at baby showers, but I’m finding a bit of a void in 3-6 month and 6 month in my drawers. Each brand fits so differently, and David has become a bit of a chunk, so he’s pretty well out of 3 month clothes. I like the roominess and style of the clothes at Zara, not to mention the great prices, so I did a little online shopping for him! 

I hope you had a nice week! I also hope warm weather is coming your way if it hasn’t already. Is it just me or is this the longest winter in history?


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Sherry says · 03.21.14

David is just too cute……and so is Grits. Thanks for sharing your week and have a good weekend !!

Heidi McIntyre says · 03.21.14

Yes, longest winter in history!! Have a great weekend!

Amy says · 03.21.14

Good morning, Sunshine. 🙂 Love you. Love your blog. I’m sorry to hear about your neck. Have you considered visiting a chiropractor? It sounds like a vertebrae slipped and that’s what’s pinching a nerve. I’ve similar problems in the past and my chiropractor was able to give me back full range of motion. Either way, have a lovely day.

oliviajamie says · 03.21.14

I laughed out loud when I saw 4. on your instagram. What a great sense of humor you have. Be of good cheer! Warm weather WILL come!

kez cap says · 03.21.14

thanks for the update… that pic of you both is hilarious!! sorry to hear about your neck though…ouch!! please bring warmer weather.. I’m coming over the two weeks from Australia….

kez cap says · 03.21.14

coming over IN two weeks…edit!!

Kacia Hosmer says · 03.21.14

okay. now I’m scheming how I can get back to IL this next week…..

Also? Your face in that text photo? AMAZEBALLS.

Nina says · 03.21.14

Love the text between you and your family and your cute babe!!

Roxannne Cripe says · 03.21.14

I agree it has been the longest winter of all time:( My family and I are over it…. Have great weekend!

Jessica Gobbo says · 03.21.14

Do you think your cats adjusted pretty well to David? Do you do anything special to introduce them to David? Im expecting in July and have 2 precious cats as well and the one is high maintenance and sassy and I’m concerned she won’t adjust well to the baby. I’m so afraid she will become a mean/jealous kitty once the baby comes. Any suggestions? By the way, loved your pic you sent to your sister, hilarious! 🙂

Nanasnails says · 03.21.14

I really enjoy reading your posts about and seeing your pictures of David. I have loved your hair and beauty posts for a couple of years, but I love reading about your family, too. I am a grandmother of three (soon to be four), so of course I enjoy seeing baby pictures as well as sharing them. Your blog has a real nice mix of hair/beauty/family/real life posts and you have a great sense of humor, too. Keep up the good work! 🙂

Nicole Peters says · 03.21.14

Longest winter in history – FOR SURE! It is currently snowing here in Ohio. Just lovely. =( …… David is adorable. I hope your neck gets better soon. That has happened to me before – such an awful feeling.

Sarah says · 03.21.14

longest winter in history WITHOUT A DOUBT.

Ashley says · 03.21.14

Aw great pictures, your little man is so cute!

Xo Ash,
Sincerely Miss Ash

Kate Rowan says · 03.21.14

Man, you have a cute baby. Oh, and a cute cat. LOL.

StephjLessard says · 03.21.14

Oh my goodness! This post is awesome!! By the way, I copied your hair cut and love love love it!! I have now decided that I am a mid-length kinda gal. So much easier to manage. Have a great weekend. Stay warm. Winter is never ending up here in Canada as well. Nice one day, freezing and snowy the next.

Steph says · 03.21.14

David looks so much like you in that picture! He is adorable, and seems like such a happy baby! Have a great weekend 🙂

supertinyrobotfairy says · 03.21.14

Kate, I love your blog. I’m new to blogging and yours was the first blog I ever followed. Your high five for Friday is such a great idea: it’s easy to collapse into the weekend, and I love that you take time to remember your moments of the week, big and small, easy and tricky. Congrats on everything that you do!

Susanne says · 03.21.14

Who needs Florida when you could have snow?!? I live in Texas and even I am over winter!
If someone could recommend a good chiropractor, your neck will thank you. And you wouldnt have to go almost a whole week in pain!

Sarah @ 702 Park Project says · 03.21.14

I hope you feel better! I pinched a nerve in my neck a few weeks ago and after about 5 days of not being able to really move it, I went to the chiropractor…it was amazing!! I would definitely recommend it! Happy weekend! 🙂

Theresa says · 03.21.14

Oh its the longest winter ever! Today we were supposed to have weather in the 50s and instead I’m stuck singing “Do you want to build a snowman” as we experience a downfall.
ps David’s looking super cute and totally getting big

Aerin Downs says · 03.21.14

Those baby clothes are so cute and look so comfy aha! xx

BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

dxeechick says · 03.21.14

you’re probably right about the not-so-relaxing-vacation with a 3 month old. that’s how i still feel taking a “vacation” with my 3 year old!

megan okeefe says · 03.21.14

I did the SAME thing to my neck this week! Its still not the same but it gets a little better every day. I hope yours is doing better. That little boy is tooooo cute!! And those clothes are soo stylish. Its hard to find good pieces for boys.

Traci Hartmann says · 03.21.14

Love your kitty cat! He looks just precious…and then that ADORABLE son of yours! Love reading your blog each week! I read in one of your past ones that you are doing T25…I hope you consider sharing your experience with it and how you feel the overall system is. I am considering doing it at home (after having twins, I may have to do it twice a day and dub it T50!) Have a great weekend!!!

amypatan says · 03.21.14

I’m here in portland oregon and it feels like it’s been a crazy dreary winter! Too much rain! Ready for some beautiful spring & summer weather!!

amypatan says · 03.21.14

This comment has been removed by the author.

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle says · 03.21.14

I love your response pics to your sister! 🙂 I have done that to my husband before when he’s traveling for work and gets to do something fun (uh, waterfalls in Yosemite!). I sincerely hope your neck feels better soon! I have done what you described before and it was awful. Sending you thoughts and prayers for relief!

Jenni says · 03.21.14

My chiropractor made me promise never to put heat on an injury again, no matter how good it feels! Think about it this way — basic science — heat makes things expand while cold makes them contract. To reduce swelling, you have to ice an injury. Heating it only adds inflammation to the area. I felt all silly when she told me that. 🙂 Hope you feel better!

Esther says · 03.21.14

So, you put an s in Lauren’s middle name on your link instead of a z, which sort of cracked me up because I totally understand why. My little sister’s middle name is also Elizabeth (Elisabeth?), and to this day, I still always have to ask her if it’s spelled with a z or an s…

Abi says · 03.21.14

Love that just because photo. hehe. Aw, I hope your neck starts to feel better <3

Unknown says · 03.21.14

Hi Kate, A couple of times a year this will happen to my neck, too. My doctor recommended a product call Tiger Balm “Ultra Strength” that’s commonly sold at stores that have a natural health department. It helped so much that I always make sure I have it on hand. I think it costs around $8.00 and you could probably order online (Amazon) too. I sure hope you’re neck is feeling better.

Taryn Keck says · 03.21.14

Omg I had that same problem in Jan when I was about 8.5 mos pregnant. Had to go to the ER on two different occasions. it sucked!!! End up finding out it was due to stress, I learned you hold 90% of your stress in your neck and shoulders. Hope you feel better!!!!!

Kalen says · 03.21.14

I laughed out loud at that picture you sent your sister when I saw it on Instagram, you two are hilarious! Bring some warm weather up to Illinois, would ya?

Myranda Golla says · 03.22.14

The “pinched nerve” feeling in your neck is most likely a vertebrae that is misaligned. Seeing a chiropractor can correct this problem, not only for you neck, but for your whole body, especially since you’re body has been through so much lately! We consider carrying a child and birth (both c-section and natural) to be trauma on the body. You are probably due an adjustment! Hope you get relief!

-“Dr. G” D.C.

Tolis Papageridis says · 03.22.14

Those baby clothes are so cute!


live!laugh!love says · 03.22.14

Sorry about your neck, I just did something toy back earlier this week picking up my 2 yr old. Anyway I just recently discovered these Jamberry nails….they are like stickers u put on your nails and I have just put my first set on but I love them..they r different but they have lots of super cute colors and patterns even the orchid in solid and in some prints they are suppose to last a while anyway they have a website I’ll let u know how Kong mine last.

gypsie sister says · 03.23.14

Zara baby clothes are the cutest! David is such a handsom little guy. Hope your all having a lovely weekend.


ARJUN SWAMY says · 03.23.14

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Anita Finn says · 03.24.14

I hope your neck is doing better! I used to work for a chiropractor (almost 7 years) and the #1 thing we told patients was never apply heat to an acute injury. Always apply ice for 15 minute intervals. Heat will actually cause the pain to be worse.
If your neck is still bothering you I would suggest a trip tot he chiropractor. If that is not for you, because I know some people do not like chiropractors, I would suggest looking online for simple stretches to do.
David is adorable and growing so fast! I hope you guys have a wonderful and blessed week!

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