On My Radar: Style Edition

A New Year of Intentions and Goals for The Small Things

The older I get, the more comfortable I feel in my personal style. I know what I like, I know what I don’t like, and I’m getting better at knowing what I *think* I will like but end up only wearing one time.

There are a few things on my radar right now that fit my personal style description of “classic, easy, feminine” and I thought I’d share them below.

This belt is such a statement. I could see it working beautifully on a dress, or it would look great with a pair of dark wash denim.

I feel most myself in a shirt dress, and this black one looks pretty close to perfect. I may swap out the belt for something else though!

I think a long trench coat is going to be very popular this spring. It’s one of those items that goes with everything, from athletic clothes to a dressed-up look.

Do you know what I’m looking *so* forward to? Sandal season. I think the new denim shapes and styles and going to work very well with sandals for Spring and Summer! I feel clunky in full-length wider jeans and slides or sneakers. I just prefer a more elongating look on my leg, and sandals will be able to do that!

Is there anything on your radar that you’re eyeing for spring?


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Sally Fields says · 01.10.24

Hmm. “classic, easy, feminine” is not how I would describe your style at all!

Kate says · 01.10.24

Interesting! How would you describe it?

Danielle says · 01.12.24

Such lovely pieces!

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Hannah says · 01.17.24

I thought the same thing as Sally Fields. Kate, I’d describe your style with words like relaxed, contemporary, and minimal. When I hear the word “classic,” I always think of more tailored pieces. I would say your style leans more feminine in the summer with the pretty bright floral dresses you wear.