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Well I’m a little over 3 months into this new gig called motherhood and I happen to be a complete and total expert at everything.


Ahem, well maybe more like amateur struggling to stay afloat somedays with an occasional victory every once in a while. What is the most valuable lesson I’ve learned so far, you ask? To be flexible, patient, and to start every single morning with a fresh, new attitude.

I’ve also developed a love for certain products that I’m using a lot of now (burp cloths, baby toys, clothes, etc.) and I thought I would share a few of those with you today. 

Amazon Prime: let me just tell you. . . Amazon Prime is the bomb. My friend Allyson raved and raved about it for months and months and I was always like, “yeah, that sounds cool” but I never bit the bullet and signed up. I rarely shopped on Amazon. But now it’s practically the first place I look if I need things. From underwear for my husband to a new baby toy, the free and quick shipping cannot be beat. I haven’t ventured into the Amazon Mom realm quite yet, but I hear that’s pretty great as well.

Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs : David went through quite the spit up phase as we were trying to find the right formula for him. During that time I realized that no burp cloth could be big enough for the spit up that he produced. I nearly wanted to wear my robe all day over my clothes just so I could be spared of yet another outfit change for the both of us. Well, the Aden + Anais burpy bibs have come to the rescue. My friend Joanna gifted me a set and they quickly became favorites. The way they curve in around my neck means a little bit more spit up protection, and they are also really soft. Eventually David will be able to wear them as bibs (they have little snaps on them), and I’m sure they’ll be my favorite even then. #spitupisnasty

Pottery Barn Kids Safari Bibs : Again, the spit up was kind of crazy for awhile there so he needed to be in bibs constantly. We have since figured out a much better formula for him, but he still wears bibs quite often. These are my favorite because they are large but still soft. I found that the larger the bib, the more likely it had the “plastic” interior (which it’s useful for keeping them dry) and I didn’t like the stiffness. I also found that the spit up didn’t absorb as well into those and it would simply roll down onto his clothes. #fail 

Baby Einstein: Take Along Tunes : A friend of the family gifted David this toy while I was home a few weeks ago. And I was whispering “Thank you Carla” as I entertained David with it on the airplane. He loves the lights and the sounds. It has two volume settings and the songs last fairly long. He plays with this so much (and by plays with I mean I hold it in front of his face and he slaps it) that the songs play in my head well into the night as I’m trying to fall asleep. #motherhood

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles : We went through a few bottles when we were trying to figure out our favorites but ultimately landed on these. I like the small vent that lets the air out, and the nipple doesn’t collapse often.

Honest Co Shampoo and Body Wash : This is definitely our favorite as it produces a nice lather and smells delicious too! The scent is very mild, and we’ve never had an issue with David getting irritated from it (it’s natural and hypoallergenic too). 

The Woombie Air : This is the only “swaddle” that will contain him! It zips up the front, and even has a lower zipper for late night diaper changes. I like the mesh part in the front so he doesn’t over-heat. He may wriggle around a lot, but he never breaks out of this!

Aden + Anais Swaddles : Before we started using the Woombie, we would “double swaddle” David in two of these. I love that they are breathable and huge! I have a few stashed in my car to drape over the car seat if it’s sunny or windy, and I don’t feel like I’m suffocating him with a heavy blanket. I think we’ll use these for a long time. 

Do you have a certain product that you simply cannot live without? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Missy F says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    The Aden & anais swaddles are a favorite of ours too. My son who will be 4 in June *tears* uses these now as his “cuddles” (or lovie) 4 years in and they are looking more like swiss cheeses every day lol, but are very well loved and so so soft…

    • Adelia says
      Posted October 14, 2014

      The Aden & anais swaddles are a favorite of ours too

  2. Posted March 19, 2014

    NoseFrida! My son has the cleanest nose on the block! I was grossed out at first but quickly got over that when I discovered how effective it is! I use Little Remedies saline to loosen “stuff” and then suck it out, so gratifying!

  3. Becky G says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    Awesome list! The burpy bibs were a new discovery with our current babe, and they are totally worth it. I’d add on Sophie the giraffe once they get to the chewing phase!

  4. Kyllie says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    Me encanta la mantita, si fuera más grande me la compraba para mi jajaja

    Kyllie | Make Up Fragrances

  5. Posted March 19, 2014

    I wanted to cry when our swaddled kid started rolling over (wait–who am I kidding? I DID cry!), but the transition out of swaddle wasn’t too bad. We had been using a swaddle with wings (Summer Infant SwaddleMe), so when he started rolling from back to front, I would just leave a single arm out of his swaddle. Did that for a few nights to let him get used to it and then left his arms out completely but still kept him in the swaddle (Figured he was used to slight constriction around his torso, so we didn’t quit it cold turkey). Now he’s in a wearable blanket every night over his sleeper and I have never looked back. I had just ordered TWO Woombies for him just days before he started rolling (on clearance, so no return, of course) and was super tempted to try them out anyway, but when I read about kids suffocating because they couldn’t get leverage to lift their heads without their arms, I just packed them away. So not worth it. Good luck, when the time comes!

  6. Posted March 19, 2014

    The best bibs for when your son starts food is bumpkins. They are easy to wipe down and are machine washable. We are still using them at 19 months.

  7. Posted March 19, 2014

    The Take Along Tunes was and still is a life saver in so many situations! My twin boys are almost 16 months old and we STILL do not leave home without it. It is a go to gift for ALL baby shower I attend now too. The Aden and Anais burpy bibs are our favorite too!

  8. Julie says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    My son is two and several of the items you mentioned were our favorites too, but some of these are new to me. Maybe we will have the opportunity to try them if/when #2 comes! I did a few blog posts about some of our favorite baby/toddler items in case you are interested here are the links: http://www.thebaggettblog.blogspot.com/2012/05/baby-item-list.html

  9. Posted March 19, 2014

    My boy/girl twins just turned 17 months yesterday and the Take Along Tunes is probably the number 1 played with item in our house! They love to play the music and dance for hours!

  10. Devin says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    Love this. #2 is due for me in 7 weeks and we haven’t bought much since we have lots of things from my daughter, but I’m always up for suggestions of items I haven’t even thought about.
    Where is your shirt from? I really like it. It looks light weight for this strange winter-spring weather we’ve been having.

  11. Posted March 19, 2014

    The Lots of Links have been awesome, especially when introducing toys! They are great for attaching toys to just about everything and are great for chewing on as well πŸ™‚ super cheap too!

  12. Posted March 19, 2014

    Oh, I loved Amazon Prime when I had it. It quite spoiled me in fact. SO helpful as a mother to little ones.

  13. Posted March 19, 2014

    Aden & Anais swaddles are amazing! I received two sets for my almost 5 yo when he was an infant, used them constantly through his toddlerhood, used them through our baby girl-she still uses them at night, and now washing them up for baby boy arriving in June!!! And they still look fantastic, some of them with almost daily washings.
    If you’re looking for a slap sack in the future, GroBag is an amazing company. They’re UK based, but you can find them on Amazon and diapers.com. We had two for baby girl (a 2.5 tog for winter and a lighter one) washed almost daily, and they are still soft and colors still brith, with no fading, pilling,

    • Posted March 19, 2014

      Ugh! Rest of comment didn’t post! Anyways, the GroBags are amazing, check them out!!!

  14. Colleen says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    The Graco “Sweet Slumber” sound machine! My son has been listening to ocean sounds at night since he came home from the hospital! It also plays lullabies, womb noises, etc… and is a night light. The best!

  15. Joel says
    Posted March 19, 2014

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  16. Lindsey says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    Sophie giraffe, Angel dear lovies, Baby Comfy Nose, and boogie wipes!

  17. R2P2 says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    Take along tunes is awesome! So simple but so much entertainment for the little one — and the songs don’t make you hate yourself when you’re humming them later! haha Some of our favorite baby items have been Leachco Safer Bather and Halo Sleepsack Swaddles. Oh, and a Hungry Caterpillar soft book (with strawberry teether toy). That and the Einstein take-along tunes are our go-tos!

    A thought on bib absorption – I’ve found that I needed to wash a bib a couple times to get good absorbancy AND make sure I didn’t use fabric softener, since that has kind of a repellent quality. Obviously you’ve found something that works for you, but just a thought if anyone else is having the same problem!

  18. Posted March 19, 2014

    it’s pronounced Ah-nay. Aden and Ah-nay πŸ™‚ I had to call and ask since we basically own the entire line of everything.

  19. Jackie says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    LOVED your outtakes at the end. You’re hilarious!

    • Christina K. says
      Posted May 13, 2014

      I loved them too!!!!

  20. Posted March 19, 2014

    Hey also, I don’t know if you already knew this, or it’s already too late, but since your husband is still a student, you can get a student prime membership for half price! All the same benefits!

  21. Lindsey says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    I stumbled across your blog a week or so ago and I love it! I have two boys, the youngest just turned 1. It is amazing all the new things that come out between kids. I didn’t have the A+A swaddlers with my first but did with my second. They are now his favorite. the A+A small security blanket square never leaves his side (or mouth now that he walks around). Their dream blanket is amazing! When they start walking, I recommend the Y Bike. They can not only push it, but they can also ride on it one they are right at a year.

  22. Posted March 19, 2014

    I loved the woombie too! It was the only thing to keep her asleep for a good stretch. She hated going into and being in it until I got a bottle in her mouth then she relaxed and drifted off to sleep. If she wasn’t in that she’d wake up in 30-60 mins. We had to move to the Magic Merlin Sleep Suit (what a name!) after that because she was so used to the cuddly feeling of the woombie. Plus she used to only sleep in a swing (hated being flat on her back) so the sleep suit helped with the transition to the crib. There were a few really rough nights though. I hear you on the the spit up! My daughter just recently stopped spitting up (she’s 9.5 months old). She still has her days but for the most part it’s over. Burp clothes did nothing – we used receiving blankets to cover ourselves. My couch got quite the beating!

  23. Katie says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    That laugh at 8:00, DIVINE!
    I love how you are so down to earth. I also loved your pregnancy video. You could tell that you were excited and happy but still relaxed.
    Love love love your blog! Please more baby/ mother/ father related videos!

  24. Lauren says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    Tommee Tippee (after much drama) were the only bottles my daughter would finally take, love them! Also the Aden & Anais big muslin blankets are awesome for spring/summer to throw over the car seat or stroller.


  25. Posted March 19, 2014

    Loved the outakes! My favorite must have products are a mirror for the backseat of the car so you can see your babe while driving- I don’t know what people did without this! And also the Aden anais sleep sack. Its super light muslin material is a great light blanket for the warm summer afternoon naps and night sleeping.

  26. Steph says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    After the swaddle phase, I love the Magic Merlin’s Sleepsuit! It is pure magic! My baby goes right to sleep after I put her in this.

  27. Posted March 19, 2014

    When it comes time for teething, I highly recommend teething gel/tablets. Teething was one of the roughest points for me during my 3 year span of being a stay at home mom. If it weren’t for those (of course to each his own on the brand) I think I would have had to call in some help or maybe fall out crying myself. They really helped my daughter with the pain of them coming in and helped me survive it as well.

  28. Posted March 19, 2014

    I love Honest Co products just over the weekend I posted about their diapers. http://whatthekeckisgoingon.blogspot.com/2014/03/honest-co.html
    Have you tried them?? They come in soo many cute designs!!!!! My daughter is only 4.5 weeks old so toys and bibs are still in the future, but I am def gonna check these out. Thanks!!!

  29. Posted March 19, 2014

    FYI, Amazon Prime & Mom are the same thing – you just have to add “Amazon Mom” to your membership but it doesn’t cost extra. I read about it on Pinterest yesterday (considering it for when our first baby arrives in June) and apparently you get 20% off all the time on a ton of baby stuff including all diapers!

  30. Posted March 19, 2014

    What formula do you use for David? My son is a month and spitting up like crazy now with my breast milk. Not sure what to do.

    • Nikki says
      Posted March 19, 2014

      Rachael, if you want to keep breastfeeding, you might try changing your diet a little to see if something you’re eating bothers him! My daughter had major spit up (though it didn’t seem to bother her), and eventually I realized that when I ate any dairy products it made it worse. After a week or so of no dairy, she was MUCH better! Oh, and I only had to keep that up until she was about 7 months, then thankfully she outgrew her sensitivity. Caffeine is a common culprit, too!

    • Kate says
      Posted March 19, 2014

      We are using Similac Sensitive

    • Posted March 19, 2014

      Rachael, sometimes it is acid reflux and you have to add rice formula to it. Your pediatrician will be able to tell.

    • Posted March 19, 2014

      Thanks ladies!

  31. beth says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    We use closer to nature bottles too. The trick for the collapsing nipple is to make sure the valve at the bottom of that inside stem is not stuck closed. So when I make a bottle, I always give it a little pinch before putting it in to make sure it opens fine. No collapsing since I started doing that!

  32. Luanne says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    Our little guy just turned one and LOVES these blocks/beads more than anything. (http://www.toysrus.com/buy/girls-toys/pretend-play/fisher-price-brilliant-basics-snap-lock-beads-shapes-k7168-3074809) – we laugh that no matter how expensive or nice a toy is, he will go for the cheap blocks anytime. Or things like a balloon weight, paper towel cardboard tube, etc. πŸ˜‰

  33. Posted March 19, 2014

    Thanks for the recommendations. We’re expecting our first in July and just walking into Baby R’ Us and trying to figure out what to register for is overwhelming. Plus I absolutely detest clutter and hate the idea of having things we don’t need/use, but I realize it will take some trial and error to find out what works.

  34. Steph says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    Just curious which formula worked for you – my daughter won’t take the formula after breast feeding for 6 months. Any suggestions?

  35. Posted March 19, 2014

    My boys LOVE that music toy. I love that the music isn’t totally annoying, and the tunes last longer than the standard 10 seconds, they go on for a bit. LOVE LOVE.

  36. Erica says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    I love Amazon Prime as well – especially Christmas time! Beyond the great shipping and selection, the access to Instant Streaming video is pretty sweet too. After having to purchase a new TV, ended up with a smart TV with an Amazon streaming app. So between that and my iPad — lots of good selections on TV shows and movies for free with Prime. And access to movies early to rent/buy. Ah, technology!

  37. Posted March 19, 2014

    AMAZON MOM/PRIME FTW! I am just like you – as soon as I found out about this amazing service, I started ordering EVERYTHING! I use the subscription service for diapers and wipes and it’s SO convenient! I also love the Tommy Tippee bottles – I am back at work, so I pump and my daughter takes a few bottles during the day. The wide mouth makes it so easy to clean and I like how the shape is very similar to the breast! Great list of favorites!

  38. Kaymee says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    So funny, I just did a post on my blog yesterday, about our favorite things the first three months! For me, my absolute favorite item is the rock n play!!

  39. Posted March 19, 2014

    Tommee Tippee bottles were our fav, too! The nosefrida as previously mentioned in comments was an item I discovered late in the game but love!!!


  40. Posted March 19, 2014

    HILARIOUS end clips!!

  41. Theresa says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    I agree about Amazon prime… I never knew how awesome Amazon was until having a baby… being able to hold a sleeping babe and order the necessities on a tablet.. then they arrive in 1-2 awesome!!

    The life savor for me was the Nap Nanny… it is a magical little baby recliner… ok maybe not a recliner… but it is a little bed/seat that keeps the baby slightly tilted upwards. It was wonderful because he would sleep like a little angel and I could put him down and race around to get a few things done.

  42. Posted March 19, 2014

    Such a fun video, I loved it!!
    I just signed up for Amazon Prime a month or two ago and I’m wondering why I didn’t sign up a year ago when my daughter was born! I love using their subscription service for diapers and not ever having to make that desperate run to the store when we find out that we are out. πŸ™‚
    Also, until my daughter was probably about 6 months old, I used gripe water a lot with her. I don’t know why, but that stuff is magic. For a while, I would give a few drops to her every night before bed and she would just calm down and go to sleep within minutes. I love that it’s all-natural so I felt comfortable giving it to her as often as I did.

  43. alli says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    Try Gerber Soothe. It’s baby probiotics and helps a lot with their new digestive systems.

  44. Posted March 19, 2014

    Dr. Brown’s bottles hands down the best bottles on the market. Never even remotely had a nipple collapse and there is literally no air that gets to the baby. They are magical. I am due with my 5th baby (all girls!) in May and I’ve tried several different brands of bottles. Nothing compares to Dr. Browns.

    • Posted March 19, 2014

      Dr. Browns are THE best! I used them for my now 12 & 10 year olds, and am planning on stocking up when #3 arrives in July!

  45. TB says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    Amazon Mom is great too. You can have diapers (and other supplies) auto shipped every so many weeks. It helped me so much when my I had two kiddos to cart around. I never ran out of diapers. They even will calculate when your baby is expected to shift to the next size. They gave me a great discount so I never felt like I was missing the deals that the stores would offer from time to time. Everything was automated, but customizable. I even hear they would take your manufacturers coupons; although I never sent in any.

  46. Posted March 19, 2014

    My little guy is one month older than yours, and we too love the Nose Frida and also Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. It helps the transition from swaddling, a friend got it for me for my shower and it is awesome (and on Amazon!)

  47. Liz says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    Dr Brown formula mixing pitcher and bottle warmer! Awesome!!

  48. Posted March 19, 2014

    HAHA LOVED the bloopers at the end – gives us a taste of your personality! You should TOTALLY do that more often πŸ˜‰

  49. Amy says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    I get the swaddling thing and we figured out a solution that might help your transition out when the time comes! My son loved to be swaddled. BUT he was a tummy sleeper (still is 2 years later). I know, I know, it’s a no no. But he had really bad reflux and he just preferred his tummy in general. After crying and praying over him, we finally gave in and tired it and it changed everything. I mean, really, how silly. And most importantly, we may had to remember that our God is bigger than SIDS and He would protect Levi. When we were babies, our moms were told to sleep us on our tummies in drop side cribs and we survived right? πŸ˜‰

    ANYway! He was holding his head up the day he was born and was scooting up my husband’s chest by 2 weeks old but we were still concerned that if he got his face buried, he’d be in trouble so we would swaddle him with his arms out – the blanket we tucked right under his arms. He still got the tight safe sensation but had the use of his arms if he needed them. Might be a good way to slowly transition him from a full swaddle to swaddle free. It could be quite a shock to go from a full tight swaddle to nothing. Just a thought. And YES, the Aiden & Anis blankets are the BEST!

    • Amy says
      Posted March 19, 2014

      Wow, my auto fix really messed up some words there! Good grief! I do have a good grasp of the English language, I swear! πŸ˜‰

  50. Sara says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    Even though I don’t have children yet, you’ve totally got me wanting to get some Burt’s Bees baby wash. Who doesn’t love the scent of Fruit Loops?! I think it’s safe to say I’ve become addicted to the blog. lol

    And I completely agree with everyone else about the outtakes….good stuff!

  51. Posted March 19, 2014

    So many wonderful things! So much more than when my children were born! Continue enjoying the journey of motherhood. It just gets better and better and more sweeter!

  52. Kara says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    Here here for the outtakes! So glad I didn’t cut the video off early!

  53. Posted March 19, 2014

    Ha ha ha–I almost clicked off but thankfully kept watching till the end. You are so funny!!!

  54. Posted March 19, 2014

    When its time to transition David out of being swaddled they have a convertible woombie for that! Check out their website for more info on the different types of swaddles they have!

  55. Kelly says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    collapsing nipples is just because you have the nipple twisted on too tight…I know it seems weird to not twist it on as tight as it can but if you don’t tighten it super tight then it won’t collapse…just a little hip tip

  56. Katie says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    What about that awesome diaper bag that you wrote about? I clicked on the link but now can’t remember who made it for you. I loved the look of it. I’m PG with my third but am looking for a new one. Is it as functional as it is pretty?

  57. misty says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    super interesting! I have a 2 yr old, but am due in July w my second. some of these products were kind of on my wishlist w my first, but I never got around to getting them. I think you’ve convinced me that I need to make it happen w this next baby!!

  58. Posted March 19, 2014

    Great list! Love Amazon Prime. My little on hates to be swaddled but sleeps so much better when she is so we got her a Zipadeezip Slumber Sack. It works great! Also love the baby Baby ComfyNose Nasal Aspirator!! Works so much better!

  59. Posted March 19, 2014

    I’m laughing because of how many of those things I adore. I couldn’t survive without amazon prime and I have been proclaiming woombies from the rooftop. My first son went through a mega (and I mean like 4 month mega) crisis after ditching his swaddles. We put my second son in woombies and he transitioned to sleepsacks and no swaddles like a dream. Seriously…best invention ever. He’s actually still uses them sometimes at 12 months and 23lbs.

  60. Posted March 19, 2014

    This awesome – I love your sense of humor – totally reminds me of my sisters and I. You can see how happy you are when you write and speak about being a mom and your baby. And you know what – you have every right in the world to be happy. As a newlywed, I am looking forward to have children of my own down the road and plan to bookmark your baby posts for reference! Keep these coming – I absolutely loved it!!

  61. Rachael says
    Posted March 19, 2014

    Love these posts! I’m expecting in August for the first time and am totally overwhelmed with the choices out there. This will help narrow down my list! Keep them coming!

  62. Posted March 20, 2014
  63. Posted March 20, 2014

    Thanks for your thoughts, my niece is expecting and is due in July. I am getting a care package for her some of these things I will be getting her. Love the bloopers at the end lol

  64. Lindsay says
    Posted March 20, 2014

    DeeDee sleep sack, for the New Hampshire winters. It’s quilted, and big enough that I expect the ‘Large’ to fit my 22 month old for another year. I got one for my niece, too, and now she sleeps like a champ!

  65. MandyG says
    Posted March 20, 2014

    Love Amazon Prime… not sure if you know this, but if you go to smile.amazon.com you can still do your prime stuff (and still use your wish list and everything) like normal, but you can also pick a charity (from a list they provide) and Amazon will donate some money toward that charity with anything you purchase.

  66. Crystal says
    Posted March 20, 2014

    Loved your video. πŸ™‚ Okay, I also use the Tommee Tippee bottles and LOVE them. Have used/am using for both of my kids. I second what someone said about pinching the vent to make sure there isn’t any water in it…my husband gave me that tip when my SECOND child was a couple months old. Yeah…he could have told me sometime when our first child was using the bottles. I digress. If you don’t have the formula dispensers, you MUST get them! I didn’t have them for the first little while; I hadn’t heard of them or noticed them at the store. However, one of my friends gifted some to me and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! SO much better than the little containers with the rotating lid. I get so many comments from people who see me use these. They are just so convenient when you’re at the store and need to fix a bottle or at night (my lovely 10 month old still thinks he needs a bottle a night about every other night). Anyway, here’s the link in case you don’t already have them. : ) http://www.tommeetippee.us/product/formula-dispensers/

  67. Posted March 20, 2014

    I loved the Tommee Teepee Bottles too! They were fantastic and seemed that my baby girl didn’t get gassy after using them.
    So glad to hear everything is going well! He’s adorable πŸ™‚

  68. Posted March 20, 2014

    I love the Aden & Anais blankets too. My 2 (ages 2 1/2yr & 17m)girls still use them as their “blankies” now. They each have 8 I think. As the years go by and they get washed – they get softer & softer. They are amazing! David reminds me of my oldest when she was a baby. We switched to formula at about 6 weeks (to Similac Sensitive too) but that precious little girl could spit-up across a room. I also lived in burp cloths on my shoulder at all times and she lived in bibs. We went through multiple outfits a day – both of us. My step-mom & mother-in-law (2 fabulous sewers) actually made me very large, double layered, flannel burp clothes – and they were life saves (and clothes savers). I laughed out loud during your video when you showed the small cotton burp cloth – I think I received 3-4 of those as gifts and I just laugh at those in that evil laugh.

  69. Posted March 20, 2014

    “Fruit Loops. Not a question.” Hahaha I died laughing! The bloopers at the end were awesomeness! πŸ˜‰

  70. Posted March 20, 2014

    We love the Aden & Anais blankets in our house too! I am a mom of four, and there are two products that I wish I would have known about for all of our kids. The first is the Halo sleepsack…these are awesome anytime of year (they have different fabrics for different seasons) and I love being able to not use blankets in my son’s crib. The second is Robeez or Bobux (Target version-Ministar) shoes. I love these for 3 reasons…they keep little tootsies warm, babies can’t get them off, and they are the perfect shoe for learning to walk in. I can’t count the number of times in the last year that I have said any and all future baby shower gifts from me will include a Halo and a pair of Ministars πŸ™‚

  71. Evelyn says
    Posted March 20, 2014

    I love to read these reviews, that’s how I am selecting what to include in the registry. And just so you know, they have a transition woombie: https://www.woombie.com/convertible_woombie.html


  72. Posted March 20, 2014

    You are both hilarious and adorable.

    Outtakes?!?!?! I don’t remember outtakes in any of your other videos. I think that needs to be a permanent addition.

  73. Posted March 20, 2014

    What lipstick are you wearing in this video? It’s GORGEOUS! Also, loved the outtakes!

  74. Posted March 21, 2014

    PAHAHAHA!!!! Love the “outtakes” at the end! Best part.

  75. Posted March 21, 2014

    Loved this! Would love a review of your UppaBaby stroller and car seat!!

  76. Kelsey says
    Posted March 24, 2014

    Loved this video! I am 25 weeks pregnant and taking all the advice I can get. I already have a couple of Aden & Anais blankets and I added a woombie and a take-along tunes to our registry as per your suggestions πŸ™‚ Thanks for this!

  77. Posted March 24, 2014

    I agree with the others who said NoseFrida. It is awesome! What nail polish are you wearing? It’s beautiful.

    • Posted March 29, 2014

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