The Double Side Twist

I saw these twig bobby pins years go in a Real Simple magazine. Do you remember seeing them?

I fell in love immediately. 

So I did some research and discovered that the artist behind them has so much more than just twig bobby pins. She’s integrated nature into jewelry and hair accessories. 

I used her Tiny Twig Pins in this tutorial to show you how to twist hair out of your face, but still keep in chic.

This style can be done on almost any length and any texture. You can use plain bobby pins, Tiny Twig Pins, bobby pins with gems on them, etc.
If you don’t have bangs, just include them in the twists! 

Refer to this post to see what’s in my hair. 

My bottom twist needed to be adjusted after I finished the tutorial and it doesn’t look very twisted in the photos. But follow the video for a more twisty look!

shirt: J.Crew Fall 2011, Scarf: Old Navy, Summer 2011

Do you want your own set of Tiny Twig Pins? 

Woodland Belle is giving away one set (2 pins) of Tiny Twig Pins in pewter (the same ones in my hair)!

Here is how to enter:

Comment below telling me your favorite way to experience nature: beach or mountains?(with your e-mail address included

There will only be 1 winner, and that person will be chosen on Friday December 9th at 7:30a EST via Random.Org. The winner will be contacted via e-mail so don’t forget to include it in your comment!)

Good luck!

The winner is:

“I love the ocean, so the beach is definitely my pick!!”

Thanks to all who entered the Woodland Belle Twig Pin Giveaway!


  1. says

    I love to experience nature both by mountain and beach! I love the colors of the water with the sand and finding shells everywhere but also love to be on top of a mountain and feel like you can see everything because it is just SO beautiful! Love your blog!


  2. Anonymous says

    My favorite way to enjoy nature is taking my “crew” ( 2 dachshunds and 1 rescue mutt) to the creek behind my house. Watching them run free with ears up and nose to the ground at times makes me smile….


  3. Anonymous says

    Oh that’s tough, I would have to say both. I lived in California for a while and had the pleasure of both. mimsfam at gmail dot com

  4. says

    Very adorable pins!

    This is a hard question to answer as I hate being cold… I love being around water but prefer smaller bodies such as lakes and ponds. But few things compare to the majesty of a gorgeous mountain with snow. :)

  5. Anonymous says

    My favorite way to experience nature is with a mountain, although I also LOVE beaches. But when you go to a mountainous region and you look up, and the sky is so full of stars that you almost can’t tell one from another is my favorite thing ever. :)

  6. Anonymous says

    It would have to be the Rocky Mountains. They are so majestic and awesome! I can’t help but be in awe of them.

    jlburgart (at) yahoo (dot) com

  7. says

    Goodness I LOVE these! My favorite was to experience nature is by taking hikes in the mountains. I love to take in just the natural environment and take in the beauty of it.



  8. says

    I love the mountains and the beach, but if I must choose, I would choose the beach. I love ocean air and the sound of the waves.


  9. says

    LOVE all the posts today!

    For me, it depends on the time of year…beach in the summer, all other months- mountains!


  10. says

    I’m definitely going to try this today! Very cute. :) As for nature, I love both – I guess it depends on my mood. Right now I’m in a mountain mood, but I’m sure in a month or so once we start getting snow here in PA, I’ll be in a beach mood! 😀

  11. says

    While I love them both, the beach is my favorite!! There’s just something about feeling the sun’s warmth all over!

    heypooks at gmail dot com

  12. Anonymous says

    I would have to say I enjoy the mountains the best , being in the woods and camping is such an adventure , especially living in Oregon where we have plenty of it all around us ! It’s beautiful !

    -renee smith

  13. says

    I Love both beach and the mountains depending on the season but my favorite would have to be the beach!! Sand, sun, and the sound of waves! Live it!

  14. says

    I love BEACH and MOUNTAINS! My favorite vacation ever was going to Maine–a little bit of both.

    I LOVE these pins. Wow so beautiful! What a great giveaway!


  15. says

    The Beach. I live near the mountains and I don’t find hiking too relaxing. At the beach I can sit back and relax.

  16. Anonymous says

    I love these bobby pins! I also love to be at the beach. OBX especially.

    kelly.m.eastman (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. says

    I love both the beach and the mountains. I’ve been to a lot of tropical places and the beaches are no doubt stunning. While hiking a mountain is so rewarding and beautiful. I love them both and I love your blog!


  18. says

    This is such a great tutorial, and the pins are absolutely adorable. My ideal vacation would be at the beach. I love the sound of the waves and kids playing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. says

    I love going to the mountains. My husband and I rented a cabin in North Carolina for our honeymoon and can’t wait to go back one day!
    seecassierun at

  20. Emily G. says

    I lovvve that hair tutorial! I don’t like hair in my face, especially at work so I normally twist it back in a bobby pin. That twig bobby pin would look so cuttte in my hair! lol

    My favorite way to enjoy nature is on the beach with a girly drink in my hand!!

  21. Anonymous says

    So this is definitely a tough one…both have great things to offer but I am going to have to go with the Mountains. Fall is my all time favorite season so the Mountains would be my pic! Love the twig pins…they are super cute!!

  22. says

    Love the tutorial,those twig bobby pins are adorable!

    Since we live in beautiful Colorado I’d have to say anything having to do with Mountains is my favorite way to experience nature. Not too many complaints when you have the Rocky Mountains in your own backyard! lol


  23. says

    I love the beach! It is so relaxing and the sound of the waves is wonderful. I would go to the beach any day! Thanks for a great giveaway!

    mommy.2kidsnc (at) yahoo (dot) com

  24. says

    You’re such a great teacher. Since following your blog a couple of months ago, my hair has improved a ton. Thanks!

    My favorite way to experience nature is probably the mountains, but the beach might become my favorite thing…especially since we’re moving closer to it in a couple of weeks.

  25. says

    These pins are so adorable! In the fall I love the mountains for their pretty red and orange leaves, but any other time I’m a beach girl!

  26. Lynn Soon says

    I am brand new to your blog, and my hair look lame until now!

    I love the mountains! I live in Florida, so I take the beach for granted.

    Happy Holidays! Thanks for posting for us gals that know nothing about hairstyling!

    lynnsoon02 at gmail dot com

  27. says

    I’m a mountain girl all the way. I love skiing and mountain biking. Unfortunately, my husband and I just moved to MN, so we don’t have the luxury of playing in the mountains anymore. So now it’s all about lakes.


  28. says

    I love the beach and laying in the sand… but there is just something about the mountains that refresh me. Especially since we live in the desert. In fact, we are spending the weekend in the mountains for my birthday, and I can’t wait!

  29. Anonymous says

    I live in MN, so we have neither mountains or beaches, but I love to experience nature from behind the wheel of my car, driving the gravel country roads, taking in the crops, livestock, and wildlife, and thanking God for the farmers who feed us!

    hende082 {at} umn {dot} edu

  30. Anonymous says

    Beach! Sand between your toes, warm sun on your skin…ahh…just thinking about it makes winter more bearable!!

    marissa725 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  31. says

    I LOVE nature in all of its forms. I live in Oregon, exactly one hour from the beach in one direction, and one hour from the mountains in another. I’d have to say the beach, though. I find so much rest and peace when I gaze out onto the ocean tide. Thanks for the giveaway!


  32. says

    I live in Florida the beaches are like a second home to me. The warm sun, the sounds of the ocean and playing in the sand with my daughter are the perfect way to spend the day.

  33. says

    I can’t pick just one! Both are so beautiful and such a beautiful display of God’s gifts to us. There are such fantastic sunsets on both!
    ddysart (at) tri-lakes (dot) com

  34. Christy says

    I love experiencing nature at my family’s cabin in Maine. It’s awesome hiking up mountains, picking blueberries and raspberries, and kayaking!


  35. Anonymous says

    I would have to say Lake Phelps in Jackson, WY. There aren’t any words to describe its overwhelmingly beauty. The hike definitely makes you earn the view… but the view is absolutely worth it! I think it helps people to center when presented with the bigger picture at Lake Phelps. Truly an AMAZING place. – Katelin

  36. says

    oh… that’s a hard one! I love them both – with their respective seasons although a wintery cool day at the beach I love along with a warm summer hike in the mountains… don’t make me choose! 😉

    eatdrinkanddecorate (at) gmail (dot) com

  37. Anonymous says

    Mountains for sure! for me there is nothing more magical. But that might be because I’m from MN and have never been to a “real” beach!


  38. says

    Hmm, that’s a hard one! I think I have to pick the beach because that’s where my whole family gets together every summer, and some years it’s the only time we are all together.

  39. Anonymous says

    Love these pins! I could use them for me and/or my daughter! Pretty! I love the mountains and the beach.. really being outside, anywhere, is perfect with me! (except in the really cold winter, you’ll probably find me inside!) 😉 Thanks! Andrea

  40. says

    I love nature and so I am just happy to be in it no matter where I am. Although since it is only 16 degrees outside, I think I would much rather prefer the beach!


  41. says

    I’ve had much more experience with beaches than mountains, so out of nostalgia I’d say beaches. I love the smell, sights, sounds, and the feel of the sun on my skin.

  42. says

    Although I live in a costal state now, I grew up in the Rocky Mountains. I am a mountain girl all the way!!!



  43. says

    YAY I’m so excited, I actually just bought some bobby pins with a little bling over the weekend and this is PERFECT to try them out with. :) You are so awesome! My favorite is the beach I think. megletnews (at) gmail dot com

  44. says

    I love the beach, but prefer a lake beach to an ocean beach. I live in Ohio and my husband and I love taking camping trips to different spots along the great lakes. We actually met on a camping trip with mutual friends and then got engaged on the shore of Lake Erie on another trip a few years later.

    I also love incorporated nature-inspired pieces into what I wear. These Tiny Twig Pins are adorable!


  45. says

    I’m blessed to live a mile from the beach, so if I’m to experience nature, I love the mountians- the trees, streams, wildlife and fresh air, is such a difference to what I see everyday!

    Love the pins! amber(dot)seggie(at)gmail(dot)com

  46. Nicole Boutwell says

    I love multiple aspects of nature, it is hard to choose just one, the beach is wonderful, the mountains are fantastic for a great hike, even a beautiful open field can be such a treat!


  47. Anonymous says

    I’m a Colorado girl through and through, so definitely the mountains. I love hiking and biking and playing in the rivers in the summer and skiing in the winter.

    I do love me the beach though, it’s always a treat to visit.


  48. Anonymous says

    I love to experience nature by running outside. It allows me to experience the sounds and smells of nature as well as the weather. It beats running on a treadmill and it relieves stress! I also enjoy the beach and ocean.

  49. says

    I like being outside in general, but I’d have to go with the mountains because I’m not a huge fan of super hot weather. I’d love to be at the beach for about 3 months, and the mountains for the other 9!

  50. Lori says

    love the twig bobby pins!!
    best way to experience nature, is carving down an empty mountain on my snowboard, then taking a rest on the chair lift and taking in the view… ahhh


  51. says

    So pretty. I am always looking for ways to get my bangs out of my face (they are in the process of growing out) and this is a perfect way to do it!

  52. says

    Those bobby pins are the cutest!

    I grew up on the East coast, so I’m definitely a beach girl at heart. Bring on the boogie boards!


  53. Anonymous says

    These are beautiful. I wouldn’t turn down either, but I love being near the water so being at the beach is my favorite way to experience nature.


  54. says

    i love both! but i guess the mountains a little bit more because i love snowboarding during the winter and hiking during the other seasons. [lyndagp at gmail dot com]

  55. says

    My favorite way is the forest neither beach or mountain but of the two I don’t often sea the beach so I would choose that. The twig pins are SO cute.

  56. says

    I love nature…how trees look when you stand underneath them and look up through the branches <3 It’s like natures version of lace, just stunning! Watching a sunrise or a sunset , wherever you happen to be, brings instant awe and a sense of peace to my soul. I enjoy bringing nature into my home in simple, unexpected ways. Small polished rocks sit in a glass bowl on my desk to hold my pens. They stand straight up! Wild honeysuckle vine, twisted into a loose runner across the top of a 3/4 wall.
    I can tuck in flowers to dry in the spring and summer, favorite leaves from fall walks, any number of momento

  57. says

    Oh, those are cute!

    I’m a both girl. I spend every summer in the Smokies or Rockies. Love the mountains in the summer and fall.
    Take me to the beach in the winter and early spring. There’s nothing like a sunrise (east coast) or sunset (west coast) over the ocean to SCREAM God’s creativity with color.

    carolinagirl 1993 at yahoo dot com

  58. samantha says

    I live by the mountains but I am definitely a beach girl! Love those hair clips so much!!

    shmcquaig at gmail dot com

  59. says

    You would think being a southern california girl I would say the beach but I just love the mountains. I went to Yosemite for the first time this past year and just fell madly in love with all it’s beauty…my husband and I even had a tree themed wedding…I heart the mountains and beautiful trees :)

  60. Anonymous says

    LOVE those! I have seen them on Pinterest.

    Hmmm, I guess I would say the beach, but it’s not as peaceful with five kids!


  61. says

    I live near the mountains and get to experience them often, so I think being at the beach is a special treat! These are so darling… love them! marlenaileen(at)gmail(dot)com

  62. Karin says

    My favorite way to enjoy nature is to get up early in the morning right after a heavy rain and go for a long trail run. I love the smell of the freshly watered earth, and I especially love to get splashed with mud. After I’m done running (and completely covered with dirt) I like to head down to the beach inlet and sit in the surf while the salt water cools off my sore calves and washes all the mud away. It feels so great and I feel a real connection to mother nature.

  63. says

    Both! I love the ocean -the sound of the waves, the heat from the sun and it makes the water sparkle, the smell of the sand and water, but I also love the mountains – the damp, woodsy air, the rush of rivers, the insulated quiet. Love both!

  64. Anonymous says

    I’m definitely a mountain girl (live in Colorado. Growing up in the great lakes, I do miss the beach! I’ll take either, but Mountains is my first choice, as of convenience!!
    spninn(at)yahoo(dot)com. I <3 those twig pins – PICK ME PLEASE!

  65. Anonymous says

    I definately prefer the mountains. I live in Maui and am surrounded by beach but I grew up in Oregon, so thats where my heart is. Everything from the smell to the colors, I love it.


    Krista Sickinger

  66. Anonymous says

    While I’ve been to the mountains many times and they are beautiful, I have to say my favorite is the beach. The first time I saw the ocean (in Mexico) it quite literally took my breathe away. Just the magnificent spance of it. The sight of the water, breeze blowing cool salty ocean air. The trees swaying in time with the waves. I couldn’t help but stop for just a minute and marvel at Gods creation.
    Jerry at

  67. Hilary says

    I am a true beach girl! I’m addicted to warm weather and love spending any vacation on the beach with my family. My mom and I would love to move there.
    One of the most enchanting aspects of the ocean is never being able to see the end of it. It’s so beautifully created for our eyes.
    It’s currently raining where I live, and I’m in the process of studying for finals, so talking about the beach is a little relieving!

  68. Anonymous says

    I love the mountains! I’ve only had the pleasure of going a couple of times, but every time it always reminds me of my favorite season-fall. The crisp, clean air, the breathtaking beauty, and just the general feeling of wanting to be outdoors as much as possible!

  69. says

    I like the beach, but I definitely prefer mountains… Especially when they’re covered in snow. There’s something so magical about the vast, stand tall, majesty about them.
    And these bobby pins are so cute!!!

  70. says

    I love to experience nature in the mountains. (You can sometimes find some beachy areas at mountain lakes, though considerably cooler temps).

  71. says

    I’ve never been to the mountains, but I’ve always wanted to live in Colorado! So although I do love the beach atmosphere, sand is messy, and I usually end up by the pool when I’m at the beach anyway! I’ll have to go with mountains for this one :)

  72. Sara says

    I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, so I would definitely say the beach! There’s just something about that turquoise water that I find so breathtaking!

  73. Amanda says

    My favorite way to experience nature is during the holiday season – right around New Year’s Eve. My husband and I got married on 12/31 and did this because we enjoy the fresh snow and the crispness of the air.

  74. AKia says

    i love the beach. the waves crashing on the shore and the wind blowing that ocean salt and smell. the beauty of natures elements are amazing. i live in the mountains and they are gorgous also. the color change of the leaves in the fall are breath taking and my favorite season of the year.
    -A`Kia Sweeton (

  75. Anonymous says

    Mountain experience – so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift and knowledge with the rest of us! Be blessed,

    Lisa W
    RandL_W (at) ymail (dot) com

  76. Anonymous says

    Either one is good for me – I love the mountains in the fall and winter and you just can’t beat the beach in the spring and summer!

    I just love these twig bobby pins. I kind of have a twig/natural theme in my house right now from candles and candleholders, to throw pillows and baskets and everything in between. Now I would be able to fit right in!!


  77. says

    I love living in the mountains and vacationing to the beach! I lived in Boone, NC and would vacation to Wrightsville Beach, NC. Perfect. I miss it!
    Thanks for such a cute giveaway Kate!

  78. says

    I absolutely LOVE the beach! I live so far away from the ocean so anytime I get to vacation my destination is always to the beach.

    I would love to win these beautiful pins, I recently had to cut my hair short due to damage done by coloring and my hair is finally healthy and pretty an this would be the perfect addition.
    – Catelin

    Email :

  79. says

    So cute!! Love these! I am a beach person for sure! Love sitting on the sand, reading a book and hearing the surf break on the land. So relaxing!!


    {Left two comments because my first one didn’t show and also didn’t have my email address in it. Sorry if thats bad!}

  80. Brianne H. says

    Definitely the mountains! My husband and I love hiking and camping and all things wooded nature. :) LOVE the clips, they are totally my style!


  81. TR says

    I love both, but If I had to choose I’d say beach.
    Or (I know this isn’t on your list, but…) I’d also add the desert. The desert during the winter when it’s not as hot but still has all the quiet stillness and beautiful sand and rock deserts are known for is sooooo calming to me. (A big group of friends and I used to go out to Death Valley or Joshua Tree every year at New Years.)

    aslan2806 at sbcglobal dot net

  82. says

    I would have to say beach. Between family vacations and my husband and mine honeymoon, the beach has provided hours of relaxing fun! And so much beauty!


  83. says

    I live in MN so we have no Mountains or a beach but we have lakes and forests! I love the lake! It’s a relaxing get away for me and my family!

  84. says

    While my husband and I were engaged…we went on a ski trip to CO with a bunch of friends. He went up the lift before my one time and when I got to the top of the mountain he have written in the snow…”I LOVE JAYNE”. A wonderful surprise!

  85. says


  86. says

    My favorite way to experience nature just so happens to be my most treasured time with my family. Every summer since I was 2 my family (mom, dad, brother, and I, along with some close family friends) take a camping trip down to the Guadlupe River. As time quickly progressed over the years everyone has ventured in thier own directios some being college, some new jobs in new cities, or some caught up in sports, church or just everyday life. But one thing that has remained constant is our trip to the river. Same people, same place! It’s awesome to see how much our camp site has changed in a year, or how much everyone’s faces have changed. Or the new paths the river has made over the 12 months, or the new paths we’ve started on in our journey in life. The trip is so symbolic to the tradition we have. Sometimes the river has experienced floods and damanges or ever drought. Which at times each family member or friend has as well, but yet we still live through the hard times as did our river to see it’s changes from the hardship and we look forward to seeing its recooperation along with the bounce back of our family and friends. No matter how busy our lives get, or cluttered with electronics, or the hardships we face, we always have the river to enjoy it’s many and ever changing faces of nature and make memories to last a lifetime.

  87. says

    My favorite way right now (mostly because I moved away from it) :p would be the beach!! We live near mountains now, in NM, and they are great, really awe-inspiring and amazing, but I just LOVE laying on the beach, listening to the waves crash on the sand….. SOOOOO relaxing!! (And sounds doubly good now that it’s like 10 degrees outside…) 😉

    vlgutierrez2004 at gmail dot com

  88. Anonymous says

    Gorgeous pins… I would love to have a set of them!! :)

    I like them both!! It’s been quite awhile since I have been to the mountains, but they are so beautiful and majestic. However, I love the good old VA beach…. lots of fun with the big fam. 😉


  89. Anonymous says

    The beach is by far my favorite place to be…time spent relaxing in a lounge chair while the water rolls over your feet in the sand…reading…people watching…getting a tan! pure bliss!

  90. says

    Oh man… I love BOTH!!!! But if I had to choose one to live at forever… it would be a mountain home with hopefully a water source. :)

    usilliegoose (at) gmail (dot) com.

  91. says

    Those pins are so cute! I’m definitely a beach girl. I love to lay on the sand soaking in the warmth and listening to all the sounds. Cmcdaniels82 at gmail

  92. says

    I live on the gulf coast of florida, so the mountains are more exciting…but I do love the beach. It’s a toss up! LOVE those hair pins!

  93. says

    I live in a place near both the mountains and the ocean so it’s a difficult choice. Saying that I’d rather be walking on the side of a mountain through the trails. I love the smells and sounds of the forest. Besides, I’m quite pale and very likely to get a sunburn on the beach, less so in the shade of the trees!!


  94. says

    I love the beach. I grew up in the mountains (hills) of PA and in the summer my family would pack up the car and head to Ocean City, MD. Being near the water relaxes me and digging my toes into the sand is the greatest feeling. I like the mountains in the western US. The mountains here on the east are just hills compared to the awesomeness out west.
    Love your blog Kate!

  95. says

    I love the both, but my husband prefers the mountains. One of my favorite things about living in this state is the easy access to both. For Labor Day this year we enjoyed camping in Asheville, hiking and drinking great local beer around our campfire.

  96. says

    I personally love the mountains because everything is just so crisp and pure when you are that high above sea level. I love the cool breeze as it flutters through the Aspens, walking up to a waterfall in the summer, and standing at the tip of one of the Rockies as you stare in wonder at all God has created.

  97. Renee says

    This is the first time I have ever seen your blog, and I am glad I stumbled upon it. The advice you give and things you post make me want to add some extra pretty in my day. Its little inspirations like these that can go a long way. As for the beach or mountains, I am not able to get away from my small town in Upstate New York much but this past Thanksgiving I was fortunate to make it to Florida to see some family. And I must say there is nothing like the smell of the ocean. The ocean breeze almost makes you feel like your dreams could come true and its nice for that moment to get caught up in the whimsy of it all. This must by why people love the beach so much, your worries get swept away with the tide! I look forward to reading your blog in the future, thanks for the great tips!

  98. Anonymous says

    Favorite way to experience nature: ANY way! We live in Alaska so we do tones of hiking and snow-shoeing in the mountains. I also run on our coastal trail 2-3 times a week – it is all beautiful. however, I LOVE to go to the beach when we’re in warmer locales…I love to visit my cousin in San Diego or my inlaws in South Africa and hang out on the beach lots!

  99. says

    definitely mountains – love, love, love being in mountains. As a matter of fact, I once lived for a semester in a yurt in boulder, co , just so i could live in the mountains (and still afford the rent)!

  100. says

    I love nature, our family goes to the ocean once a year, I was married there and it is just awesome to sit and relax on the beach, fall asleep to the sound of the waves! But in my regular, non-vacation time of life, we love the mountains, or forests. We really enjoy taking family hikes and just enjoying the world around us.
    And I love these twig pins! So adorable
    Thanks- Jamie

  101. Anonymous says

    I think for me the best way to expierence nature is to sit in a deer stand and bow hunt. I live in Minnesota, and I found a new passion and peacefulness in hunting. I know it might sound a bit “redneck” but it truly is amazing. I am a 41 year old mother of 2, my son is 8 his name is Lake (yes, Lake… his grandpa is a big fisherman) and my daughter Adison is 6. I graduate nursing school in May and I work FT at Children’s Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Growing up with my dad and brother hunting and fishing, I never really understood it…. now I do! It is so peaceful to just sit and listen to the wind blowing through the trees and the deer come up and eat from the land. I have yet to actually “kill” a deer, but sitting there is just as rewarding. My boyfriend (Steve) of 5 years is the one who introduced me to this. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to be girly, and he laughs cause I have makeup on and paint my nails and such, but I still love to just sit for a few hours and enjoy the nature around me! Really, you should try it sometime.


  102. Anonymous says

    The mountains. There’s just something relaxing and comfortable about being around nature.

    BTW, just discovered your blog. I have it bookmarked as one of my faves!! Thanks for sharing your hair and make-up tips. ~Tammy

  103. says

    I love going to the beach because it always reminds me of my wedding. I was married on the beach in Nassau, Bahamas.

    Megan Allen

  104. says

    The BEACH! There’s is nothing like sitting on the soft, warm sand with your toes in the water. That’s nature at its finest!


  105. says

    What adorable hair accessories! I would have to say my favorite way to experience the mountains would be sitting on a deck of a rustic mountain lodge with a cup of hot coffee in my hands, watching the sun rise and just soaking in what I can of the majesty of God’s creation. Hope you are having a good week!

  106. says

    I’m experienced and loved nature most while being at the rough cost lines of Britain a few years ago! I totally fell in love with this country, the nature there is just breathtakingly beautiful! <3
    Sandra (nachtschwinge(at)

  107. Anonymous says

    I love spending time at the beach with my family! However we live in the pacific northwest and the mountains covered in snow right now are absolutely gorgeous!! SO, I have to say both :)


  108. Shelley Williams says

    Can I say both?? but I’m partial to the mountains, being that I live in the Great Smokies!!!!!


  109. Lynn says

    I love both mountains and beach but I would have to say my favorite is the beach…specifically the Gulf Coast beaches of Alabama and Florida. They are the most beautiful to me!


  110. Anonymous says

    My favorite way to experience nature is to lay down in a snow drift and
    listen to the silence of winter. God never ceases to amaze me! Dorothy(dot)wu(at)live(dot)com

  111. Anonymous says

    I have a 20 month old little boy and love being outside – letting him explore. We haven’t been to the mountains yet but the beach. It’s fun to see him react to new things and getting a new appreciation for what we take for granted. It’s also fun to see him be outside… picking up rocks, sticks, etc.


  112. Anonymous says

    I love going to the hot springs in Glenwood Springs in the winter. It’s like heaven on earth in the mountains!


  113. Anonymous says

    I love the experience nature brings, regardless where! The mountains give me that refreshed and rejuvenated feeling and put me in a clear state of mind, like I’m in another world. The beach however brings me back to a youthful, carefree spirit, and always gives me the pick me up that I need!

  114. Audrey B. says

    I enjoy both the beach and the mountains. Water has always been very calming for me and it is a go to place when I need to relax and get back in touch with me. However, I love the mountains, too. My husband proposed to me on a trip in the Colorado Rockies. I would love to win these pins…they are gorgeous!

  115. says

    I love experiencing nature via the beach; since I moved to the East coast this passed Spring, I was able to experience the ocean first hand and I absolutely love it! I have seen the mountains and they are incredibly beautiful, but I have never really had the opportunity to “experience” them. I also love just sitting on the beach, watching the waves and the wildlife (mostly the birds) and I am in love with the way that the sand feels against my skin. <3 Anywho, LOVE these pins! Thank you for sharing them!!

  116. says

    My favorite way to experience nature is laying in a snow bank listening to pure silence. It’s amazing how quiet the world can be amidst a busy world. God never ceases to amaze me. If I had to pick between the beach or the mountains…well that’s a tough one. I love the mountains and the changing colors of all, but I love the warmth of the sand and the sound of the ocean. dorothy(dot)wu(at)live(dot)com

  117. says

    There are so many things about both that I love – it’s hard to choose between them! I live in west Michigan on the lakeshore, so I’m a sucker for a Lake Michigan beach day and sunset. However, I also love backpacking up north in the Porcupine Mountains of the U.P… Basically, nature in Michigan rocks :o)

    nicole (dot) rieth (at) hope (dot) edu

  118. says

    I LOVE the mountains! Going to school at Virginia Tech, there is never a day that goes by that I don’t look out of my window or drive down the road and wonder how anyone could look at the gorgeous Blue Ridge and not believe in a higher power. It is an absolute inspiration. Sometimes I even get chill bumps, I know, kind of lame. :) Anyways, thanks for all of the great posts! Happy Holidays!

  119. Anonymous says

    I love the mountains! I am from Colorado and live in Virginia Beach. I love going home and spending time in the Rockies. There is nothing better than clean air, clear skies, amazing views and the Mile High head rush (from the lack of oxygen)!!!!

  120. Michelle M says

    I love both! It would be hard to choose. Since you are asking me right now though, I will say beach! I need sun right about now! :-)

  121. says

    I like them all! I love to take a train to my little sisters in new orleans, where i can see all different types of nature…so right now it’s the mountains!
    -kelsie Hankins


  122. Shannon Chojnicki says

    I love to experience nature at the beach. My in-laws live in Myrtle Beach which is only a short 3 hour drive from us here in Raleigh, NC. I love walking the beach, viewing the wildlife that is there and collecting shells. There is a beach at the park that we go to there where you can view alligators…more so in the warmer months than cooler months. You will see them sunning themselves on the ‘islands’ in the water. You can also go crabbing there and see tons of different types of birds.

  123. Laura K says

    I’m both a mountains and beach girl, having grown up in Wilmington (yep, NC!) but now having all my family live in Montana! If I could really only choose one, it’d be the beach. There is really nothing like the salty sea air and the crashing waves!

    freebyemail (at) gmail (dot) com

  124. says

    Hard choice!!! Right now, I’d choose the beach. Being close to the majestic ocean always makes me feel closer to God.

    Thanks for a great giveaway! You are gorgeous!

  125. Anonymous says

    I love to soak in nature in the mountains, where you are surrounded by it. The beach always seems more about fun and going wild, but in the mountains, you can just sit in a hammock all day, enjoying the sights and sounds!

    Thanks, love the blog!!

  126. says

    I have these pins and the brown ones with green moss on them. I also own her moth necklace. I LOVE LOVE LOVE every piece I have. I get tons of compliments from wearing the green mossy ones especially. Her sense of nature and artistry is astounding. Go look at her stuff now, you will love!!

  127. says

    I haven’t been to the mountains yet, but I do love the beach! We took our sons in October and we were the only crazies in the ocean. lol We made sand jack-o-lanterns, it was so much fun!

  128. says

    I love both the mountains and the beach, but growing up in Kentucky, I LOVE the mountains. Hiking through beautiful wooded areas is my favorite!

  129. says

    Oh boy! That is a hard one. I love the mountains. I live in the mountains of NC and I love how they change with the seasons. I love seeing the wildlife of the mountains, hearing the birds, listening to the coyotes howl when a train comes up the mountain. But I also enjoy the beach, the warm sand, the sound of the ocean,the smell. The breezes. So I could enjoy either, at any time of the year.
    Patty Hall

  130. says

    I love experiencing the nature that is in my backyard! We live in rural Idaho and it is simply beautiful here. Plus, I don’t have to go far! I would love to win those adorable bobby pins!

    cutler678 @

  131. Anonymous says

    Put me down for the mountains! Ever since I visited Austria, mountains have been the most breath taking experience in nature for me. I live in a flatter than flat county; so when there are clouds in the distant that span the horizon, I pretend they’re the mountains I remember seeing as a young girl.


  132. Anonymous says

    The beach is my favorite place to be! The sun, sand, sounds, water, people watching…the best!! I married into a hiking family though, so I am starting to love the mountains more and more!

  133. says

    I have to say I love the mountains most. There is something exhilarating about climbing to the top, turning around and seeing the world laid out before you!

  134. says

    My favorite way to experience nature would be in the beach! I’ve always been a beach person, and give me anywhere to choose to go on a vacation and I’ll pick the beach. My husband and I went snorkeling on our honeymoon, it was so fun, and there are so many pretty things to see under the water!
    My e-mail is

  135. Anonymous says

    I love experiencing nature by going to the beach! I just tend to get lost in the waves and am always so relaxed :)

    stephanierod_08 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  136. Anonymous says

    My favorite way to experience nature is going on hikes with my 2 kids! It’s so fun to see them explore God’s beautiful creation and see how excited they are to discover new things! I’m in love with these hair pins! So cute:)

  137. says

    I saw this in Real Simple a while ago too and I loved it! I actually clipped it out to save for a possible hair cut! I LOVE the mountains because I went to college there and our family has lots of fun memories there too. My e-mail is hunts4adoption(at)gmail(dot)com.

  138. says

    My husband and I love going with our two little ones to have picnics. We go to the local duck pond, the lake, or just in our backyard. They love to explore their surroundings. I would say that our favorite way as a family would be either the beach, but my favorite would be the mountains! I love hiking to a tall point and looking at God’s wonderful creation! leciahopkins (at) gmail (dot) com

  139. says

    I absolutely LOVE the beach! My favorite thing to do is just to SIT, and read a book (now, my Kindle)! It is the most relaxing thing to me! I love the hair twist (and am needing some more “decorative” bobby pins)! This is the perfect way to wear your hair on the beach to keep it out of your eyes!!! ;}
    Keep your awesome posts coming! This blog is my daily read!

  140. says

    Well… December 9th is my bday. So these would make a great little bday surprise. I love nature. I love hiking in the mountains and relaxing on the beach. In the last year, I have had the chance to live on a beautiful island in the Pacific. The waters are gorgeous, but the island is completely flat. Whenever I would travel away from it to hills or mountains, I realize how much I miss seeing the beautiful mountains from my home state of WV. I am not sure where I will live next, but I hope for mountains (and some easy beach access)
    marybeth.hawley (at) gmail (dot) com

  141. says

    I would have to say mountians. I could just spend so much more time hiking and looking at the beautiful scenery than sitting on a hot beach!

    thanks for the giveaway!

    joanna (dot) ruth (dot) 44 (at) gmail (dot) com

  142. Jina says

    I love to experience nature in the mountains! My husband (an agriculture teacher) and I (a pharmacy student) are both extremely busy, so we love to pick a couple weekends each year to escape to the Smokies! We rent a cabin and just relax for a few days. I really appreciate your blog – I am currently in the process of growing out a bob that was stacked very short in the back, and your tutorials have been lifesavers!!!

  143. says

    “I want to see mountains, Gandolf!” (Sorry, couldn’t help myself). Sure, the beach is fun with sandy toes, little ones building castles, & the smell of salt & coconut oil. But the mountains, oh the mountains. Whether it be fall with a million colors spread over peak after peak, or winter with snow caps and icesicles dangling from bare tree limbs, or summer with windows open while winding up the mountain roads to the very top to the view. The mountains boast of God’s glorious creation.

  144. Amy says

    The beach, most definitely!

    Love your blog! Today I tried the side french braid, but finished it with a messy bun/knot just below my ear, near the nape of my neck! Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration!


  145. says

    I just love being in the mountains here in Utah! Since there is no beach for me. But it is so relaxing to just sit and here all the nature all around you. So calming and much family time is needed when we go! And the kids love it!

  146. Anonymous says

    All nature is wonderful but now that I’m in the midst of really short winter days I’m reminded how much I love sunshine – even if it’s cold out the sun makes me feel warm!


  147. Lauren K says

    I do love the mountains, but for me the beach is a no-brainer! I think I’d die if I didn’t live near a coast!


  148. says

    Tough choice. I’ve created equally the amount of great memories at the beach and in the mountains, but I’d have to say my favorite of those memories was always going to Gatlinburg, TN in the Fall. I feel the happiest and the most at peace there (the leaves changing, the cool weather, the mountains of course!). Surrounded by it all and the nature has a calming effect to it. Plus even though I love having my feet in the sand, you can’t get a sunburn in the mountains. 😉
    Love the cute pins and your blog!

  149. says

    Hmm, well…my answer is both! Spring and summer we are always in the mood to head to the beach but give me a roaring fire on a cold day in the mountains on any fall day and I’m a happy girl!


  150. says

    I LOVE both the beach and the mountains, as these were both destinations of our yearly family vacations. That’s why I love living in GA, where both are only a few short hours away. My favorite way to experience nature, I would have to say, though, is the beach. Sunshine and waves!

  151. says

    I love the Oregon coast and walking along the shoreline (too cold to get in the water), and if it should be a sunny day when I visit I will take a nap on the sand.

    I love the twig clips! Thanks for the chance.

  152. Anonymous says

    There is nothing better than reading on the beach with the sun shining and a light cool breeze!



  153. Shannon says

    I love the beach! There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the warm sand with the sun shining on your face and the waves coming on shore! Ahh! I’m new to your blog and LOVE it! Thank you for the inspirations!

  154. Anonymous says

    BOTH! They both offer such different things for me that it’s so hard to choose just one… The beach is so relaxing – in a don’t-you-dare-get-up-out-of-that-chair kind of way. The mountains offer such great views and hikes!

  155. Gina says

    Absolutely the beach! The mountains are beautiful, but I will always choose a nice beach vaca.

  156. Cindy Lou says

    The mountains are so majestic !! If you ever want to experience a heavenly , ethereal feeling just go to the top of one like in Gatlinberg , TN. My mom ,sister and I go there every November and it is so crisp and clean and brisk!! It will literally take your breath away!! How can anyone not believe there is a God after experiencing this!!!

  157. Bree says

    I absolutely love the beach. There’s something about feeling the sand between your toes as you walk along the shoreline with your cup of coffee watching the sun come up.


  158. Michelle says

    It’s a close call (mostly because a trip to the beach means it is WARM), but I’d have to choose the mountains! They’re gorgeous, plus I love to camp or stay in a cozy cabin.

    rotheroni AT gmail DOT com

  159. says

    I love, Yes AbSoLuTeLy LOVE, LOVE the Mountains! I wish I lived there, or had a vacation home there (ooo…that would be neat).’s close only 3-4hrs away. My husband & I just recently went there this fall to north ga at blue ridge to pick apples, fun! Anyways, we love camping, hiking, or just relaxing enjoying the view God created.

  160. says

    I love the mountains so very much…there is just something to be said about the moments you can spend there. My favorite experience was in Peru when I was sitting atop a “mountain” of sorts with two other young women from my mission group…no one was speaking but there was no reason to do so. We looked over the metal rooftops of the slums and breathed in the dusty air