The Loewe Small Gate Bag

Shape-wear Shorts and Undergarment Layers

A few followers asked for a deeper dive into the bag I purchased recently, so this blog post will do just that. I recognize this is a luxury purchase, and this post exists to share a closer look at the bag should you be interested, but isn’t intended to make you feel any negative feelings about having or not having a designer bag.

This is the first time I’ve spent this much money on a bag. I’ve been kicking the idea around in my head for a few years. I looked closely into Celine bags, but they felt too fancy/dressed up for something I wanted to carry in my daily life. I also considered a bag from Bottega Venetta but I couldn’t get past the fact that they weren’t lined. I held the Small Loop Camera Bag from that brand in my hands at a store in Manhattan but I couldn’t go through with it. It just didn’t feel like the right bag for me!

So, my eye kept going to the Loewe (pronounced “loo-way-vay”) small gate. I saw a woman carrying the mini gate on her shoulder in Charleston, SC earlier this year and I confirmed that it was the look I wanted. I loved that it felt casual with the crossbody strap, but still polished and clean in the bag part.

We went to 3 different Loewe locations in Paris last week and I finally found the Small Gate in the color I wanted. Jordan and Amanda would attest to the fact that I was truly overcome with excitement and nerves and all of the feelings (which felt especially dramatic after a red-eye flight and a full day of walking around Paris), but I ultimately made the decision to go through with it.

It feels incredible to have made a special purchase on a very special trip, and I love the memory that will always be tied to it!

So, on to the closer look!

I love that the small gate does not have the magnetic closer that the mini gate has. I need to be able to quickly get into and out of my bag, and sliding the flap under the knotted leather strap couldn’t be smoother!

I can also easily fit my phone and a pair of sunglasses inside!

I had to do the cat charm!

The bag itself feels sturdy and well-structured. I’m so happy with this purchase and think it fits seamlessly into my style!


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Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * says · 05.01.24

It’s lovely! A lifetime kind of bag. Thanks for sharing.

Reply says · 05.01.24

It is such a lovely bag and bought on such a special trip. Congrats! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Kay Rasmussen says · 05.01.24

I think it’s beautiful! YOLO.

Natalie says · 05.01.24

It’s a beautiful bag and I added it to my wish list. The color is delicious!

Karen Blakey says · 05.01.24

So happy for you! You know if it’s something you really want and can afford it…do it! I bought so many handbags but they were never the right one…if I would have saved all that cash I could get a luxury one. Fast forward I have a few timeless luxury purses now and am set. Life is short …you work hard and can purchase it without hardship just do it!!! It is a beautiful handbag❤️

Stacey says · 05.01.24

You can’t go wrong with Loewe. I have a pair of sneakers that I love. This bag looks perfect and it’s something that will last forever!

Susanne says · 05.02.24

The bag is cute, but that strap seems super bulky. And are there people who feel negatively about having or not having a certain kind of purse? Weird, but…

Jeni says · 05.02.24

I LOVE this. It is so classy. I have never heard of this bag nor seen one in person. This would be something I would want to carry as you described it perfectly. Thank you for sharing!

Robin says · 05.02.24

I bought a small LV bag when I went to Paris in ‘04 and it’s always been such a wonderful memento of that trip. Bc of the quality and timelessness I still use it to this day – I had to share bc this feels like such a similar purchase! Cheers! 🥂

Heather R says · 05.02.24

Such a beautiful and timeless bag. How incredibly special to get it while on a very special trip to tie the memory to. I’ve also only bought one high end bag and I will say that I find I buy fewer bags in general now as it’s held up perfectly and make it evident to me that most of my other bags don’t really hold up well with time so the investment feels worth it. It’s been five years now and I’m starting to consider making my second purchase.

Kelli says · 05.02.24

I’m a luxury bag kind of girl and adore this! Also love that it’s a special memory on a special trip. I like to do that too!

Iris says · 05.02.24

Love the bag and such a great momento from your trip. I hope you filed to get your VAT tax back. Another way to save some $$. Thanks for sharing!

Mimi says · 05.02.24

lt’s lovely! What a great memory of your girls trip to the City of Light!

Andrea says · 05.02.24

Can I ask where your cute wallet is from?

Amanda Lenweaver says · 05.03.24

It’s from Clare V.

Muffy W says · 05.03.24

Good for you! The thoughtful consideration you put into buying a luxury bag is exactly the reason why you should indulge now and again! It’s beautiful and I hope you always feel excited when you wear it. Congrats!

Katie Hdlicka says · 05.03.24

I love the purse, your whole trip looked magical. My friend was in London that same week and she brought me the cutest souvenirs, nothing like your gorgeous purse though. lol. Did you get your kids or Justin anything from Paris?

April Gaskell says · 05.03.24

Congrats, on finding an option you love! It’s so you, Kate. I especially love the memory of having bought it on this Paris trip. Thanks for sharing a little more about it

Tami Casler says · 05.03.24

Good for you!! It is a beautiful bag.

Debby Kramer says · 05.04.24

When we went to Paris last May, my husband was insisting that I buy something from Dior and I just felt so weird doing it. I wanted to, but I just couldn’t. I like to change my bags too much and I felt like I wouldn’t get the use out of it since I like to change my bags so often but I do love a beautiful bag. I have purchased Tory Burch bags and the most expensive bag I ever bought was the Lee Radizwell bag from Tory Burch. my gosh I loved that bag. It was beautiful, but it was so heavy by the time I filled it up that I just can’t carry it. I relegated it to the back of the closet and it’s dust bag after only a few months of winter use.I literally cry every time I see it in the closet because I just can’t use it. I do understand the thought process you went through and decision to purchase it. All this to say, that bag is gorgeous. I love it. The size of it is the perfect little Crossbody. So as a lover of a luxury bag I wish you many happy years with it. I know how you felt buying it.😊