What is your face shape?

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You know how once you figure out the best style of jeans for your body, that everything just looks better? It’s kind of the same concept for your face. 
Learning your face shape will help you determine what haircuts are most flattering, and how to make up for what you may think are “problem areas”. Ultimately, your hairstylist should be able to tell you what your face shape is and help you choose a hairstyle to fit it.
The simplest way to determine your face shape is to pull your hair back in a tight ponytail, look straight into the mirror, and trace the shape with a dry-erase marker (or something you can wash off the mirror). Step back, and figure out what shape it is. 

 photo faceshape1.jpg

I like to be flexible when it comes to sticking to “beauty rules” so I hope you interpret these suggestions as options and not the only haircut you should have. Texture, layering, and color can all add dimension to hair and help a certain cut or shape work with any face shape. 

 photo faceshape2.jpg

 photo faceshape3.jpg

 photo faceshape4.jpg

For hairstyle inspiration, see what kind of haircuts these celebrities wear. That can be a great starting point if you are looking for something new!


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Meredith says · 03.18.14

So what’s your face shape? 🙂

Kate says · 03.18.14

I feel like I’m a mix of round and oval. More round than oval though!

Maggie Baker says · 03.18.14

So… what do you do when you’re a mix? I think I’m a combo of round and heart, that confuses me as to which hairstyles work better for me.

daisy walters says · 03.18.14

Oooh I’m not sure what I’d be!!

xxx | daisydaisyxxo

Kacia Hosmer says · 03.18.14

So apparently, when I was a little kid, I described people by their face shape! I’d tell my mom, “you know! the guy with the square face!” “it was the triangle face lady!” And now I couldn’t tell you someone’s face shape to save my life! ack.

Kate says · 03.18.14

That’s amazing. I should hire you as a consultant.

Katrina Crouch says · 03.18.14

Very helpful—always nice to know that I have the right hairstyle 😉
Could you do something similar for eye-shape? I’m the only one in my family with almond shaped eyes and I sometimes wonder if I’m doing the wrong thing! lol

Carrie Heider Grant says · 03.18.14

If you’re looking or help determining your eye-shape, this is the video for you. I found it very helpful!

Caitlin says · 03.18.14

That video was really helpful!

Heather Sands says · 03.18.14

I was just trying to figure this out the other day! Thank you for this post, well, thank you for your entire blog! I love reading it daily and trying out all of the tutorials! 🙂


Kristine says · 03.18.14

I believe my face is oval shaped! But I’m not sure.. I’ve had A LOT of different hair styles, but my hair is just so thin.. I had quite long hair until a month ago, then I decided it was time to make some sacrifices for my hair to look more healthy .. 🙁 But it’s something about cutting off hair that is so hard! Even though it looked awful… It’s much better now though! Though it’s so shooort…

Kristine says · 03.18.14

I don’t know how to comment from my own blog, but it’s http://www.kristinebs.com

Theresa says · 03.18.14

Perfect timing on your post! I am just getting ready to get a haircut! I’ve been trying to figure out what would be a good new look to try!

ourthreesons says · 03.18.14

I have a face shape you don’t have listed, Diamond, which is similar to oval but narrower forehead, pointier chin. I find it hard to figure out things like glasses for my face shape, that is the worst, but I would like to find the best hairstyle as well.

Abby says · 03.18.14

This is so helpful and I love how you placed the shape over the celeb’s faces because I can definitely “see” it more now! Thanks Kate.

xo Always, Abby

Nina B. says · 03.18.14

I literally can never figure mine out.I don’t know what’s wrong with me!! lol

Megan McMeans says · 03.18.14

I’m a square, which used to really annoy me as a young person because it somehow seemed to be “the worst” shape. But now I know I have the same face shape as some very beautiful ladies – Brooke Shields, Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde… How can that be bad?

Army Wifee says · 03.18.14

I’ve never been quite sure of my shape, I know I have a strong jaw line, so I’m guessing square, but not that I’ve gained weight it’s more round. Should your hair/makeup change with your size???

Lesley-Anne Sheppard says · 03.18.14

I’ve always had trouble with this. I think that I am an oval but my face is very small and I also have a really long neck. So it all looks like it is one long line to me. I also have super thick wavy/curly hair. I have yet to figure out what style suits me best and if I should go with a bang or not. I know I have to have layers and I hate having the ends texturized.

Abigail Hair says · 03.18.14

I’ve always had the most trouble finding my face shape, I always seem to be right between an oval, and heart.

Shaun MacDonald says · 03.18.14

This comment has been removed by the author.

Small Town Sisters says · 03.18.14

Love this post, as I am planning to change my hair style soon!

Kacie Jackson says · 03.18.14

I’ve never been able to figure out my face shape. Sometimes I think I’m oval, and other times I think I’m triangle. These photos make it make more sense, and the suggestion to trace my face shape in the mirror is great – so I may need to do that. I just know that if my hair gets too long, it makes my face look longer and it’s that flattering on me.

Mehreen S says · 03.18.14 Reply
J is for Jessica says · 03.18.14

What about a diamond face shape?

Annie says · 03.19.14

Thank you so much Kate for this suggestion. I always wanted to know how to find out the shape for my awkwardly shaped head!! 😛 If only I knew it was that simple….

May Argentum says · 03.19.14

Some people’s face shapes are easier to recognize than others. I always thought I had an oval face as my face is longer than a circle but lately I have been thinking I may have a diamond one.


Aerin Downs says · 03.19.14

I have a cross between oval and heart aha! xx

BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

sanja milanovic says · 03.22.14

I have a rectangle :))) Thanks for the good text! You can also ad the hair cuts next time..it would be great.

Breezy says · 03.24.14

I thought it was helpful to trace my face in a foggy mirror – no need to find a marker or clean it off! 🙂

Mark Smath says · 03.27.14

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wholehealthdork.com says · 03.27.14

Ugh, I have round. I always have and I wish I had something different–no jaw line, no cheek bones. On the plus side, people always think I’m younger because apparently round faces impart a youthfulness (think of toddlers and kids). It’s hard to find a style that complements given my thick, wavy texture that never likes to behave! But, there are plenty of worse things in life.

joshua says · 05.06.14

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pikavippi says · 12.07.14

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Komal says · 05.02.20

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