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I’m attending a wedding this weekend and have been thinking about what I’m going to wear for a few weeks.

I’m not back to my pre-pregnancy weight, therefore I only have a limited number of options to choose from (without buying a new dress!).

This raspberry colored dress from J.Crew Factory has been a favorite of mine in the past. Since I need a little help in the “waist” area, I like that this automatically gives me a waist simply by the way it’s gathered.

 photo dress1.jpg
dress is sold out, but this is another fav! *don’t you hang your clothes on your shutters too?!?!?!

I purchased the shoes on Sole Society. Have you checked that website out? I’ve found a handful of shoes that I really like and the prices are pretty darn reasonable. 

These grey pumps caught my eye for a number of reasons. One, they were grey. Two, they weren’t too high. It seems like all the pumps I find these days are at least 5 inches, so it was refreshing to find some really sleek ones that were only 2.5 inches!

 photo shoes1.jpg

While I was looking for pumps, I stumbled across these flats from the Julianne Hough collection and immediately threw them in my cart. They are pretty comfortable and I have a feeling I’m going to wear them a lot this spring.

 photo flats.jpg

If you like shopping online, and are looking for shoes, check out Sole Society. They have accessories, bags and jewelry too, and nearly everything is priced under $100.

*this is not a sponsored post. I purchased these items myself. There are affiliate links in this post.


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debbie MAXWELL says · 03.20.14

I am so busy in setting up my wedding and really not confident about, what to wear for my wedding day, someone suggested me Maggie Sottero Wedding Dresses. I tried few dresses and they were looking nice.
Flirt By Maggie Sottero

JAK says · 03.20.14

Love your style! Thanks for sharing!

Annie {} says · 03.20.14

I adore those gray heels! Are they comfortable enough to wear all night/dance? I have a few weddings coming up, and these look like they would be perfect! xo

Kate says · 03.20.14

I think they will be but if they aren’t I’ll update the post!

Toronto Airport Transportation says · 03.20.14

love the shoes, but the flat ones are cool. do u have shipping in asia?

Toronto Airport Transportation says · 03.20.14

love the shoes, but the flat ones are cool. do u have shipping in asia?

Adria says · 03.20.14

Lovely dress, also the heels are great!

Lindsay says · 03.20.14

Grey! My all time fave….my mother used to roll her eyes year after year during back-to-school shopping as I chose one grey thing after another.

Devin says · 03.20.14

I think that post-pregnancy style is really difficult because you’re pretty much dressing an entirely new body, whether you’re back to your pre-pregnancy weight or not. I really struggled after I had my daughter almost three years ago. I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant and dressing myself after this baby is born is definitely not something I’m looking forward to. I’ve been hoping that you would post some post-pregnancy style posts for some inspiration. That dress is beautiful.

Christina Storm says · 03.20.14

Perfect look! Love that dress!

The Style Storm
<3, Christina

Maggie Baker says · 03.20.14

I totally agree with you! I was actually looking for some heels that look like your grey ones but everywhere I look they are at least 5 inches high… I ended up not purchasing any heels because I value comfort more than the height of a heel ๐Ÿ˜›

Lovely.Smitten says · 03.20.14

Thanks for the store recommendation! Always looking for decent priced shoes and bags ๐Ÿ™‚

Donna Forcier says · 03.20.14

Please post a picture of you all dressed up (hair and makeup too) for the wedding!

Theresa says · 03.20.14

Beautiful dress! and I agree we’d love to see you all dressed up ๐Ÿ™‚

But the more important question is what is the little man wearing to this big event??

Sarah @ 702 Park Project says · 03.20.14

I love love love Sole Society! That have such a great shoe selection, and you can’t beat the prices! I love their bags too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Carolina Little says · 03.20.14

Love them, but I am always concerned of rain! Every time I am browsing things online I think of all the possibilities and I ended up not buying it. Does that happens to you?

elliesam says · 03.20.14

Oh yeah – that would be a fantastic color for you!

One word of caution: Pregancy sometimes changes your feet. Of course if it had you prob would have noticed something by now. But to be on the safe side, walk around the house in those shoes for a little bit before you go out in them.

– says the girl who had to get rid of ALL her shoes after her two babies because my feet went up a size. ๐Ÿ™

Lar says · 03.21.14

Same thing happened to me! Luckily my feet only went up about half a size. I didn’t really notice until about a year after I gave birth (probably because I mostly wore flip flops and sneakers for that first year. :). But yeah, buying dressier shoes and anything that’s more fitted makes for interesting shoe shopping because I have to try on about three different sizes to get the right fit. Didn’t know that was going to happen, especially since my feet were totally fine during my pregnancy and immediately following it. Weird stuff.

Shae Abell says · 03.20.14

Love the dress and heels! I hear you on the post-pregnancy body. My Kate is a week older than David. I’ve been working with a trainer and just now feeling comfortable in my clothes. Also what color nail polish were you wearing in yesterday’s post?

Lisa says · 03.20.14

Where is that gorgeous necklace from?

Jennifer Marie says · 03.20.14

My name is Jenn, and the grey heels are named Jenn. Coincidence? I think not!! Guess who got some new shoes today?!?! Thanks Kate!

Megan says · 03.20.14

Although I am SO grateful I am able to breastfeed my baby it seems that only compounds the wardrobe dilemma post-pregnancy. Not only am I extremely limited in what fits or looks flattering on me right now but I have to also be able to breastfeed in it. It’s funny i don’t remember ever hearing anyone talk about this before!

Steph says · 03.20.14

Yes, this. I love wearing dresses, especially in summer, but I can’t nurse in a dress. ๐Ÿ™

Briana Favors says · 03.20.14

I’m now officially obsessed with this website. Found a cute pair of coral peep toes which would be adorable for Easter ๐Ÿ™‚

Nichole Josey says · 03.20.14

That dress/outfit combo is great! It is definitely springy as well! Have fun!

Lindsey Hemara says · 03.20.14

Super cute and modest. I love that dress!!

Amanda @ Marry Mint says · 03.20.14

Ummm Julianne Hough has a shoe line?! I need to get on that. I love the colors in your outfit! Th gray shoes are versatile and the dress is a really fun, pretty color ๐Ÿ™‚

Fiona Brooks says · 03.20.14 Reply
Small Town Sisters says · 03.20.14

Love the outfit! Have fun at the wedding! I feel ya about the heels — I like to wear heels for work, but 5 inch stilettos are not appropriate for what I do. Plus, I would probably face plant it all too often.

Kate W says · 03.20.14

I love Sole Society! I actually have those same heels on my Want List, so let me know what you think of them after you wear them!!

Leslie says · 03.20.14

I too would love to know how they feel after being worn. It’s hard to find comfortable heels and flats too.

amypatan says · 03.20.14

You need to dedicate a video to post baby style/ clothes! It’s so hard to find flattering outfits post baby!

kristinwithani says · 03.20.14

I am laughing about your shutter comment because that was my first thought! “Look at creative Kate hanging her pumps on the plantation shutters.” Whatever works and gives good light.

katandemme says · 03.21.14

I have a daughter a week older than David and I am so happy to hear that I am not the only one not back to my pre pregnancy size. I have ten pounds to go still and nothing to wear in the meantime! Oh well, babies are worth the small hassles that follow ๐Ÿ™‚

simmy jesser says · 03.21.14

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Reply says · 03.21.14

Love this outfit. Great dude. Thanks for share.

Emily says · 03.21.14

As an April bride-to-be, I fully endorse this wedding outfit! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kristina says · 03.21.14

Super adorable look, I love the pink/gray combo. Have fun at the wedding!

Kristina does the Internets

Gabrielle Crystal โ„›oseโ„ฌonniee says · 03.23.14 Reply
ARJUN SWAMY says · 03.23.14

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monika sharma says · 03.24.14

Loved your wedding gowns and shoes too!

Keebee16 says · 03.25.14

curious about how comfortable the heels were, i’ve been looking at them for awhile now and just can’t bring myself to do it!! the flats are a must though.

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The Giving Keys says · 04.10.14

Love the green and pink combo. And those shoes are great!

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